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Inpui.com Exclusive (Translated from Hmar into English by L.Keivom in 1991 at the request of Dr. Lal Dena). Hi hla hi Theology inchukhaiin an sor trangkai hle ni a hriet a ni leiin mipui khawma ei lo sor hle ei beisei. Hmar ei sak anga sak el thei dinga inlet a nih.




Mangthra, mangthra, inthrena,

Mangthra, mangthra, damtakin aw (2)


Goodbye, goodbye, we depart,

Goodbye, goodbye, may God bless you (2)


Ieng tin ngai ve che maw khawvel hi,

Lungril lenruol hlimten ei lengna;

Sam ang threna maw a lo ni,

Ngai thiem an tak ngei ie.


Do you ever think of this world,

Where we live joyfully with dear friends?

It’s a land where we bid farewell,

Oh, it’s hard to behold.


Sam ang inthrena hmasuonin maw,

Hmangai lungdit hlimten ei lo leng;

Chawnban vawra ei hlim lai ni,

Hunin tuo rem nawk sien.


We share happy days with our dear ones,

Waiting a day when we say goodbye;

How I wish time will bring back again,

The happy days gone by.


Ei mamaw ngei- varna, hrietthiemna:

Hnuoi hi threna ram a lo ni si !

Chatuon ram ei va ngai ngei aw,

Angelhai lengna chu.


We need a heart of understanding

To know this world- a land of farewells;

Oh, how I long for eternity,

Angel’s heavenly home.

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