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Inpui.com Exclusive (Translated from Hmar into English by L.Keivom in 1991 at the request of Dr. Rochunga Pudaite).  Hi hla hi Theology inchukhaiin an sor trangkai hle ni a hriet a ni leiin mipui khawma ei lo sor hle ei beisei. Hmar ei sak anga sak el thei dinga inlet a nih.


Time is drawing near

For me to leave this death’s cursed land,

The home of my life’s journey;

In yonder heav’n, bought by blood,

Adorn in Calvary’s gear,

They will welcome me.

                        Dancing in the wind (2)

                        I will tap and dance,

                        Dancing warrior’s dance;

                        In beautiful Salem’s court,

                        I’ll hung my enemy’s head,

                        And will celebrate and dance forever.

In this wilderness,

I’m now groaning, tired and beaten,

A battle scar all o’er me;

But in angel’s paradise,

Adorn in hero’s banners,

They will welcome me.

E’en though I suffer

Daily carrying my Lord’s command,

My Lord who loves me and all

Heroes who left before me,

Waving the flag of vict’ry,

They will welcome me.

Earthly life I spend

Like a wand’ring homeless riekmaw,

Carrying the curse of my foes,

Despised, condemned, rejected;

But with a crown of vict’ry,

They will welcome me.

Those landless for CHRIST,

Wand’ring in wilderness and hills,

Daily carrying Lord's commands,

Dressed in sheeps’ and goats’ skin rags,

The Saviour and the saved ones

Will welcome them home.

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