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Bangalore, Oct 1: Mysore tienga inthawka chanchin ei dawng danin vawisun tarik 1, October 2011 6:30pm a Mysore Dasara Festival le inzawm in Hmar Cultural Troupe (Assam) in Mysore Palace ah Fahrel Tawk Lam (Bamboo Dance) an perform ding anih.


Troupe leader dingin JJ Buhril (mob-09954064958) a ni bawk a nih.


Chanchin ei dawng pei danin lam dinghai hi Muolhawi Evergreen Club hminga hnam lam hi suklang ding an ni a, lawm a um takzet a nih.


Bangalore Hmar member hai khawm a thei thei va thang ve dingin an mi hung inhriettir bawk a nih. Chu lei inruolin HSA Bangalore chun ditsakna insangtak an hlan a, tha tak le mawi taka an va perform thei ngei ei nuompui bawk a nih.


Source: Hmararasi.org (For more news on HAS, Bangalore Branch visit the website)

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