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By Ivan Petrov, Guest Writer


Energy is everybody’s concern these days. The main focus is on saving energy for the simple reason that there is energy wastage everywhere though we are not aware of it. One such area is the energy that is being used for heating and cooling houses. Proper management of wastage of energy by installing energy efficient windows there is the possibility to reduce energy bills by 15%. This is going to be a considerable sum during these hard times as most people are concerned on cost cutting. Even the government is encouraging the use of energy efficient windows.


Why use energy efficient windows

Though it went unnoticed during times of cheap energy, things changed for the better as energy prices escalated. When you use windows fitted with conventional glass, a lot of heat comes into the house through the glass panes during the summer making your air conditioner to use up more energy. Also during winter the heat generated through your heating system is lost through the window panes. When you use energy efficient windows you have the ability to control this heat transfer through the windows and reduce your expenditure on both heating and cooling. It is only a case of replacing your old windows with new ones.


How to buy energy efficient windows

When you go to the market place, you have a number of different types of windows certified as energy efficient by the National Fenestration Council. As such, it is not a difficult process for you to select the most efficient window on energy saving. However, you need to choose the windows that are recommended for your region. These windows will carry a label on region also. They are labeled with one of the letters of N, S or C. N is for the northern region, S is for the southern region and C is for the central region. Therefore, if your house is located in the central region you must buy an energy star certified window that has a label of C. When you do so, you will get the best suited energy efficient windows for your house.


Window Frames

When you buy energy efficient windows you need to consider the window frames also. You get them made of wood composites, fiber glass and vinyl. The wood composite windows will pose you maintenance problems. You need to paint them frequently. However, their insulation properties on heat are excellent. Both fiber glass and vinyl window frames are equally good at heat insulation. Also, they need very little maintenance.


Window panes

At the time of purchasing your energy efficient windows you have several options on window panes. Some windows have a single layer of glass while there are others that have two glass panes between which there is space filled with air or an inert gas. These are the best options on heat insulation. If you want still better insulation, you have the possibility of choosing one with three panes also.


Depending on your requirements when you select the most suitable windows for your house, you will have the right aesthetics and at the same time you save your dollars.

Ivan Petrov works for one of the leading 3 layer glasses (in Denmark, where he works, the term is 3 lags ruder) manufacturers in the world - Velfac. The comoany is specialised in the creation of energy efficient windows, which posses optimal heat los protection properties.

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