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By Shirley Bennett, for inpui.com 

Whether you work on Wall Street or Main Street, the economic downturn is affecting almost everyone. People are losing their jobs and incomes are stagnant. Hiring is flatter than promotions. If you’re even able to earn a solid income, consider yourself lucky. However, you can’t forget that you still must make the most of the money you do earn. Here are five tips to save money during the economic downturn.

1) Consider Used Items
Before making a purchase, always consider buying used  items. This could mean visiting a local thrift store instead of going to a department store for clothing, or buying a car from a classified ad. Refurbished computers (and other electronics) are significantly cheaper than new items and many still come with a 1-year warranty. Online shopping will yield a plethora of options, and many websites are extremely reliable and reputable. As with any purchase, remember to use your common sense (if a repair is imminent, consider this cost too).

2) Use Public Transport
Using public transportation is a great way to save money because gas prices are still high, parking is costly, and a car itself is expensive. If you live in a city with an extensive public transit system, it is possible to to actually survive (and thrive!) without a car. This can save thousands, since you’re avoiding car payments, insurance, maintenance & gas. Even most mid-sized cities have a bus system and the occasional taxi ride here and there won’t compare to the monthly bills you pay with a car.

3) Wants vs. Needs
The vast majority of your purchases are unnecessary. People simply buy things because they want them. Obviously, a life without little luxuries doesn’t sound very appealing, but keep this in mind when you’re out shopping or having a night out on the town. Isn’t going without a few luxuries for a few months worth the sacrifice if you’re able to purchase the things you need with less trouble and you’re less stressed? Furthermore, you can often substitute expensive purchases with more affordable options and still enjoy these options in a new way. If you learn to figure out exactly what you need, then chances are that you will save a lot in the long run.

4) Use Coupons & Look For Discounts
Extreme couponing is becoming more popular these days and now is the time to really jump on the bandwagon. Check for coupons online and in newspapers to save money on groceries. Start planning all of your shopping trips, search for discounts beforehand and ask for anything you might have missed in order to save the maximum amount of money.

5) Look Into Public Resources
There are many public resources that people can use to save money. Go to the library to get the latest books and DVDs.. You can also find a number of free family activities at local libraries, museums, and parks. Some libraries offer free programs, classes, and lectures as well to keep you intellectually stimulated too.

Perhaps the best philosophy to keep in mind is to be creative! Look for new ways to save and stretch your money. You’d be surprised at just how many options you’ll find with a few minutes here and there. After all, nothing’s free in this world. But wouldn’t you rather figure that out in a few minutes at home than in a few more hours at work?

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Inpui.com Exclusive (Translated from Hmar into English by L.Keivom in 1991 at the request of Dr. Lal Dena). Hi hla hi Theology inchukhaiin an sor trangkai hle ni a hriet a ni leiin mipui khawma ei lo sor hle ei beisei. Hmar ei sak anga sak el thei dinga inlet a nih.




Mangthra, mangthra, inthrena,

Mangthra, mangthra, damtakin aw (2)


Goodbye, goodbye, we depart,

Goodbye, goodbye, may God bless you (2)


Ieng tin ngai ve che maw khawvel hi,

Lungril lenruol hlimten ei lengna;

Sam ang threna maw a lo ni,

Ngai thiem an tak ngei ie.


Do you ever think of this world,

Where we live joyfully with dear friends?

It’s a land where we bid farewell,

Oh, it’s hard to behold.


Sam ang inthrena hmasuonin maw,

Hmangai lungdit hlimten ei lo leng;

Chawnban vawra ei hlim lai ni,

Hunin tuo rem nawk sien.


We share happy days with our dear ones,

Waiting a day when we say goodbye;

How I wish time will bring back again,

The happy days gone by.


Ei mamaw ngei- varna, hrietthiemna:

Hnuoi hi threna ram a lo ni si !

Chatuon ram ei va ngai ngei aw,

Angelhai lengna chu.


We need a heart of understanding

To know this world- a land of farewells;

Oh, how I long for eternity,

Angel’s heavenly home.

Inpui.com Exclusive (Translated from Hmar into English by L.Keivom in 1991 at the request of Dr. Rochunga Pudaite).  Hi hla hi Theology inchukhaiin an sor trangkai hle ni a hriet a ni leiin mipui khawma ei lo sor hle ei beisei. Hmar ei sak anga sak el thei dinga inlet a nih.


Time is drawing near

For me to leave this death’s cursed land,

The home of my life’s journey;

In yonder heav’n, bought by blood,

Adorn in Calvary’s gear,

They will welcome me.

                        Dancing in the wind (2)

                        I will tap and dance,

                        Dancing warrior’s dance;

                        In beautiful Salem’s court,

                        I’ll hung my enemy’s head,

                        And will celebrate and dance forever.

In this wilderness,

I’m now groaning, tired and beaten,

A battle scar all o’er me;

But in angel’s paradise,

Adorn in hero’s banners,

They will welcome me.

E’en though I suffer

Daily carrying my Lord’s command,

My Lord who loves me and all

Heroes who left before me,

Waving the flag of vict’ry,

They will welcome me.

Earthly life I spend

Like a wand’ring homeless riekmaw,

Carrying the curse of my foes,

Despised, condemned, rejected;

But with a crown of vict’ry,

They will welcome me.

Those landless for CHRIST,

Wand’ring in wilderness and hills,

Daily carrying Lord's commands,

Dressed in sheeps’ and goats’ skin rags,

The Saviour and the saved ones

Will welcome them home.

By Hmarkhawlien Papui


HPC (D) hi Pu Lalhmingthang Sanate’n 1995 kuma a’n din a nih. A tum tak nia hril chu “Hmarhai, an culture, custom (pi-le-pu dan) le nundan vawnghima sukhmasawn” a nih. “Mizoram-a Hmarhai an tam lemna bielah Hmar Territorial Council (HTC) nei”, a phut sa bawk, an tih.


Autonomous District Council thuneina Sixth Schedule, Indian Constitution-in a phal pek chin hi, hnam dan le ṭawng sukhmasawnna dingin a remchang hle a, Cachar-a Hmar hai khawmin awm ei ti pui vieu a hawi. Tu lem hin chu “North-east a Hmar del chin popo huot khawma state khata siem” HPC (D)’n a rawt tah, an ti thu hai dam ei hrietin, lawm a um takzet.


Hmar politics umzie nei deuvin ei khêl ding niin hnam dang hai chun an mi ring a, ei inbeisei bawk a nih. Amiruokchu, ei thiltum (Mizoram-ah HTC; North-east-ah, Hmar State) ei nawr dawk hmain HPC (D) sunga inhrietthiem nawna a hung pieng a, inhnawtdawkna chen a hung um hi, a pawi ei tipui hle. Mizoram sawrkar le political dialogue nei tuma hma la zing ei sawn laiin HPC (D) President chu a Executive Council-in September 2011 khan a bân ta thut el a. President bânna san le President hluiin dawnlêtna a siem chu interneta tiem theiin a um.


HPC (D) chu a policy sukpuitling tuma inbuotsai ni ngei a tih. A sukpuitlingna dingin tha le zung, thiemna, varna a kawl ang ang chu hmang bawk a tih. Amiruokchu, a tum a la hlawtling hri naw a; a san lien deu deu, a tlangpuia inlang thei chu hienghai hi ni ngei an tih:


1. Tu chen khawm hin ei dit naw ei hriet a, ei dit ruok chu ei hriet chieng naw a hawi a. Ei um dan pangngai, state hran hranah, tlawmte tein, majority chang der lovin ei um a; hi hi ei dit naw a. Inthuruol lova HRF/HPC (D)/HNF/HLF hun lai anga um nawk ei pei ta nawh, ei nghawk tah. North-east a Hmar del chin popo huot khawma state khata siem HPC (D)’n a rawta; amiruokchu, chu state chu khawlai area hnuoia’m um a t’a ti le ieng mipui rorelna khawlin am chu state chu ei enkawl ding tia ruok chun HPC (D) khawm a chieng naw a hawi.


2. Mizoram-a Hmar Territorial Council (HTC) hmu hma’n, harsatna tamtak nêr thleng a ngai a, tuor nasat a ngai châng a um bawk, ram le hnam ta dinga hringna hiel chân a ṭul chang um a tih. Autonomous HTC ngiettuhaiin tuor nasa ta hle inla khawm, la tuorsel nawk zuolin; chan ding la tam sienkhawm, chan inhuom nawk zuolin hang bei fan fan inla chu HTC ei hmu ngei ei beisei.


3. Ei hnam politics khêltu—HPC(D), Hmar Inpui, Hmar National Union (HNU) le Hmar People’s Union (HPU)-hai khawmin an thiltumah mipui an mi’n hmin tawk nawin an mi hril hne tawk naw a hawi a. Ngaidan zuk thlak el hi thil harsa a na, mi ditdan le ngaidan inthlaktir ding lem chun, hun a dit sawt hlak a nih. Daw thei taka mi ha’n thil ṭha an hung hril ve hai ngai a, ei dit dan hai an hrietthiem hun nghak thiemin, nghak fan fan thei hlak inla chu ei thiltuma hlawtlingna um ngei a tih. [A sentence nuhnung tak hi. Ei thil rot kha mi’n mi hung zawmpek ngei an ti ti zuk man chiengna ding san ei nei? Hi taka hin chu a finfiena/evidence iengkhom ziek sa lo a nih. En non chi.]


4. Politics-a hlawtling ding chun inthuruol a ngai. Inthuruol hi harsa ei ti em em. “Deed of Agreement” a inthawkin HPC (D) an hnûkkîr ta si chun, inthuruol taka politics ei inhnel nawk theina dingin, bânâ um HPC (D) President hi peithlatu Executive Council bawkin lâk lût vat dan lampui zawng sien nuom a um. Chu chu ram le hnamin a mamaw tlat a nih. Ei lâk lût/naw hin ei hma tieng hun a sukpik/naw thei el di’m? Hmar Inpui (General Headquarters) le Hmar Christian Leaders’ Forum (HCLF) hai khawma an thei tawp suoa President hlui le HPC (D) hai inrem dan ding an ngaituo a ṭul ta takzet a nih.


Politics hi a hming ei hriet vei vuoina lo sawt hle ta sienkhawm umze neiin ei la khêl ngai nawh. Hril khawm ei hril phak rak naw ni’n an lang. Tulaia HPC (D) press release hai le Pu Lalhmingthang Sanate dawnlêtna enin Hmar hai hin politics-a thu inchu hril ding mumal ei lo nei naw a hawi hle!


HNU huoihawtna-a 1960-80 laia Hmar District ei ti hlak khawm kha thil thei a ni di’m, a ni naw di’m ti khawm titi tam taka hril a ni hlaka chu thutaka hrilna a um naw a; tu lem hin chu, hril rik a ni ta ngai nawh. Umze nei deuva thil um sun chu Mizoram sunga Autonomous HTC ngen a nih. Hi hi naw lem hi chu Tipaimukh MLA tling inchu politics ei buoipui mei mei niin a’n lang.


Tulaia NC Hills (Dima Hasao District an ti) tienga ei unau hai harsatna ngaituo chun, buoi chi ei ni naw vei leh! HPC (D) policy le ei hnam sipaihai tuor nasat dan ngaituoin tuta ei insûng buoina hi a awm am ti hi tu chena titina suktamtu a la nih.


A ieng khawm chu lo ni sienla, ei thiltum hrim hrim nawr hlawtling ei tumnaah ieng ang hmangruo’m ei chelek ti hi a pawimaw hle ding a nih. Ei thiltum tak ṭha hle sienlakhawm, a sukpuitlingna dinga ei hmangraw hmang a’n dik si naw chun puitling thei ngai naw ni. Khêl let der, tharum le ralthuom hai hmanga mi nina inchupui el dam, mani ngaidan mi’n an ngai ve naw lei ela kut thlak el dam le mi hringna chen lâk hiel el dam hi khristien, ringtua insâl ve bawk ta ding chun thil awm a ni thei nawh.


Inthuruol taka hma ei lâk nawk a ṭul takzet an tah. HPC (D) President hlui chu a thiemthu hril dingin Executive Council-ah hun nei ve thei sien chu, hril ding hau ve ngei a tih. Dawthei taka mi hai ngaidan la ve a, ei ngaidan hai hril a, ei ngaidan mihaiin an hung inṭawmpui thei hun nghak thei hram hram ṭha’ng a tih.


Pathien ei ringna a’n hnuoi le insang ang peiin hmangaina hai, dawtheina le ṭhatna hai, tuorselna hai ei nei chin a’n hnuoiin a’n sang hlak a nih. Politics ei buoipuinaa khawm chuong ang bawk chu a nih. Mahatma Gandhi chun, “Politics-ah sakhuo ei lâk lût chun politics fe tluong ṭha’ng a ta, sakhuoa politics ei lâk lût vai chun sakhuo chu khawhlo a tih” a lo ti hi a’n dik a, la hung indikpei a tih.


Hotu ni le ṭhuoitu ni inhawk hlak ei tam. Rawi ding hlak ei hmu vepei bawk, thil ṭha hang suol suok tak tak ding chun inthuruol a ṭul si, ei inthuruol naw hlaka unau dang hai ta dingin zuom ei um deu deu bawk.


Ei mihriem chanpui hai laka ei ringumna ding pawimaw tak pakhat chu sum le paia hin a nih. Hieng sum hmûna indik lo—party hminga hlêpruk dam, organisation aia bak rûk dam, mi phal naw sasaa pawisa lakpek dam le hnam dang hai thamna fak dam hi thaw lo tawp ding a nih.


Kuki National Organisation le inremna HPC(D)’n a ziek tawm ṭep laia Kuki hotu pakhat chun hieng hin a hril an ti chu: “HPC (D) hotuhai hi kan hriet chieng ta khawp el, inchâwk kuol mei mei thei vawng an nih”.


Hi hi a tak tak a ni lem chun, thil vangduoithlak ni’ng a ta, hnam politics khêl tlâk khawm ei ni ta naw tina ni bawk a tih.


Date: 28/10/2011


Ziektu: David Buhril


Ko khom nghak hman loin ei inhawi inhma taluo. Shakespeare-in lemchang ei nizie a hril dam kha chu ei ngaituo hman naw a ni tak. Ei lemchang hin Tuolte vanglaia an khuongpui lien tak vuok kha a hoi tah hmel khop el: Thawtranni'n an vuok a, Inrinni'n 'duk' a ti chauh. A’n rik hun ding nghaka lu lo inhai buoi, dep dei ngai an tam bakah trong invet, thu ngainuom um lo ngaithlak ding a tam sawt hle. “Ka pu chu” an hang ti tawl seng lem chun fahra inngaisiet ang hlolin an mi sie hran ve tho a nih. Buthleng pur an tam taluo leia bàr ding hlek khom an mai fuk naw trèp ang a nih. Tuhai sakor leh tawlailir inkei mat thei ta lo khom ei hoina chin a um. Lung a sun hàng chàng a tam bok. Ka tarpupa Lalumpui Pulamte trongkam takin, “A thei naw thret a nih” ti naw chu hril belsa ding a la um hman nawh.


Inhma taluo ei ti le inzom chun, tulai hnai deua khawvela tlan hrât tak, Michael Bolt, chu an tlan inelnaah an tlan hun ding an hmet puok hmain a lo tlan tran der tah leiin inelnaa thrang thei lo dingin a chungthu an rel zui chu a ni kha tie! “Ei tran inhma taluo a, sum le puon, tha le zung ei lo seng treuh hman ta a” ti pawl khom ei um nuol tah. Pu Selkai Hrangchal, Tipaimukh biela kandidet ve dingin, “Chuonghai chun election conduct rules khom an bawsiet inhma taluo an nawm a ni?” tia a hril kha ngaituo tham a tling hrim a nih. Tu amani khom a tho inhma taluo a, tho hun a bawsiet a nih an ti ve tho kha tie. Mipui lai lem chu thil thra thaw inti deua ngaia tlangsampui chi chu ni dingin a’n lang nawh. Ei hrat tawl talaw leia ei inhma taluo am a ni ding? Inhma taluo leia ei thawsuol leh poi tawk khom inzawt seng a ni ta naw el thei. Tu amani bok khom kha a tho inhma taluo leia sunnithlak a zal zur nawk thu khom ei hriet ve tho kha tie. Inhma chu thil thra a ni lai zingin a hun tak chu a ni hmel nawh. Ar khom a khuong hmaa voi thum neka tam hiel lo inphat hman pawl khom tam zàk tang ei tih. Thiem deuin, “A thawtuhai zaizirin ei chàng ve el naw'n” ei ti zal bok. Nasa chu ei nasa!


Anachu, bawm sunga lekha an tiem zo phat chu a tam lem ei ko trûl ta naw ni a; inhawi thei sunhai khom ei kel rawl suok rakin ko inla khom ei ko hmaa an inhawi hun bak kha chuh inhawi trulna ding dang um ta naw nih. Hi hun hi mipui inlal hun le hlut hun a nih ti ei hriet seng laiin, ei hlutna hi ieng am ei inchangtir ding ti chu ei kuta rawng an tat kai hma ngeiin ngaituo fel inla nuom a um. Tuhai thaw dan amani ang deuin, an ramah Dam an hung bawl tran a, sin an hmu takduoiin tiin pahai chun an nau nuhmeihai chu vai contractor le thuneituhai zalpui ding leh a sela an hme dinga an inhlan daih ang khan chu che naw hram inla. Inphal khom hi a taluo a um ve tho. Thil po po zor thei a ni lai zingin thil po po zor a thieng nawh ti chu ei lekhabu dum intrawmah a bung le châng thliek thei dingin chuong naw sienla khom, ei thaw dan thring dan hi a sawt ta bek bek el bakah ei thaw dan hi a thring sawt ta bok chu a nih. Ei lekhabu dumah bok hlu lutin um naw sienla khom âr that dan chi khat chauh a ni nawh ti chu âr la that ngai dêr lo hai khomin hre tawl ei tih. Ei hun tong enin, kum tling ta phot chu âr vai neiin an mi ngai vong ta a. Ei àr vaihai bu pe dinga pasalthra hung pèn suokhai hi an poimaw ruol ruolin, chi hrang hranga ei àr vaihai ei inthattir rêk vong chu a remchang zom ta naw ding a nih ti chu puong suok a hun tah.


Ei pansak, panthlanghai ei en chun, an âr chauh ni loin, vok, bawng, kel, beram le ran dang dang an vai lo chen chen, an siel tehlemhai hming chen sâmin, âr ni awm taka ziek lutin ngirhmun an inchu tawp thei nawh. Eini hlak chu, ei âr vai ngawi ngawihai ngei khom indik taka ziek luta, insukpung nachang khom ei la hriet nawh. A la’n hma taluo ei ti lei am a ni ding? Ei inhman naw lei am, annawleh ei tum naw lei hrim hrim ti hi ei inngaituo tlang a trûl. Iengkim hin hun bi a nei angin, thaw a trûl huna thaw le inhman a hun phaa inhman a ngai. Tlawmngaina insang tak insuoa inziek lut sin hi a hun tiem inhnûk hmaa sinpuia nei hmasa lem ding a nih. A thaw huna naw chu tlawmngai insuo rak inla khom a trangkai nawh, thaw thei a ni naw leiin. Chuong lai zing chun, ei bawng, vok, beram, kel le siel amani hai ruok chu mi thaw ve dan ti lei ringotin âr-ah inchangtir ve chuong naw inla. Chuong anga mi thaw dan indik loa ei hriet thaw ve chuh Chanchin Thra le kum za zet intlona hlapui sak theia inngaihai nina leh inmil thei naw nih. Hratna po po hi indikna a kop met si naw chun, indikna a tlo tak ding a ni phat leh, chu hratna chu ei ta a lo ni hlak a nih ti ding khomin khêla hratna, hratna tehlem chu dit a um chuong nawh.


Âr bu pe dinga tlawmngaia hung intlarhai leh âr vaituhai po po khomin inchawk le inzor thrang loin ei ârhai an khuong inruol dan ding le chu khuong ri chuh ei hriet phata a ruola ei tho harpui dan ding mawl chu fumfe meta ngaituo a hun lai tak a nih. Ka âr chu broiler, coiler, layer annawleh local a nih tia man dang dang insak hun kha suktawp ta thut inla chu a hnamin ei hmu le ei hriet thei senga thilmak le danglam ei thaw thei hnai tak a ni ding a nih.


Ei hnamin thilmak le thil danglam ei hmu ta nawna chu a sawt ta tho an naw am a ni? Hmu châk khom a um ta chu tie. Ei phù ve ta tho naw maw? Thilmak le thil danglam chu midang amani, mikhuol le vana inthrunghai thaw ding chauha ei ngai sung chu ei sik phakin a um ngai naw ding a nih ti chu chieng takmeuin chiengpui ta inla chu lekhabu duma bung le changhai khom hin ei ta dingin kawk nei met a tih. Ar zong an hung inhma taluo a, âr khom a khuong hman hmaa voi thum neka tam ei lo inzor hman ta lem chun, thruoihruoi, kotkhar vengtu Peter khomin, pielral ei tlung pal a ni khomin, van ram kotkhara chuh a min luttir ngam hliek chuong ring a um nawh.


Taichiat vong an mi sawn leia an mi’n chuktuotir zing a ni chun a tuortu ding chu mi dang ni hlek loin ei ni bok ei ni tho ding a ni leiin, ar thluok neka lien lem koltu ei lo nina zar ringot khom chu hmang thiem inla, ar that dan sawmnga neka tam hrie intihai khomin law ngaina mi hre ta naw hai sien nuom a um tah.


A år ei hril leh, 'r' lam thei lohai lem chun 'Hmar' ti khom an lam indik thei naw top ding a ni karah, an mi hmangai zui ding lem chu ziekin um naw sienla khom ring ding a ni nawzie ei tonhrieta inthokin pom naw ngam naw mei nih. An bei hlek suktlak hril vung hlak hai sien khom, ei khop le tlaipuina ding chîte a um nawh. Mi tlawmte phing inbêlpuina chu a ni rawi mawh. A hun taka thudik hretuhai trong ngam naw hih khawvelin a lo sietpui reng a nih. Judahai suknomnat an ni lai khan 'German Church' intihaiin thudik trana rawl an insuo ngam naw leiin hringna maktaduoi tam sansuok thei ding ngirhmunah um de hai sienla khom, Hitler tawrotna kutin hringna maktaduoi tam a fen liem lem a ni khah! Thudik hre sia trong ngam lohai le khêl hrilhai inkar chu a hla ngai nawh. Thudik le khêl inkara chêng chu a hadam ngai nawh.


Ka naupa dingin ama le ama 'Superman' annawleh 'Ben10' insawnin, thaw thei fûta inngai chang a nei hlak. A’n ringzonaa inthokin a hrat pangngai neka a hratpui lem hun chu a tam ve tho a nih. “Change” an ti am a nih “MLA danglam” an ti amani hai chu âr zongtuhai phur suok ding chauh ni loin, eini, nang le kei, âr vai hai leh kut rong kai ding hai hin a bul ei siem tran ding a ni lem leiin, chu thilmak le thil danglam thawtu ding ei siem dinghai ei thlang hun chu a hung tlung nawk ding a ni tah. Chuong ei mi sor dinghai chun kum nga chauh an thlir a; eini ruok chu chu neka hun sei lem le var le daidaw hmu pei tumhai ei ni tlat leiin, ei thaw dan hi sukdanglam dep ta inla, dam ei tih. Tu hi ei sor dinghai hun ni loin, ei sor ding thlang dinga ei inbuotsai hun chu a nih. Hi hun hi nuom nuoma ei sor dinghaiin an mi chingchivet hun ni loin, eini âr vaitu, Superman le Ben10 hai hun chu a nih.

By Sandy, for Inpui.com


Rupert Murdoch used to be one of the most powerful men in media; some would say the most powerful. But over the past few months he’s proven that when the mighty fall, they fall hard. Two of his newspapers, News of the World and the Wall Street Journal Europe have been hit by major scandals with the result that one was shut down and one has lost its publisher. With the media under the spotlight all over the world, these scandals have once again brought up the $64 000 question: does the media need to be regulated?


China certainly thinks so. The country has the strictest control over media in the world. Virtually everything is censored and if the powers that be think that any particular piece of news will make the population think in a way that is not favourable to the status quo, it is done away with. You won’t find it in newspapers, on TV or even on the net. Several European countries are following suit and South Africa is in serious danger of losing its media freedom. Its level of press freedom has already been downgraded.


Freedom of expression and right to information activists are outraged at the mere suggestion that media needs to be regulated and rightly so, but the manner in which several branches of the media have behaved has cast a shadow on the industry’s reputation as a whole.


Let’s look at the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) debacle. Andrew Langhoff is, or was, the publisher of WSJ Europe. On Thursday 13 October he stepped down from his position (or was forced to step down) after it was found that he had behaved in a manner that breached the editorial integrity of the paper. The matter has to do with Langhoff cooking the circulation numbers. Apparently he and Executive Learning Partnership (ELP), a consulting firm, had a deal whereby ELP agreed to buy 12 000 copies of the paper for only one cent (Euro) so that WSJ Europe could maintain its circulation numbers.


In an effort to put out the fire, WSJ has released a press release that says, among other things, that such practice is common in the industry. It has further criticised The Guardian, which ran with the story, of “inflammatory characterisation … replete with untruths and malign interpretations”.


Some public relations agency is earning its money.


Given that at least three more of Murdoch’s publications are under investigation and that The Guardian is the paper than has given the most coverage to News of the World’s hacking trials and tribulations, it’s no wonder that Rupert Murdoch is feeling aggrieved.


In South Africa the matter is more political. The media has been accused of attacking the ruling party, the ANC, and devoting undue column space to negative press. The party has tried to combat this by launching its own “state-approved” newspaper but still feels that it is not enough.


Greed, political posturing, industry positioning and power make for bad bed-fellows, but are they reason enough for governments to impose tight regulations on the media industry?


The matter is highly flammable and one that will not be resolved cleanly or quickly.


About the about: Sandy writes for a number of different blogs, on a number of different topics, including PR media, advertising, travel, technology and the environment.

(October 22, 2011)

Pathien zar zoin Sinlung Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Organisation (SIPHRO) chun hungtlung ding December 16, 2011 khin Happy Heart School Auditorium, Bethel, Churachandpur (Manipur)-ah Lalthlamuong Keivom (L. Keivom) hla hai hmangin “Keivom Nite” a huoihawt ding a ni a. Pu L. Keivom-in hnam ro hlutak ami phuok le siem pek hai hmangin hla ruoi ei nei el khelah, ama thu le hla haia inthawk “Cultural Revolution” nei ei tum le nuomna ram chu sir ṭan dingin SIPHRO chun an buotsai tlut tlut zing a nih. “Keivom Nite” a hin Pu L. Keivom ram ngai hla hai chu Choir-in sak an ta, a hla lenglawng hai ruok chu Solo Artiste dang dangin sak bawk an tih.

Ei khawvel inlumletdan en zingin ei ram ei hnam-in harna hnawtin ei beisei mek hai khawm hi Pu L. Keivom hlaa inthawk ngawt khawmin hmathlir ram chu penpui le sukhrat ei tum a nih. Hnam ro hlutak haia inthawk ei ram ei hnam tungding ding le keihar dingin Siemtu'n alo ruotremna lampui hai hi hmang thiemna chang khawm hreloin um hlauh ei tih ti inlau a um hle. Ei ram ei hnamin hmatieng ei pen peina kawngah intodelpui ding khawp ro ami pek hai hi eini ngeiin ei hmang hlu le ei hmang ṭangkai a hun takzet tah. Hmasawnna hming chawia thu dang, hmel dang le ri dang dang haiin mi tuelkhawm a run bo mek zing laiin SIPHRO chun eini ngei thawsuok hnam ro ṭha haia inthawk ram le hnam hartharna nei ngei ei beisei el khelah, hiengang hnam ro mi siempektu haiin anmi dampui zing laiin an ṭhangsuona chawimawi malamin hi hunser hi ei rawt nasan tamtak laia mi ani sa bawk.

Chu hun ding chu fumfe takin ei inbuotsai laizingin, hi ni hin L. Keivom puol lieu a siem lekhabu (On Keivom) tlangzar dingin ei buotsai zing a ni a. Hi le inzawmin nang khawmin Keivom le nang am a nih, i hmu dan annawleh ama le inzawmin article (Hmar, English, Lusei) hung thawlawm ve ngei dingin kan hung ngen che. A thei hram chun November 15, 2011 hin hung pe/thawn hman dingin kan hung ngen bawk che.

Ram le hnam ta dinga in thawpui,

Note: Sum ṭhangpuina pe nuom hai chun kan mobile number-ah contact thei kan nih. David Buhril (09615839780), Lalremlien Neitham (09582904655)

Mizo Idol Top 3By SLR Mawii


Thinking that my favourite Mizo reality show was to shortlist the Top 3 contestants on Tuesday night, I skipped office and was watching the online streaming of the show. Everything went smoothly and as expected the Top 3 contestants were selected through the audience poll.


The Top 3 were:-

  1. Lalthuthaa
  2. Lalengvari Sinate, and
  3. Judith

I love them all and they deserved to be there.


However, the judges play spoilsport soon after. Thinking that they need to take the role of ‘Jesus Christ’ and so they save Biakmuana, who was actually eliminated. I have nothing against the singer, but when it comes to fair fights, the best men and women should be accepted as the final verdict.


My only fear now is, we’re in for another show wherein emotions take over quality. I’ll not be surprise if the judges decide there will be two or even three winners of Mizo Idol 2011.

A hnuoia hi Tipaimukh Constituency, Manipur, a MLA lo ni tah, Pu Selkai Hrangchal a election campaign dan le hmalak dan ding ama ngeia a ziek a nih. – Editor, Inpui.com 


Ei hnam tlusie hnung, kei ngir tuma ei mithiem haiin ‘Hnam Inte­gra­tion Steer­ing Com­mit­tee’ an rawt dawk hi Gospel Cen­ternary hmang ta hai rawt suok awm hrim a nih. Hmar hnam hi Gospel hril dartu dinga thlang bik ei ni ti hi the­inghil naw ma niu. Ei mithiem ha’n inpumkhatna that tak an rawt suok hi, ei hnam, ei ram, khawt­lang, kohran insung fak le dawn pol­i­tics a ruol ei khumna dinga Pathien thilt­lawn­pek, ‘God Gift’ ah ngai ei tiu a, inzataka an thu ei ngai hle tul a tih. Tuta ei fe dan ringawt hin chu, mi hnung khawm ei hnawt phak ta naw a ni hih. Pathien in mi hnam hai nek in ram tha bika a min um tira, pi le pu hai kha an lo var ngawt el. Khawvel civ­i­liza­tion intanna khawm tuipang, vadung hnaia mi hai a inthawk a intan an lo ni kha. Hmar hai umna phawt hi vadung tha inhuol velna hmun a lo ni vawng, Israel hai kuoma Pathienin inhluo ding ram chu, tlang hai le ruom hai umna, ram inhawi a lo ti hi, ei ram ngei hi ni in an lang. Khawlai khawm Hmar hai delna phawt phawt hi vadung tha, tlang i huol vel ram vawng a ni hih. Hotuhai thu hi a ngiel a nganin zawm ei ta, Gospel Cen­te­nary hnunga Hmar hai ei ngir­suokna dinga lam­pui tha taw­p­khawk hraw thel der lo ding ni’n ka hriet. An nihai ngei khawm insukhrat zuol hai sienla, Abra­ham Lin­coln angin an thul­tum hai hi an sukpuitling ngei bei­sei ei tiu. Hi naw hi chu ngir­suokna ding thu le hla ei nei ta der nawh.


Pathienin rem a ti a thlang suok ka lo ni chun, a hnuoia point hai khu Pathien le hotu hai hri­etin, anni le inrawnin sukpuilt­ing ngei tum ka tih.


1. Kum nga sung hi iengkima hnam hotuhai le inrawnin um ka ta, hotu ha’n tul an ti phawt chun inban din­gin in ready zing ka tih.

2. Pathien hnam thlang Israel­hai ngei khawm, thi huoma an inpekna lei chaua ngir­suok an ni angin, kei khawm ei hnam ta din­gin a tul phawt chun Mar­tyr kan pei zing.

3. Hmar hai hi Gospel hril dartu dinga thlang bik ei leiin, ei um dar khawm hi a tha a ngai ei ta, ie umna phawta ringtu hmasa ei ni pei si a, chuleiin Mizo­ram, Chachar, NC Hills , Manipu­rah ei hnam ngir­suok ngeina din­gin ka theina po po suo’ng ka tih.

4. Kum 5 sung hotuhai le thang tlangin sawrkar sin 2000, ieng tin am thun thei nawng ka ta!

5. Hmarhai hi Mizo ind­intu ei ni leiin, ei kalchar hausakna hai hi vawng him tum tlat ka tih.

6. Ei tawn­gin hma a sawn peina din­gin, rem ei nei a tula, hi mawl hi sukpuilt­ing ngei din­gin hma lang ka tih.

7. Chu­rachand­pur phai hi hnam dang hai le ei inchu ani tak leiin, ei khaw del bakah, Rengkai le Ngurte inkar Phaizawl hi, ei hnam tadin­gin hum tum tlat ka tih.

8. Tipaimukh Dam thuah ei mithiemhai le hnam dit­dan thlawp pei ka tih.

9. Tipaimukh biela ei fak zawng­dan hi, mithiem hai le inrawn tlangin, a tha lem a hlawk lem hmusuok tum ka tih.

10. Manipur tlangrama, ei ram a hausa taka, thing le ruo hai khu hlawk nawk zuolin hmang dan ngaituong ka tih.

11. Hmar­cha le aithing hai hi ei mithiemhai le thang tlangin, hlawk lema zawr dan ngaituong ka tih.

12. Khawvel hmu nuom le ngai hlu, ramh­mang­pui ei nei hai khu, hum him tlat tum ka tih.

13. Tlanglo nei suk­tawp ngei ngei ding, a tha lem hmusuok ding.

14. Inchukna thalem siema sawrkar sikul le kohran sikul hai tha nawk zuola an fe pei dan ding ngaituo ding.

15. Ei rama thau­tui zawng meka um hi, hnam tadinga a hlawk­dan ngaituo ning a tih.

16. Ei rama Hos­pi­tal tha le reg­u­lar tak sarkar le NGO mimala a hawng thei ding kolut ning a tih.

17. Pherzawl ADC sukpuitlinga ei hnam ta bik a ni ngeina din­gin hma lang ka tih.

18. Hnam dan­g­hai le inremna tha lem intlun ding.

19. Lam­pui tha siema, Hmar­biel, Van­gai, Tuiruong dung infepawna tha nawk zuola, BRTF in siemtir ding, Mizo­ram le infe pawna Tuivai leilak an rang thei anga siem ding.

20. Kum 5 sung intinin a tlawm taka Rs.500000/- bek an inkhawl ngei dan ding ngaituo pek ngei ding.

21. Vant­lang hriselna ngaipaw­imaw zuol ning a ta, intinin ekin (Scep­tic Tank) an nei ngei ding.

22. Kum 5 sun­gin, in than aw tak khawm thin­gat in, a chung rangva in neitir vawng ding.

23. Rural Bank le Bank dang dang, a thei thei, sawrkar hri­et­pui ngei in hawng tir ding.

24. Tha­lai­hai sport tienga sukhrat zuola, khawvel huopa hlangkai ding.

25. Hmar hai sum­dawngna tieng hma ei sawn dan ding, ngaituo ngei ngei ding.

26. Look East Pol­icy hi, ei hnam in a hlawkpui ve ngei dan ding, ei mithiemhai le ngaituo tlang ding.

27. Hmar ha’n com­pany le agency ind­ina, sum­dawngna lien lem ei thaw dan ding mithiemhai le ngaituo tlang ding.

28. Tipaimukh biel, Van­gai tlang, Hmar­bielah an rang thei anga elec­tric Mizo­ram sup­ply tu khu zawm ngei ngei ding.

29. Ran­vaitu hai an hlawk lem dan ding ngaituo pek ding.

30. Hmar Lit­er­a­ture theitawpa sukhrat ding.

31. Kumtin IAS, IPS, IRS, Cen­tral Ser­vice a Hmar nau panga bek an lut thei dan ngaituo ding ei mithiem hai le inrawnin.

32. Bufai ei rama a tam taka Kg khata Rs.5/- a iengtik lai khawm hmu ding.

33. Tarhai tha nawk zuola enkawla, kum 60 a inthawk sin rinum thaw ta lo ding.

34. Tourism tieng hma nasa­taka lak ning a tih.

35. Ei mithiem hai le inrawnin Chris­t­ian Mon­u­ment a tam thei anga siem ding, Gospel intanna ei ni leiin.

a)    Sen­von Gospel intanna.

b)    Zohnath­lak hai laia Pathien hla phuok hmasa­tak Rev. Thangn­gur a hla phuokna hmun, Vawm­palung, Lungth­ulien khuo kawl.

c) Rev. Thangn­gur tawng­taina puk, Phulpui, Van­gai tlang.

d)    Arthatzawl, Sen­von khuo kawl, etc.

36. Tha­lai­hai lam­pui tha a thuoia, an sin ding ngaituo peka, thabona hi sukbo ngei ngei ding.

37. Ei rama inruithei thil hrim hrim sukbo vawng ding.

38. Tui naran dawn lova, tui thiengh­lim (min­eral water) ngei dawn vawng ding. Water sup­ply khawtina reg­u­lar taka um ding.39. Tha­lai hai an tal­ent hai zawng suok pek ding.

40. Lekha thiem bik hai thang­puina ding le for­eign chena an inchukna ngaituo pek ding.

41. Hmar lai inhman­gaina, inpumkhatna suk deta, media suk hrat ning a ta, Chu­rachand­pura Hmar in Cable nei ve ngei ding.

42. Hmar rama hnam dang sum­dawngmi lo thei lo a ni khawma inlut tir lo ding.

43. Hmar hnath­lakhai inpumkhatna sukdet tuma, ei kalchar thu a theitawpa hma latu ei mithiem Pu L.Keivom le a raw­i­hai hma lakna hi thlawp tlat ka tih.

44. Ei ram hi a tangkai thei ang taka mithiemhai rawna hma lak ding.

45. Ei ram rohlu raw­tuoi hai hi Hotel insang le vai ram, for­eign chena thawn­suok dan ngaituo ding.

46. Hand­i­craft fak hmuna khawpa hmang tangkai ding.

47. Ei rama cor­rup­tion sukbo hmak ding.48. Hmar Inpui thu le hotuhai thu inza hleng ka tih.

49. Inchukna tieng ngaipaw­imaw zuol ning a ta, AIDS that naw zie hi nasa deuva in hril hriet ning a tih.

50. Ei ram Tipaimukh biel hi a thei phawt chun for­est pek lo ding.

51. Hma­sawnna thurel (infra­struc­ture) ei rama a tam thei ang in umtir ding.

52. Ei rama mon­u­ment ni thei­hai zawng suoka, mithiemhai le theitawp suo ding.

53. Ei ram kohran ha’n sawrkar tha hratna sawra an um ve thei dan ngaituo ding.

54. Nau­pang hriselna ngaipaw­imaw ning a ta, nuh­mei nau­pai lai hai dout ni hleng an tih.

55. Ei rama thil hlu zawng­suoka, a hlutna ei hnamin sawr ngei ding.

a. Thau­tui zawng meka um

b. Lung­mei­hawl Tin­suong rama um, etc.

56. Thiltha thawtu hai chaw­imawi ngei ngei ding.

57. Cachar, Khaw­bawn rama hnam dang luthai hi, hnam hotu hai le ngaituo tlang ding.

58. Inremna le muongna ngai paw­imaw ning a tih.

59. Hnam lo htuoi hmasat­uhai in le lo ngaituo pek ning an tih.

60. Iengkima Hmar mithiemhai le inrawn tlangin hma lak hlak ning a tih.

61. India khaw­puia ei ni mi umhai le iengtik­lai khawm inza­wmna um zing a tih.

62. Hmar mi sawrkar offi­cer lien pen­sion hai hi, ei hnam ta dinga sawr tangkai tum ning an ta,

Zohnath­lak hai laia Gov­er­nor (Polit­i­cal Appoint­ment) ni hmasa­tak tum ding.

63. Tipaimukh hi suk vula, Manipur life­line hiel in ni tir ding.

64. National High­way 150 hi ani ang taka ni zing ding le Tipaimukh chen an rang thei anga lam­pui siem tlung vat ding.

65. Fishing/Fishery ngai paw­imaw ding.

66. Nga manna hai hi mi tam­tak tak fakza­wng theina din­gin ngaituoa, mithiemhai le hma lak ding.

67. Tipaimukh le Silchar inkar hi Motor Boat changkang lem in fe tira, Aizawl – Chu­rachand­pur hai chen thuomh­naw phur lut ding.

68. Chu­rachand­pura ei hmun le hmang, leilethai, Tid­dim Road a inhmun hai hnam dang kuta pek lo ding.

69. Chu­rachand­pura ei ni mi i enkawl sikul le col­lege hai hi, ei mi thiemhai le inrawna theitawpa thang­pui ding.

70. Hnam dan­g­hai elna lun­gril tha­lai haiin an put nawkzuolna dinga ei mithiemhai le hma lak ding.


Hnam inpumkhatna dittu,

Selkai Hrangchal,


New Delhi: In a decision that will benefit more than 40,000 newspaper employees, the Union Cabinet today approved the recommendations of the Majithia Wage Boards providing for an increase in the salaries and allowances of journalists and non-journalists.


The revised wages will be applicable with effect from July 1, 2010 while the other allowances like transport, house rent and hardship shall be effective from the date of notification of the awards in the Gazette, Labour Minister Mallikarjun Kharge told reporters.


The revised payscale is based on old basic pay plus DA admissible up to June, 2010 plus 30 percent of the interim relief which has already been given.


The revised pay comprises variable pay at the rate of 35 percent for employees working in the first four classes of newspaper establishments and 20 per cent for remaining classes of newspapers. The variable pay should be added in the revised basic pay for calculation of all allowances.


In the case of news agencies, the Cabinet note had recommended similar parameters for the first two classes and the remaining for the other two classes.


Kharge said that newspapers have been classified into eight categories and news agencies into four on the basis of their gross revenue.


Newspapers with a gross revenue of Rs 1,000 crore and above have been put in the top category of Class I, Rs 500 crore (II), Rs 100 crore and above but less than 500 crore (III), Rs 50 crore and above but less than Rs 100 crore (IV), Rs 10 crore and above but less than Rs 50 crore (V), Rs 5 crore and above but less than Rs 10 crore (VI), Rs 1 crore and above but less than Rs 5 crore (VII) and less than Rs 1 crore (VIII).


In the case of news agencies, those with gross revenue of Rs 60 crore and above have been put in the top category of Class I while those above Rs 30 crore but less than Rs 60 crore (II), Rs 10 crore and above but less than Rs 30 crore (III) and less than Rs 10 crores (IV).


Kharge said that the HRA would be applicable at the rate of 30, 20 and 10 per cent respectively for the X, Y and Z cities, while the same in the case of transport allowances will be at the rate of 20, 10 and 5 percent.


Night shift allowances of Rs 100 per night will be paid to employees of newspaper establishments in classes I and II, Rs 75 per night in classes III and IV and Rs 50 per night for V to VIII.


The employees of news agencies falling in classes I and I shall be paid Rs 100 per night shift and those falling in classes III and IV Rs 50.


Hardship allowance of Rs 1000 would be paid for the first four classes of newspaper establishments and first two classes of news agencies and Rs 500 for the remaining classes.


Similarly, medical allowance of Rs 1000 would be paid per employee per month to top two classes of newspapers and news agencies and Rs 500 for III and IV categories in newspapers.


He said that the proposal has been sent to legislative department of the Law Ministry for notification. “We want the notification to happen as soon as possible,” Kharge said. The minister said there is no hurdle in the implementation of the government’s decision as there is no stay by the Supreme Court.


He was replying to a question on how the government can make forward movement on implementing it when the matter is pending before the Supreme Court. “Whatever decision the Supreme Court takes will be binding on both parties,” he added.


New Delhi: The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs is likely to approve the final recommendations of the wage boards for journalists and non-journalists on Tuesday. The decision, however, would be subject to the final orders of the Supreme Court, which is hearing a petition challenging the recommendations.


According to the recommendations, the basic pay of newspaper employees working under wageboard would be hiked by 30%. It would also include a variable dearness allowance and another variable pay component, which would be 35% of the basic pay.


Besides, the salary would comprise an enhanced house rent allowance, transport allowance, leave travel allowance, medical allowance, a night shift allowance of Rs 100 per night and a hardship allowance of Rs 1,000 per month.

The recommendations also provide for one promotion for every 10 years of service with the establishment.


The award would be effective from July 2010.


The wageboard recommendations were placed before the cabinet in June 2011. But the cabinet deferred its decision in view of the petition in the SC challenging the proposals.

October 23, 2011 khan Chennai Hmar Christian Fellowship mi 18 laiin Bangalore Hmar Chritian Fellowship kan in inpawlhlimna bakah thutak ngaina hun an nei a; mi 135 bawr in inhawi ti takin Pathieni zantieng dar 3 a inthawk dar 6 chen an inkhawm a.


Bible Quiz le thuhrilna hun Rev HP Runremthang (Chennai) in hnesaw takin a thuoia. Chun, hla sak inruolsiekna nei a ni bawk.


A hnuoia video hi BHCF thalai hai an nia, nakie a hnungah Chennai hai le video clips dang hai upload ning a tih.


By L.Keivom, Inpui Columnist


Maruti-800-Photo-484x280A hmun: Garage No. C-408, Purvasha, Mayur Vihar-1, Delhi-91. A hun: March 28, 2004, Pathienni tuk zing dar 6 minit 12. A changtu: Maruti-800, Car No. DL 2 CK 2048 le a pu inbiekna thu chu:


Khawfingchat ruolin ka tho a. Thingpui inlum zoa no ka dom ruolin ka e-mail hong dingin ka kompiutor ka sukhring a, hmun hrang hranga inthoka thu hung sawmthum chuong a lo um a. Inrang taka ka tiem zo hnungin thil tolna bawmah Hmar tronga Baibul inlet thar, Thuthlung Ram, Sam le Thuvar inkop, Delhi Version mawi tak el chu ka rem sip a. Sawng linaa um kan ni leiin in hnuoia ka car siena garage tieng chun lift-ah ka tol thlak a, ka car hnung tieng chun fimkhur takin ka rem a. Chuong ang zat bok chu ka hang tol thlak nawk a, car hnung tieng chun ka rem sip hmar a.


Hi Delhi Version hi chawhnung dar thuma Apostles’ Methodist Church, Sector IV, R. K. Puram, New Delhi-a Hmar Christian Fellowship, Delhi (HCFD) inkhawma Pathien kuoma inhlan dinga rem iengkim ruot sa diem a na, inhlantu le tlangzartu dinga fiel Rev. Hrilrokhum Thiek khom Haflong-a inthokin a hung tlung dèr tah a. Ama hi Manipur Sim thlang biel Sartuinek khuoa pieng, Hmar hnathlak laia sulsutu poimaw, First Division-a letter mark hmua Matriculation tling hmasa tak (1952), B.Sc hmasa tak (1956), B.D hmasa tak, Zo hnathlakhai laia M.Th hmasa tak le USA-a a lekha inchukna Seminary-a Saphai rikawt zu khûm vongtu, Cachar Hill Tribes Synod hnuoia lu tak nina Executive Secretary chel sawt tak (1974-1996) le Bible Society of India sut Hmar Baibul buoitsaitu Hmar Bible Translation Committee-in Chief Translator-a a hmang, mi thiem filor a ni bakah HSA hlapui, ‘Zaleng kan lawm nunkhuo hrui ang sei sien” (1955) ti phuoktu a ni bok. Hi a phuok kum bok hin All India Radio-ah hla, “Amin ruoi ropui an thre a” ti a khum a, AIR-a hla rikawt hmasa tak a nih.


Baibul inhlànna hun dinga ruot ‘dar thum’ hril tâka chun ei thupuia ei lut hmain, fe malama bawngin lam sîra hlo hna a pet lawr angin hi thil hi hang pet lawr vak inla. Isu’n tlanna sin hlena a thlarau a’n thla hun, Thuthlung Hlui le Thuthlung Thar inramrina hun poimaw tak el le HCFD chawibiek inkhawm hun chu chawhnung dar thum a nih. Hi hun hrilnaa trongkam ei hmang chieng le chieng naw thu hi hang bi vak inla. Baibul inlet hmasatuhai chun hi dar thum hi ‘zantieng nisa inher’ hun amanih ‘vaimim tui suong hun’ tiin an mi siepek a. Chieng lo deua Thairanchongin a pasal Sura kuoma, “Nisain hmawng lêr/ kotkhar bieng a khaw pha leh zan bu ding lo suong rawh” a ti hun tho kha a ni awm. Hi hun hi a nih a threnin ‘voisun zantieng inkhawm’ amanih ‘voisun chawhnung inkhawm’ tia chieng lo deua ei hril hlak hi.


Isu an hemde nia thim a zing hun kha ‘sun bu fak huna inthoka zantieng nisa inher chen’ tiin Bible Society Version (BVS) le Rochunga Pudaite Version (RPV) a chun an sie a. BSV chun sut nuhnung takah chieng lema sie tumin, ‘nisa inding huna inthok zan bu suong pha chenin’ tiin an siem thra a. Chun, nisa inher hun ti kha Mat. 27:45-a chun ‘vaimim tui suong pha vel’ an ti nawk bok a. Betlieng mu trawl hi a chang leiin a hmin intak a, bu tak suong hma neka inhmain an suong tran hlak a, chu hun chu Lusei tronga chun ‘behliang mun hun’ an ti a, a umzie chu bu tak suong hun pangngai neka inhma tina a nih. Chu chu Lusei tronga inthoka inlet ei Baibula chun ‘vaimim tui suong hun’ tiin inthuruol takin an sie thung a. Vaimim inhro trawl chu a hmin intak a, suong sawt a ngai a, bu suong hun pangngai neka inhma daiin an suong tran hlak leia hi trongkam hi an hmang a ni ring a um.


A chieng naw thu chu a ni niin lo ni ta sien, ‘vaimim tui suong hun’ le ‘zan bu suong hun’ inanga ei hril hin harsatna pahni a um a. Pakhatna, vaimim tui suong hun le bu tak suong hun pangngai a’n ang nawh. Pahnina, vaimim suong hun hril loa ‘vaimim tui’ suong hun ei hril tlat hi chik taka ei sui chun nuizatum deu a nih. Arin tui a nei ang bokin vamim chun tui (egg) a nei ning a ti? Ieng leia a vaimim suong loa a ‘tui’ (water, soup) ei suong tlat am a na? Vaimim ‘tui’ suong hun bik a um am a ni? Hieng zawnahai hi a umzie hre thiem nawhaiin indon ta hai sien la, ei buoi nghal a ni el. Kei khomin vaimim ni loa vaimim ‘tui’ suong ta tlat el chu a ngaina tak ka hriet naw khop el. Chun, ‘vaimim tui suong hun’ ti aia ‘nisa inher hun’ ti ei hmang khom hi a chuong liem bik nawh. Nisain inher hun bik a nei am a ni? tiin zawna indon ta inla, “A nei nawh” ti hi ei donna a ni vong ka ring. Chun, ‘sun bu fâk hun’ ti khom hi khawpuia umhai chun chawhnung dar 1-2 inkarah ei ngai vong ring a um. Ei pi le puhai khan hun, thil hlatzie, rikzie, lienzie, chinzie le a dang dang inkhina le bukna chieng tak an nei naw leiin an ngirhmun le inmila an hriet thiem thei zawng dingin an lo hril hlak a. Hrietna tienga ei hung changkang pei ruolin bukna le inkhina ei hmanghai a hung chieng deu deu hlak a. Chuleiin, Delhi Version chun hi hun hi ‘sun dar 12 vela inthoka chawhnung dar 3 chenin’ tiin le betlieng mu le vaimim inhro trawl an insuongtir hun kha ‘chawhnung dar thum velah” tiin a sie ta lem vong a nih.

Chuleiin. DHCF chawibiek inkhawm hi thlasika chuh dar 3-a tran a ni hlak leiin nisa inher hun amanih, zan bu suong hun amanih le vaimim tui suong huna inkhawm ni loin, ‘zantieng’ inkhawm khom ni bok loin, ‘chawhnung’ inkhawm a ni lem a, chuong ang tak chun hril tum seng ei tiu. HCFD hnunga chawibiek inkhawm Kuki Worship Service ruok hi chu zantieng dar 5-7 inkar a ni tak leiin ‘zantieng’ inkhawm an ni ta thung a, anni hnunga inkhawm chuh, Delhi hun tiem dana chuh ‘Zan’ inkhawm a nih. Chun, hi chawibiek inkhawma hin thawlawm ‘dawl’ amanih ‘khon’ ta loin, Pathien kuoma ei ‘thilpekhai lakkhawmna’ nei ta lem inla; ei ‘veng tieng’ chanchin ripawt loin ei ram tieng le ei khuo tienga thil tlunghai chanchin ripawt ta lem bok ei tiu. Trong hmang indik lo hi mi mawl thuomhnaw a ni a, a’n dik nawh ti hre zinga hmang lui tlat lem chu mi tuklul le mi rilo nungchang a nih. Thingtlang nu mawl pa mawla ei ngaihai thu hril hi hang ngaithla inla, an kam suok tinah ei trong mawi takin a hung par suok a. Mani trong thiem naw tawk charh, Saptrong thiem hman loa uongna tawk chauha inchuk silhai trong ei ngaithlak pha hin, ka hla phuoka, “Lung a dam nawh, ningtel a na” ti tlara khan a mi khal lut zie hlak a nih.


Ei pet lawr sawt ta bok leiin ei thupuiah lut nawk zain rêl ta inla. March 28 Pathienni tuk nisa suok ruola (0612 hrs) ka car hnung tienga Baibul thar ka rem lai chun ka car chun hieng ang hin a tiin ka hriet a:


Car: Ka pu hin ieng lungril top am a put a ni ta ding maw? Ni dang chu Pathienni tuk hin a min chawl hadamtir hlak a. Voi tuk khom hadam taka chawl ka tum lai, zing hmâng hmàngah ka ngal khang tliek vang khopin thil rik a mi’n phurtir el hi! Kum sari chuong hiel a mi not let ta a, ka ru le changhai khom a rop zo ding a ni tah. Ka pu hin chu a mi va hang duot naw ngei de aw! A ruolpa Tawnluoi car ni lang chu, Sailo vok chal chawm thau ang elin, inah hadam takin ka chawl veng veng el ding a ni vei leh.


A pu: Ka car, chier inthluok naw rawh. I vangneizie i hriet naw a ni hi. Ieng lai khoma thlak thei che ka na, sienkhom kum sari chuong top ngaina taka ka kol che hi vangnei inti thlawt rawh. Tlân dinga siem i na, tlàn chu i piengsan le i sin a nih. Garage nghak dinga siem i ni nawh. Cheng nuoi thum chuong man petrol i dawn tah a, kilometer nuoi khat i tlan tah hi i rongbawlna a nuoi zawnga tiemin i hlen tah tina a nih. Chun, hi hi hre rawh. I tlan po po zaa sawmruk neka tam hi chawibiek inkhawm le Baibul inlet ennon dinga i pi le i pu i phur lei a nih ti hre rawh. Sande sikula kai tam lawmman an lak khom kha i rongbawlna ra a nih ti hre bok rawh.


Car: Chuong chu a lo ni maw! Ana chu, ka phurin a mi del rik êma a ni hi tie! Fe tawm beka i min phurtir chu ni sien, a ngaina tak ka hriet a, zing hmâng hmânga i mi’n phur lawktir hi chu a ngaina tak ka hriet nawh. Ka kawla car po po hi en la, kei anga rikphur an um der nawh.


A pu: I voi tienga car hi en rawh. Mercedes Car, nanga let sawmlia man to lem le car inhoi lem a ni hi. I pu hin kum 17 chuong a lo khal ta hlak leiin nang nek daiin a chanchin a hriet lem a nih. Amiruokchu, hi hi hre rawh. Hi Mercedes car let tam hin nang chu i vangnei lem a nih.


Car: Chu chu iengtin am ni thei a ta? Ka tuolbawmpa Mercedes hi chu a puin a duot a, a khal suok mei mei ngai naw a, hadam takin a thrung veng veng el a nih. Thil rik khom a’n phurtir ka hmu ngai nawh. Kan inkarah tong khat vel chauh a um leiin ka hriet chieng annawm.


A pu: Awl hadam mei mei amanih, hmang loa um trok trok amanih, mamaw bak nei amanih hi suol a nih. Um trok trok hi natna lei a ni ngot naw chun suol a ni hrim hrim. Chun, hi Mercedes car hi inhnar naw rawh. A neitu hi i hriet naw khom a ni el thei. India rama State lien taka Chief Secretary ni ta hlak, mi neinung, sungkuo inzaum taka inthoka hung a nih. Amiruokchu, milem be mi a nih ti i hriet am? Sam 115-ah milem betu chu a milem biek leh angkhat an nih a ti kha. I pu ruok hi chu Pherzawl tlanga inthoka vok êk dûra inthoka hung suok ni sienkhom Chanchin Thra leia khawvel sawsaiti insang taka chetla phak dinga hlangkai, Isu Krista zara chatuon hringna rochungtu a nih.


Car: Chu chu ka ta dingin iem a danglamna a um? Ka rikphur hi a mi sawkzang pha chuong lèm!


A pu: Ngai rawh, i rikphur hi lawm hle rawh. Mercedes car hin a phur tawp chu a pu ek tum a ni el. Car tam lem hin a chuongtuhai ek tum bàk chu an phur le! Paikawnga rik tak tak an phurhai khom hi ek tum ding tho a nih. Nang chun chatuon hringna bu, Hmar tronga Baibul inlet thar, Thuthlung Thar, Sam le Thuvar inkop chu i phur a nih. Ek tum phur ringot le Hringna Bu phur tu am an vangnei lem a? Krista thrang loa nun hmangtu po po phur chu mani ek tum bak a ni ngai nawh. Mihriemin a rimsikpui po po hi a tawpa chu ek tuma liem vong a nih. Hi Mercedes car hin tawpna niah a pu a zui ve vai chun hremhmuna inling kumkhuo ding a na, nang chu chatuon chawlnaa lut ding i nih.


Car: Pu, ka lawm taluo. Tuhin ka vangneizie ka hriet chieng chauh a nih. Car po po laia car vangnei tawp ka lo ni chu tie! Hringna bu phur ka ni phot chun ka hnung tieng chauh khom ni loin, thrungna po po hluo sip dingin hung sie sa rawh. Ieng anga rik khom ni sien, ka ke koi hiel ding khomin, lawm tak, hadam tak le zâng takin phur ka tih.


A pu: Amen. Chu chu a nih hringna neituhai thunon chu. Chatuon hringna neituin “Nangni rimtong le rikphurhai, ka kuomah hung unla, keiin sawldamna peng ka ti cheu. Ka ringkol bat unla, ka kuomah inchuk ro; mi zaidam le lungrila inngaitlawm tak ka ni si a, chuongchun in thlarau ta dingin sawldamna hmung in tih. Ka ringkol a hadam a, ka phur khom a zâng a nih” (Mt.11:28-30) a lo ti hrim a ni kha. Ka car, chu sawldamna angsunga cheng ei ni leiin ei vangnei chungchuong a nih.


(March 28, 2004 Delhi)

Fimate_LBy Dr. L.Fimate MD.FAIMS.WHO Fellow.

I was born and brought up at Parbung,the sec­ond biggest vil­lage in Tipaimukhsub divi­sion, Chu­rachand­pur dis­trict, Manipur. Sub­se­quently, the vil­lage became the head­quar­ters of the Sub-division and Assam espe­cially from Silchar came through the Barak river, opened shops and traded with the localpeo­ple who offered their prod­ucts like oranges, gin­ger, cot­ton, pineap­ples, chill­ies and oth­ers along with for­est prod­ucts in exchange for fin­ished prod­ucts and essen­tial com­modi­ties like salt, sugar, kerosene, med­i­cine, etc.

Until the 50s and through the 70s, Tipaimukh was sub­sis­tently self-sufficient in almost every­thing. The mis­sion schools pro­vided basic edu­ca­tion and the first high school in the hill areas of Manipur at Pherzawl pro­duced ambas­sadors, high civil ser­vants in cen­tral and provin­cial ser­vices, qual­i­fied pro­fes­sion­als in med­i­cine, engi­neer­ing and teach­ing, church lead­ers and social work­ers. The lit­er­acy per­cent­age of the Hmars, the dom­i­nant tribe in the area was the sec­ond high­est among the tribes of Manipur. In short, Tipaimukh area once held a pride of place in Manipur in gen­eral and in Hmar his­tory inparticular.

Tipaimukh Today : Hav­ing gone throughthe rigours of a vil­lage life dur­ing my formative years, and, hav­ing tasted the golden period of Tipaimukh area, I have been enchanted by the beauty and charm of Tipaimukh. Even when I was in Europe or Amer­ica or other advanced coun­tries in the Far-East, my heart con­tin­ued to revolve around Tipaimukh, always engag­ing in thoughts of how I could make use of the good things and I came across as an instru­ment to bring back the area from its pathetic plightto a more respectable and self-sufficient level of exis­tence. This is the desire and dream ofevery Hmar as Tipaimukh has been and will con­tinue to be our Jerusalem, how­ever remote, back­ward and dif­fi­cult area it might have become to.

After study­ing and serv­ing away from Tipaimukh for a few decades, I came back to visit my old home­town, Par­bung, the head­quar­ters of  Tipaimukh sub­di­vi­sion where I spent my child­hood days. To my utter sur­prise, I found the vil­lages and the peo­ple in a most deplorable con­di­tion.  The villages which enjoyed the pride of respect and self­suf­fi­ciency in the remote past, have turned into slum-like con­di­tion: dilap­i­dated bam­boo huts with thatched roof, much worst than my boy hood days fifty years ago. There is endemic famine and star­va­tion and peo­ple are prac­ti­cally liv­ing from hand to mouth. There is no Pub­lic Dis­tri­b­u­tion Sys­tem. Gov­ern­ment Rice from civil sup­plies are sold at the rate of Rs.20/kg  or more. The vil­lages are not con­nected with motorable roads. There is no sign of mod­ern civil­i­sa­tion at all. Their liv­ing con­di­tions are many cen­turies behind. It appears as if the­yare being pre­served for museum spec­i­mens. There are no proper schools and children are deprived of their fun­da­men­tal rights to education. Many intel­li­gent and tal­ented boys and girls, who could have been the pride ofthe coun­try, are wasted away unsung and unutilized due to lack of edu­ca­tional facil­i­ties. No health cen­tre is func­tion­ing in the entire subdivision of 45 vil­lages with a pop­u­la­tion of more than 40,000 except a Com­mu­nity Health Cen­tre (CHC) at Par­bung. How­ever, this CHC is also only par­tially func­tion­ing with only one doc­tor in hand. Con­struc­tion of quar­ters meant for doc­tors and OPD has been aban­doned before com­ple­tion. Qual­i­fied med­ical staff is hard to come by. This has invited many quack prac­ti­tion­ers, result­ing in many avoid­able deaths. For exam­ple, 25 peo­ple died within 3 months in a par­tic­u­lar area in 2009. Even the 64 years of Indian inde­pen­dence does not seem to have any impact on the peo­ple of Tipaimukh, so far devel­op­ment is con­cerned. They are still living in an extreme poverty and back­ward­ness while Mizo­ram, just on the other side of the Barak River has shown remark­able progress in every field. They (Mizo­ram) enjoy the sec­ond high­est lit­er­acy rate in the coun­try. Such a great con­trast between two imme­di­ate neigh­bors, though belong­ing to the same com­mu­nity, requires deep think­ing by the author­ity. It is a slap on the face of the government.

What the Gov­ern­ment did for Tipaimukh : For all the back­ward­nesses and poverty of  Tipaimukh, can we blame the gov­ern­ment for neglect and apa­thy? Can we say that gov­ern­ment did noth­ing to develop Tipaimukh area? That, most of the time, it was under Con­gress min­istry. Then, can we say that the Con­gress is neglect­ing Tipaimukh?

When we exam­ine the his­tory of the devel­op­ment in Tipaimukh area with impar­tial and detached view, we can clearly see that the Con­gress did every­thing to develop Tipaimukh. Funds were made avail­able for constructing roads, schools and Health Cen­tres and for the devel­op­ment of all facets of infra­struc­tural facil­i­ties in Tipaimukh sub-division. But thep­eo­ple blame their rep­re­sen­ta­tives for their insin­cer­ity imple­ment­ing the projects. It is common knowl­edge that the rep­re­sen­ta­tives par­tic­i­pated in all the con­tract works within the con­stituency. But most of the works are either par­tially exe­cuted or unim­ple­mented at all. As a result, funds are either mis­used or in some cases can­not be utilised at all. Even the so called motorable roads con­structed by them on offi­cial records, were not motorable. There­fore, it is gen­er­ally felt that, it was the insin­cer­ity of the rep­re­sen­ta­tives and not the government as such, which is solely respon­si­ble for the back­ward­ness of this area. The suc­ces­sive gov­ern­ments in Manipur have always given spe­cial atten­tion to Tipaimukh by giv­ing min­is­te­r­ial berth to MLAs from Tipaimukh most of the times. But, it was the min­is­ter who failed to imple­ment devel­op­ment pro­grammes of his con­stituency. This has greatly dam­aged the image of the Con­gress in Tipaimukh. One senior cit­i­zen from Tipaimukh has said that though con­gress min­istry is a bless­ing for oth­ers, it is a hin­drance to the devel­op­ment of Tipaimukh.

Because of the unbear­able hard­ship faced by the peo­ple, and, because of the loss of faith in the lead­er­ship, Tipaimukh has for the past few years wit­nessed exo­dus of pop­u­la­tion who have migrated to the neigh­bor­ing states. Peo­ple felt that they had been betrayed by their lead­ers. There was a strong appre­hen­sion that, if the con­di­tion con­tin­ues, the entire Tipaimukh sub­di­vi­sion may be aban­doned by the Hmar com­mu­nity in the near future, which will be a big blow to the Hmar tribe.
Fear­ing that, such extreme humil­i­a­tion could occur in the Hmar com­mu­nity of Tipaimukh, senior cit­i­zens and pub­lic lead­ers of Tipaimukh strongly felt the need for a rev­o­lu­tion to change the exist­ing polit­i­cal lead­er­ship which will lead them to rapid socio eco­nomic reforms to save Tipaimukh from the brink of dis­as­ter. Pub­lic lead­ers and right think­ing peo­ple felt that the best alter­na­tive and the fi rst step to tackle the prob­lems of Tipaimukh is a change of lead­er­ship of a proven qual­ity by giv­ing a chance to the under­signed to become their rep­re­sen­ta­tive in the State Assem­bly. The under­signed is, there­fore, approached by sev­eral lead­ers to come out and lead the com­mu­nity as MLA in the inter­est of the peo­ple of  Tipaimukh inpar­tic­u­lar and Manipur in general.

See­ing the plight of my peo­ple, and the pathetic con­di­tions in which they have been liv­ing in this 21st cen­tury, I can no more be a silent wit­ness to their prob­lems. I feel uncomfortable to live a life of com­fort when my peo­ple are liv­ing in such an extremely deplorable con­di­tion in this mod­ern age.

There­fore, set­ting aside all the lucra­tive jobs with attrac­tive salaries offered to me after my retire­ment in 2010, I have decided to answer the SOS call of my peo­ple and my inner voice to serve them as their rep­re­sen­ta­tive in the assem­bly in order to sal­vage them from the bondage of poverty.

On being elected as MLA,serious attempts will be made to achieve the fol­low­ing goals:- To work for the devel­op­ment andu­plift­ment of the peo­ple and thus, regain the past glory of  Tipaimukh to become the pride of the state and the country.

1. To con­struct motorable roads for all the45 vil­lages who had suf­fered for over a cen­tury with­out motorable roads, to improve trans­port and com­mu­ni­ca­tion sys­tem so as to improve the eco­nomic con­di­tion of the people.
2. To trans­form the back­ward Tipaimukh into a self-sufficient area and a model constituency.
3. To re-establish schools, health cen­tres, elec­tric­ity and water-supply sys­tem to improve the qual­ity of  life and stan­dard of liv­ing of the peo­ple, and nur­ture them to be good cit­i­zens and assets to the country.
4. To estab­lish Higher Sec­ondary School in Tipaimukh and bring about Edu­ca­tional and Eco­nomic Rev­o­lu­tion in Tipaimukh.
5. To estab­lish tourism cen­tres in Tipaimukh area. Attempts will be made to estab­lish Ruong-le-vaisuo Cul­tural Cen­tre to host Annual cul­tural meets for all the 12 tribes whose ori­gin was Ruong-le-vaisuo and make the cen­tre one of the major tourist spots of the country.
6. To restart reg­u­lar bus ser­vices between Churachandpur-Aizawl by con­struct­ing Tuivai bridge and reha­bil­i­tat­ing NH-150 ( for this, I have already started the work).
7. To pro­vide tin roof­ing for all the house­hold in Tipaimukh.
8. To com­plete construction/rehabilitation of Jiri-Tipaimukh road, by renam­ing it “ Rev.Thangngur Road”.
9. To con­struct Model Vil­lage with all mod­ern ameni­ties viz, road, school, Hos­pi­tal, Telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion cen­tre, Post Office, Bank, elec­tric­i­ties, water­sup­ply, play­ground, mar­ket shed, com­mu­nity hall, etc.
10. To extend inland water­way from Fuler­tol upto Tipaimukh so that we have another national high­way through water.
11. To be MLA with a dif­fer­ence– To be an MLA for the peo­ple (not only for my vot­ers) and be fully devoted to them.
–To serve as a role model for others.
- To play a clean and trans­par­ent pol­i­tics which will be accept­able to the church.
–To break the walls of sep­a­ra­tion between the var­i­ous polit­i­cal par­ties in our com­mu­nity so as to bring about social and moral inte­gra­tion in our society.

Given a chance, I am con­fi­dent that, with the co-operation from the gov­ern­ment and the peo­ple, I can trans­form the back­ward Tipaimukh into a devel­oped con­stituency, which can be a model for other con­stituen­cies and a pride for the country.

Prof.L.Fimate MD.Former Direc­tor, RIMS Imphal. (Pre­pared on pub­lic request)

Source Hma­sawnna Thar, Oct. 18, 2011

KHUPLAL MihratProf Lal Dena*, Inpui.com Patron

Tiena tlanga inthawk khan Hmar lai hin suon khatah awi um naw khawpa hrat le thilthaw thei hi an lo pieng rawp hlak a. Saizahawl Hmar, lal Pawibawi khuo Khawruliena lo um hlak kha mi hrat khawkhenga hriet hlak a nih. Amiruokchu, ama hratna kha chu Sim le Hmar indo laia a chipui Hmarhai ta ding mi hnawksak um a nih. Khang lai vel hun bawk khan Khawliena mi hrat hmingthang Thangsabut (Buta) Hranngul a um bawk a. Ama kha inbuon hrat le thilrik dawm hrata hriet a nih. Khawdungseia pa inkhai thli thler thlawr feet ruk le inche sari vela insang Tumpang Hrahsel a um bawk a. Mizorama ama hnetu ding awm Tumpang hin mi a hmu zo nawh a ni awm. Ni khat chu Buta le a ruolhai kuli sinthawa inhlaw hai chun Tumpang an inhmupui ta tlat el. Buta kha Tumpang neka dung inhnuoi lem ni sien khawm, pa pieng dan thiem dar par tha deuh el a nih a. A hei inthung dam hin a darin a sin khup el a nih an ti hlak. A ban rek le savawm sum nga an intie tawk an ti chu! Hmunlet zawlbukah Buta le Tumpang an heih inbuon chu, mit a tlai hle an tih. Tumpang chu che hman der lovin Buta’n a heih pawmkang vur vur el chu, Tumpang chun “Buta ka hne naw hi Mautam nekin pawih ka ti lem” a ti hiel. Ring lo takin, Pu Thanher Taite (Pu Zauvapa) khawm kha a hun lai chu inbuon hrata hmingthang ve a nih. Kha lai hun bawk khan inbuon hrata hril ve Ratu khuoa Aichhinga Khiangte a um ve a. An heih inbuon tan hlim chun Thanher chun hrat naw tehlem thawin a heih inkang vur a. Chu hnunga ruok chun Thanher chun thang a hei lak tak tak ta a, “Vervek tieng nghain aw” a heih tia, a phawi kang a. Tum hninaah “Pherzawl tieng nghain aw” a ti nawka, a phawikang nawk a. A vawithumnaa, “In veng Ratu tieng nghain aw” a heih ti nawk a, a nuom hun huna Thanher chun Aichhinga chu a phawikang el a nih. Hrat tak a nih.


Pet hla ta lovin ei hril nuom tak, Parbung khawsuok Khuplal Sawngate chanchin a tlawm a zawng heih suih met ei tih. Ama hratzie hi Manipur ram sungah chauh khawm ni lo, India hmar sak pumpuia hriet a nih. Ama hi Hmuntha khuoa kum 1882 khan a pieng a; a pa khawm pa lien vantlang chung Khangzakhup Sawngate a nih. Khuplal nu hming hi ei hriet nawa chu, Leiri pahnama Pulamte nunghak lien, dung insang le hmelthaa inthang a nih. Thingkung a tha chun a ra khawm a tha nge nge an ti hlak angin Khangzakhup nau pasal Khuplal, Thangsunlien (Pu Thangsawihmang-pa) Enga tia hriet le a nau nuhmei pathumhai kha vantlang chung vawng an nih.


Khuplal chanchin ei suih hma’n a sangpa Enga chanchin la zuk suih met ei tih. Pu Enga dung insangzie chu feet nga le inches sari vel a nih. Kum 1917-1919-a Kuki helna lei khan British sawrkarin Kuki Punitive Measure, (Kuki helhai do letna) an dina, chu takah chun Pu Enga khawm a thang ve nghe nghe. Ei pi le puhai chun kha helna kha “Haokip Kap” an tia, unau danghai chun “Zo Gal” an ti thung. Khang lai khan Imphalah thil rik dawm inelna an nei a, Pu Enga chun bufai md hni chu awl takin a dawm var var. Ama hi sinthaw taima a nih a, Pu Thangsawihmang mi hril dan chun lo an hei vat khawmin, rawva bul pa vantlang kutring neka lien hai chu vawikhatin a but thuta a fik pei a, a kawl hnaia a phun nghat nghat el a nih. Pathien thu a hung awi hnungin Tinsuonga Pu Enga hi Upa ordainna H.K.Dohnun kutah a chang nghe nghe. NEIGM sunga buoina leiin Pu Tlangval tantu pawl chu sawrkarin biekin bawl khawm a khap tlat leiin. Germanthanpa le biekin bawl dinga thi khawm huoma inpe an nih.

Awleh tuhin Pu Khuplal chanchin ei hriet ang ang zuk hril ei tih. Ama hi pang set tut el, pieng nal tak, sa tha tak, a dung chu feet nga le inches sawm pakhata insang, a awm par lienzie chu ama sum ruk, a rikzie chu mawnhni hni neka rik a nih. A h

ratzie ngaituo chun pate hrat ti ding a nih.


Chawnga (Tuovungpa) chun, “Ka pu Khuplal kan hnarna tak chu hreiha zawng a nih. Ama chun ruo bulhai chu hlo phawiin a phawi el a nih” a ti chu! A saihli chu ruova chang ban ruol phel phawk a nih. Chu saihli chun sazaw, awrrang, zawng, saha le savawm vate ang lekin a per hlum hlak. Khuplal tupa Thavel chun a pu chapopuiin hieng ang hin hla a lo phuok nghe nghe:

Vanthang hlienga, vanthang hlienga,

Saw sim tienga I sakhming;

Vanthang hlieng aw sim tienga,

Tlangram pau viel viel hai pheiruon kan sai;

Phuoivawm a hrang in ti po, sul ang kan tum.

Changkam le mankhawng daw dingin ruol a fiel ngai nawh. Hieng sanghal, sazuk le savawmhai dam a awk hlak. A mankhawng rikzie chu sakhi, zawng le saruolhai dam chu mazu ang chauhvin a del per pawt hlak. Inbuon a thiemin a hrat em em a, “Ka vanglai chu mihriem a tunga lawn taphawt chu ti ka nei nawh” a ti tawp el. Mizoram Khawlien Zawlbuk buonzawla Khawlien tlangval hrat takin a lo cho veih a, naupang sawisak takin a the ziel zak el, tlangval dang tu khawmin a cho ngam a um ta nawh. Taithu le Senvawna inbaw hrat parukin an baw hrawna, an hne nawh; ralsamkuoi kutring ruol ruol intan hmawk hmawkin lam thlanga a deng thlak tawl. Vai mi hrat pakhat an ti pa leh Ruongvaisuoah an inhmu a. ruo sangkhat pum suntlang an inel a, Khuplal chun awl takin a suntlanga, Vaipa ruok chun a suntlang zo nawh.

Mautam kum awle fun sari Khuplal-in a kap hliema, tui sunga lut a tum lai a meia a mana hmawltum ang lekin hnuoi vuokna’n a hmang. Taithu khuoa a um laiin siel a ki nguntang chen a kia manin chawrsawnga inthawkin a khai zo. Sumphuk kaitena an thung a, siel a ki tawng khata sei an vuok tal a, a thungna insawn der lovin a man tang thei. Parvachawm khaw kawla siel hel a ki tawng chena sei a kia manin lo fing khat dungah a keiphit. Lungthulien khaw kawla lungpui pathum mawn nga neka rik, a lusipah an chuon zo. Chu lungpuihai chu vawisun chen hin hmu theiin an la um. Hi lungpui pakhat khawm hi pasal tam fe khawma inzawn zo ring a um nawh.


Parbung khuo lal bu sung niin zu bel khap sawmpahnia lien, a sunga zu sungbita um, a kutpui le a kutchal khap khingkhat chauhin dung chena insangin a chawi kanga, zu chu inbuo der lovin a dawn kuong kuong. Taithu le Tipaimukh inkara bufai quintal khat a phur zo. Keivawm muol lova an nei tumin a ruolhaiin an chophawk a, kherseu thing pa vantlang kutring ruol changkawlin a her bawk.


Mi hrat panga Kailal, Khuonga, Zosel, Bawngte le Thanghrim-in Khuplal an baw hrawna, an rengin hnuoiah an zal vawng a, a tho hmasa sa chu a ben zal pei. Ni khat chu Senvawn lal inah tlangval po po inthuruolin Khuplal suknat an tuma, anni laia pakhatin an ring naw kar a dara a sir a, a heih che met chun panthlang bang a deng rawk nghal. Chu phing leh mi danghai chu an inrel hmang vawng.


Leisen khuoah a rawipa Hmangthatsung le lova an fe tumin, Khuplal chu tlangvalhai hmu hawiha an sukphawk deuh a, kherseu tuoi ban ruol a ek thliek a, ek ther fungin a hmang. Tum khat a sangpa Enga (Thangsawihmang-pa) leh an ban saknaa an insuklungsen a, insie thing ril pakhat a sangpa elpui chadena hmangin an sak zo vawng. Kum 1967-in putar kum sawmriet panga a ni hnungin Parbung khuo tlangval po po thaw thei naw thirtieng riktawk tak a kutpui le a kutchal chauhvin a hmet ding var var zo. Tar kuna funghrawl a thun hnungin bawngchal tuoiin a lo baw a, a ki pahniah a mana, lam thlanga a the thlak. A tupa a ma hmingchawi ngeia a iphuok (late) Khuplal Lalkhawthang Infimate (Ruia naupa, Manipur University-a Section Officer lo ni tah) kum sawmpali mi a ni lai a kut khing khat chauhvin a char zo var var.


Manipur Rengin mi hrat a fiel khawm tumin Khuplal khawm, a sangpa Enga leh an hang fe ve a. Hmar Company kawl Vaihai hotela bu an du zat zat fa dingin an chophawk a, thawkkhat lovin an unauvin thleng sawmpanga ve ve an zuk fak zo nghal a, hotel neituhai mi a arinta zak el, an khawp hma’n an tho pek hlawl el. Vawi khat an lo rieknaah Khuplal nuhmei a dam naw a, a nuhmei nu vantlang zet chu lo hla taka inthawkin a manspuiin in a hung pai tlung dak.


Kristien a ni hma chun Khuplal hi zu le sa chena nun khaw nuom mi a nih. A naupang laia inthawka mi tlawmngai thei, khawtlang ta dinga thahnemngai le neka upahai inza thiem mi a nih. A hung tlangval a, a hratzie mihai hril a ni ruol ruolin, a nun innemzie hrilsa tei a ni hlak. Mi le inhal le insuklungsen nekin a tlawm lem ni an chu hlak. Nuhmei a hung nei a, a tlawmngai theina leiin khawsungah hotu ninaa hlangkai a ni nghal a. Tlang ruvuokna, ngawidawna le sahliem suihnaa a hmasa tak niin hma a thuoi hlak. Zu hmuna hai hla a sak thiem a, a lam thiem bawk leiin mi sukhlimtu tak a ni hlak. Chun, rimawi hieng khuongben, darbu sut, dengduong le rawsem muthai a thiem vawng bawk. Mi daizai tak chu a nih.


Khuplal chu a hung upa deuh deuhva, Kristien a ni hma chun “Khuonu” ko thla thei khawpin thiempu sin khawm hlawtling tak le ropui takin a hung thaw pei a. Natna khir tak takhai dam a sukdam a, bawlhmunah a rawngbawlna leiin mihai inza le inpak a hlaw hlak. Kum 1940 khan Lakher pakhat Pathien thu hrilnain a hne hle ni ta veng a tih, a pieng thar a, Kristien ringum, ngilnei le Pathien ram ta dinga tangkai ni zing pumin kum 1975 khan Pathien kuomah a lo chawl tah.


Khuplal hratna hin Hmar hnam chauh ni lovin, tlang mi po pohai hming a suktha a. Hrietzingna (memory) a nei tha em em a, Sikhawvar October thlasuoka Pu L.Keivomin a ziek ang khan, a hrietzingna kha library (lekhabu sie khawmna) ang tluk a nih. Amaa inthawk khan Hranchawn hla le pipu hla hlui tam tak le nun rohlu tam tak hriet le inchuk ding a um a, chuonghai chu thangthar mi thiemha’n a tharin la hung ziek pei an tih. Ama hratna leiin hnam a him a, do le ral kara khawm mi pakhat chauh hratna le huoisenna khawmin mipui sang tamin damna an hmu hlak. Saizahawl hratna chu hnam ta dinga thina a ni a, Khuplal hratna ruok chu hnam ta ding damna a ni thung. Pu Khuplal hrietzingnain Tipaimukh bielan football tournament dam an buotsai hlak a. Tipaimukh biel chauh ni lovin Pu Khuplal hrietzingna dingin hnam pumpui khawmin iemani thaw ei bat a nih. Pu Khuplal thatna, a nun innemna, a tlawmngaina le mi dang ta ding an pumpekna hai chu hun phaiphinah a hniekhnung a mi lo maksanpekhai hi zuiin, thiltha thawin ei nun suksip tum veng ei tiu.(Pu Khuplal chanchin hi Thuro, February-March issue, 1986-a insuo tah kha siem danglam meta hung insuo nawk a nih-LD)

About the author: Prof Lal Dena is a historian teaching at Manipur University, Manipur, India. He is a regular contributor to this portal for the last three years.

By James A. Songate, Inpui.com


The following is the population of Dima Hasao District (approx as per 2001 Census):


1. Dimasas: 50,000

2. Nagas: 16,000

3. Hmars: 15,000

4. Kukis: 7,500

5. Biete: 4000

6. Karbis: 2,500

7. Hrangkhawl: 2000

8. Khasis: 2000


(Note: Hmars= Hrangkhawl+Biete i.e., 15000+4000+2000=17,4000)


According to the above population of the Dimasa and non-Dimasa is 50:50.


In the existing district council, there are 27 members of whom 19 members are Dimasas, 3 Nagas, 2 Hmars, 1 Kuki, 1 Khasi and 1 Karbi. This clearly shows that there is undue representation of the Dimasas in the council and no delimitation has been made in the last 50 years. What is of need is to delimit the constituencies under the ADC on the basis of new population figures and changed realities.


“...Let the blind say I can see...”


General Headquarters




Venue: Aizawl, Mizoram

Dated: 15 th October 2011

Tarik 15, October 2011 zing dar 11:00 hin YMA Hall, Chandmari, Aizawl, Mizoram-ah Hmar Students’ Association Executive Council chu Assembly Speaker Pu Zothanglur Sanate inrawina hnuoiah nei a nih a; a hnuoia hai hi relthluk a nih.

Recording Secretary - Lalringum Sanate, Secretary. Assembly Affairs


Agenda 1: 53rd General Assembly

Resolution - HSA 53rd General Assembly chu ruota lo um ta angin December 8-9, 2011 hin Sakawrdai, Mizoram-a nei dingin thuthlukna siem a nih. Hi inkhawmpui ding le inzom hin mawphurna hieng anga insemin Sub- Committee indin tha kan tih.


A. Finance Committee:

Chairman - Pu JC Tlangthansiama, Finance Secretary, GHQ

1. L. Rothanglien Khawbung, AGS, GHQ

2. Lalringum Riengsete, Gen. Secy, Sinlung Hills Jt.Hqrs

3. Lalringum Sanate, Secy, Assembly Affairs

4. James A. Songate, Excise Inspector, Lakhipur

5. Representative from Local Arrangement Committee

Ex-Officio Member: 1. Dr. John Pulamte, President, GHQ

2. Lalthlamuana Hmar, Gen Secy., GHQ


B. Programme Committee:

Chairman: Dr. John Pulamte, President, GHQ 


1. L. Rothanglien Khawbung, AGS, GHQ

2. Lalhriatchhunga, President, Sinling Hill Jt.Hqrs

3. Jerry Lalawmpuia, Member, CEC

4. Local Arrangement Committee

C. Information & Publicity:

Chairman: Lalremruata Varte, Editor , ZoLife 


1. Lalringum Riengsete

2. Darrosanga, Treasurer, Aizawl Jt. Hqrs.


D. Light & Sound:

Chairman: Lalrawngbawla Ralte, President, Aizawl Jt. Hqrs 

Member - Japhet Rochanglien, Edu.Secy, Aizawl Jt. Hqrs

Programme Coordinator - Joseph R Hmar, Vice President, GHQ


E. 53rd General Assembly huna tlangzar hman ngei dingin Annual Magazine-cum-53rd GA SOUVENIR buotsai nisien tha ti a nih a; CEC bawzui dingin kan sie.

F. Joint Headquarters le Branch, 53rd General Assembly Business Session-a dinga thu putlut ding (agenda) neihai chun November 15, 2011 hma ngeiin an Agenda hai General Hqrs annawleh Assembly Secretariat kuta intlun nisien kan tih.

Agenda 2: Hmar Lam le Hla

Resolution: Hmar Lam le Hla, abikin Mizoram sungah ‘uniform’ taka a um theina dinga hma latu dingin a hnuoia hai hi ruot an nih.

Convenor : Lalrawngbawla Ralte, President, HSA Jt. Hqrs Aizawl

Members: Aizawl, Sinlung Hills le Kollasib Joint Headquarters anthok mi 2 (pahni) pei bakah Convenor-in hi thila inhnikmi mi 5 (panga) ruot belsa thei a tih.


Agenda 3: BUONZAWL (the areana), Hmar Inpui-in Office-a hmang dinga a ngenna

Resolution - BUONZAWL (the arena), Hmar Inpui, Gen. Hqrs.-in an office building dinga hmang phalna an hung hnina thu (CEC Resln. 7 of Sept. 17, 2011) hi property thil ani leiin

Assembly a naw rel thei ani naw a; 53rd General Assembly-a Agenda in thangsien tha kan tih.


Agenda 4: HSA General Headquarters Election

Resolution - 53rd General Assembly hi inthlang kum a ni a, Constitution (Article 29) inthlang dan kalhmang dungzuiin election hi nei ning a tih.


Agenda 5: HSA Financial Rules & Management of HSEF & HSA Patron/Life Membership

Resolution - HSA CEC Resolution 3 & 4 of Sept. 17, 2011 (Financial Rules le Management of Hmar Students’ Education Fund le HSA Patron/Life Membership) hi chipchier

takin General Assembly-a rel dingin kan sie.



1. Pu Lalremruata Varte, Editor, ZoLife in 53rd General Assembly Rs. 10,000/- (cheng singkhat) in ami thangpui leiin EC palai hai kan lawm hle.

2. Pu JC Tlangthangsiama, Fin.Secy, GHQ Rs. 10000/- Gen. Assembly a dingin a pek.



(Lalringum Sanate)

Secretary, Assembly Secretary

Hmar Students’ Association

General Headquarters

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