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By James A. Songate, Inpui.com


The following is the population of Dima Hasao District (approx as per 2001 Census):


1. Dimasas: 50,000

2. Nagas: 16,000

3. Hmars: 15,000

4. Kukis: 7,500

5. Biete: 4000

6. Karbis: 2,500

7. Hrangkhawl: 2000

8. Khasis: 2000


(Note: Hmars= Hrangkhawl+Biete i.e., 15000+4000+2000=17,4000)


According to the above population of the Dimasa and non-Dimasa is 50:50.


In the existing district council, there are 27 members of whom 19 members are Dimasas, 3 Nagas, 2 Hmars, 1 Kuki, 1 Khasi and 1 Karbi. This clearly shows that there is undue representation of the Dimasas in the council and no delimitation has been made in the last 50 years. What is of need is to delimit the constituencies under the ADC on the basis of new population figures and changed realities.


“...Let the blind say I can see...”

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