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Irene Amo Good news for Hmar women and also for northeast Indian women in general. Miss Irene Amo has become perhaps the first Indian female video blogger whom Google sees as a publisher with "potential" for success. That’s why, YouTube has invited her to become a Video Publisher Partner! Usually, it takes, a minimum video streams of 10,000,000 per month to get an invite from YouTube. However, YouTube sends out very few invites to select video publishers "with potential" even if that publisher has no more than 1000 viewers. 

Miss Amo, a student of media management, uses YouTube, which is owned by search engine major Google, to talk about issues close to her heart a couple of months ago.

So, what is this all about? This means Miss Amo will be able to make money when AdSense (Google) displays advertisements on her YouTube videos.

“When I got the invitation through my email, at first, I don’t know what it was and what AdSense’s Partnership was all about. However, after my guide and consultant explained to me what it meant to be invited for YouTube Publisher Partnership I was overwhelmed with the idea of becoming a blogger who is not only free to share her views, but will also be paid some bucks at the same time,” Miss Amo said.

There are thousands of bloggers in India, but only a few of are women. Even these so-called women bloggers are mostly engaged in doing ‘online jobs’ rather than 'real blogging' about life and issues close to their hearts. And when it comes to video blogging, Miss Amo is perhaps the first Indian female amateur video blogger making good use of the largest video sharing platform. 

Miss Amo, no doubt, is still an amateur and she may or may not continue video blogging in the future; but she is determined to become a successful journalist and maybe one day “work for large media houses like CNN, BBC and others.”

And, getting YouTube Publisher Partnership is just another feather in the cap for Ms Amo. “I began video blogging simply to express my sincere feelings about issues and other things like films, fashion, etc. So, my priority remains the same. I'm not bothered much as to whether I get to become a star blogger or make big extra money,” a smiling Irene said. 



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  1. Hmar women are now the trend setter. From Lalremsiem to this girl with potential, no matter what people said many women these days are feeding their families. I'm sure Irene will also be a woman to look out for. Tlangval hai che Roooo!!!!

  2.  Thank you! it was a wonderful chance to visit this kind of site

  3. This site interest me a lot because of your good insight about the topic. its informative with lots of ideas


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