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Mizo Idol Top 3By SLR Mawii


Thinking that my favourite Mizo reality show was to shortlist the Top 3 contestants on Tuesday night, I skipped office and was watching the online streaming of the show. Everything went smoothly and as expected the Top 3 contestants were selected through the audience poll.


The Top 3 were:-

  1. Lalthuthaa
  2. Lalengvari Sinate, and
  3. Judith

I love them all and they deserved to be there.


However, the judges play spoilsport soon after. Thinking that they need to take the role of ‘Jesus Christ’ and so they save Biakmuana, who was actually eliminated. I have nothing against the singer, but when it comes to fair fights, the best men and women should be accepted as the final verdict.


My only fear now is, we’re in for another show wherein emotions take over quality. I’ll not be surprise if the judges decide there will be two or even three winners of Mizo Idol 2011.

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  1. Very true, most of all, why  would one of the judges on stage spreaded the rumors about the one who was in the 3rd... Judge who extends rumors by one out of thousand viewers deserved to be thrown out of the Show....!!!


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