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Election hi 15.11.2011 Hotel Sudakshina Conference Hall, Silchar  a nei ani a.. Pu Lalringum Sanate, Assembly Secretary in a hmangpui.

President: Lalramsan Hmar
V. President: Rolungmuon Inbuon
Gen. Secy: Joseph Joute
Asst Secy: George Vanlaldua Khawjawl
Finance Secy: Lalengzam Pudaite
Treasurer: Lalruotmawi

Departmental Secretaries:-

Education Secy: Evan Buhril
Information Secy: Henry
Games & Sport: Meshak
Social & Cultural: Abraham Beisei Neingaite.
Public Relation: Lienminthang Vaiphei
Advisers: Pu Chawnghmunlur Varte, Pu S.K Khobung, Pu Sumlamrawn, Pu Lalthlirlien Darngawn
Auditor: Pi Laltuozing Hmar

Date: Friday, December 9, 2011 at 9:00am until Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 11:30pm


Venue: Sakawrdai,Mizoram


Hmar Students’ Association, established in 1939 is one of the oldest tribe-based student organisations of Northeast India. It has its headquarter in Rengkai, Churachandpur, Manipur and Joint Headquarters in Aizawl, Kolasib and Sinlung Hills in Mizoram, Halflong, Barak Valley and Guwahati in Assam, Shillong in Meghalaya as well as Delhi. Besides that, it also have Branches in Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore and Silchar.
The main area of activity of the organisation is students’ welfare as well as other community related issues except election related political issue.

The Program

Though the organisation is now 72 years old, the proposed General Assembly will be the 53rd of its kind and the 2nd time the state of Mizoram will host. A minimum 1500 delegates both within and outside Mizoram are expected to attend the 3 days programme. Ruonglevaisuo (Tipaimukh), the confluence of river Tuivai and Tuiruong (Barak) is located some 15 kilometers away from Sakawrdai village. This particular spot has great significance for Unau-Suopui tribes that includes Kom, Koireng, Chiru, Aimol, Chothe tribes of Manipur, Bawm, Darlong, Hrangkhol, Sakechep tribes of Assam and Meghlalaya as history proves that these tribes separated from its other some 400 years ago to live in the area of their present settlement. For these tribes, Ruonglevaisuo has so much significance and is many times compared as Ganga is to the Hindus and Thames to the French. To come and be a part of this function will definitely be once in a life time opportunity for them.

Sakawrdai – the venue

Sakawrdai is a Sub- Divisional Headquarter of Mizoram and the Headquarters of Sinlung Hills Development Council. The village is some 6 hours drive from Aizawl on National Highway No. 153 except some 6 kilometers. The village has a household of 600 in number. Besides the office of the SDO, Police Station manned by SDPO, PWD under Junior Engineer and Community Health Centre is in the village. A well maintained Guest House under Tourism Department and Circuit House under GAD of Mizoram state is also in Sakawrdai.

Saikot: A memorandum demanding the upgradation of Saikot TD Block into a full fledged Sub-Division has been submitted to Manipur Chief Minister Ibobi Singh.


The Joint Action Committee comprising Saikot Sub-Division demand Committee, (SSDDC) and Saikot T.D Block Village Authority Welfare Association (SVAWA) said the block which has a population of 19256 and 39 villages  should also enjoy the benefits of better governance through this demand.


“Our fervent request to you is that the Government of Manipur (GoM) should re-examine the genuine case of Saikot T.D Block with sincerity and for the interest of all and in the greater interest of the people of Saikot T.D Block. We earnestly pray and trust that you will look into our grievances favourably and to reconsider our case and take immediate action to upgrade Saikot T.D Block into Sub-Divisional Status (SDO) for the larger interest of the people of Saikot T. D Block and for the end of justice,” the JAC said in a press statement.





The Chief Minister,

Government of Manipur, Imphal,

Subject: - A request for Upgradation of Saikot T.D. Block to the level of SDO circle.

Hon’ble Sir,

We, the undersigned, on behalf of the inhabitants of Saikot T. D. Block, Churachandpur, Manipur and on behalf of the Saikot Sub-Division demand Committee, (SSDDC) and Saikot T.D Block Village Authority Welfare Association (SVAWA) under the umbrella organisation called the Saikot Sub-Division Demand Joint Action Committee (JAC), while deeply appreciating your good government’s decision concerning the creation of Saikot T.D Block along with Sangaikot and Tuibuong T.D Blocks eight years ago, have the honour to bring to you our grievances and displeasures for your consideration and early redressal relating to Saikot T.D Block as follows:

1. That, as per the Cabinet meeting held on October 29, 2011, the Government of Manipur (GoM) had taken a cabinet decision to upgrade some TD Blocks such as Tuibuong T.D Block and Sangaikot T.D Blocks to the Status of Sub-Division (SDO) circles in Churachandpur District. These upgraded T.D Blocks were created along with Saikot TD Block by Order No. 15/11/2003-DEV(P), dated Imphal, the 24th December, 2003 of the Governor of Manipur (Annexure-I). Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our comprehension, Saikot TD Block has been left out in the process of upgradation, for which we are deeply shocked and disturbed. We feel that Saikot TD Block has been shown step-motherly treatment even though Saikot TD Block by all accounts is the most deserving Block worthy of elevation to SDO circle.

2. That, While waiting patiently for many years for your government’s positive measures to improve the functioning of the Saikot T.D Block at par with the other T.D Blocks created along with Saikot T.D Block, the Government of Manipur (GoM), applying the spirit of nepotism inequitably left out Saikot T.D Block in the recent elevation and upgradation of its counterpart T.D Blocks such as Tuibuong and Sangaikot Blocks in to the status of Sub-Division level (SDO). And that, we consider this kind of step-motherly treatment given to the people of Saikot T.D Block unjustifiable and we feel that the Government of Manipur (GoM) is promoting the policis of exclusion to the people of Saikot T.D Block. The people of Saikot T.D Block have seriously heard the message of the Government of Manipur (GoM) that we are being denied Justice: economic, social and political.

3. That, Saikot T.D Block has a population of 19256 consisting of 3222 households and with 39 villages (Annexure-II & III) is a strategic location with some important Government Offices and institutions such as Primary Health Centre, Nursing Training Centre, Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Government High Schools, fairly developed State Highway (Sugnu Road) and Public transports, post offices with speed post and Saving Account facilities. Saikot T.D Block is also agriculturally a self-sustained economy with many other added advantages because of its strategic location and inner strength. We are fully confident that, if objectively assessed, Saikot TD Block will meet the requirements for elevating TD Block to SDO circle.

Our fervent request to you is that the Government of Manipur (GoM) should re-examine the genuine case of Saikot T.D Block with sincerity and for the interest of all and in the greater interest of the people of Saikot T.D Block. We earnestly pray and trust that you will look into our grievances favourably and to reconsider our case and take immediate action to upgrade Saikot T.D Block into Sub-Divisional Status (SDO) for the larger interest of the people of Saikot T. D Block and for the end of justice.

Thanking you in anticipation,


(Timothy Z. Zote), Chairman,

(R. Lalkaisanga), Secretary,


Saikot Sub-Division Demand Joint Action Committee (JAC).

Copy to:-

1. Pu T. N. Haokip, Honourable Minister, I & PR, Tourism, PHED, Govt. Of Manipur.

2. Pu Phungzathang Tonsing, Hon’ble Minister, Power, Hort. & Soil conservation, science & technology, Manipur

3. Shri. Deben Singh, Hon’ble Minister, Revenue/Forest & Environment/Law & LA, Govt. Of Manipur

4. Shri. Ph. Parijat Singh, Hon’ble Minister, Agriculture/CADA/Labour & Employment

5. Shri. Md. Alauddin Khan, Hon’ble Minister, RD & PR/Printing and Stationary

6. Shri D.S Poonia, I.A.S, Chief Secretary, confidential & Chairman, Committee on Re-Organisation of Administration and Police Boundary, Govt. Of Manipur.

7. Pu P.C Lawmkunga, IAS, Addl. Chief Secretary, ( Election/R.D & P.R), Govt. of Manipur

8. Shri S. Sundertal Singh, IAS, Commissioner, Revenue/MHUD, Govt. of Manipur

9. Shri. Langkhanpau Guite, Chairman, ADC, Churachandpur

10. Smt. Jacintha Lazarus, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Churachandpur District, Tuibuong.

Watch and listen to every words spoken in this video (taken in early 2010)… In Patpuihmun village, there seems to be no Independent Church of India (ICI) or it could be just the opposite -- there are only ‘pure ICI’ (ICI Tuipawllo) members in the village who had decided to stay away from the celebrations!


For more videos of Hmar? Gospel Centenary, visit http://hmargospelcentenary.blogspot.com

Date: 20th November 2011
Venue: Kothanur.
Time: 10 am to 5 pm


1. Volleyball match (Papui v/s Tlangval inelna)
2. Bible games-1 (Calvin Bible College & Seminary)
3. Bible games-2 (SAIACS)
4. LUNCH TIME: 1:00 pm
5. Gift exchange( Pu. Lalhuolhim & Pi. Rody)
6. Group Photo session
7. Quiz- BHCF Inthuoidan bu (Nelson Songate)
8. Advent Christmas wishes & message (Pas. Robert Vanlallien)
1. Thlai sungtu/ Fatu ding hai ( Tv. Rama Hmar le Tv. Joseph Darngawn)
2. Bel le thuomhnaw hawtu ding hai (Pu. Nelson Doungel & Pu. Nelson Songate)
3. Music/PA system incharge (Tv. Joseph Joute & Abraham Selate)
* Gift hih Rs 50 le Rs 100 man inkar vel chawi ding,Rs 100 man neka tam chuh phut a ni nawh.
A hmun hrelo hai le thil indawn chieng nuom hai chun BHCF Secretary indawn thei zing anih.

- Nelson Songate (BHCF Secretary)
Contact:- 08971239330 / 080-41432291

Lalthankunga Hmar


Aizawl. November 12: Zani 11.11.11 khan HSA MIZORAM chun SILVER JUBILEE CUM CULTURAL MEET Vanapa Hall Aizawl ah ropuitakin an hmang.


Hi huna khuollien Pu J Chawngtinthanga, Parliamentary Secretary (MOS Rank) chun Hmar tawng indak hlawkin thalai abiktakin inchuklai hai infuina thu thatak tak anei a. Khawvel thiemna tienga hma a sawn ang peia hma ei sawn a tul thu le a degree el khela thiemna taktak ei nei a tul le a pawimaw zie a hril bawk. Hi huna hin inchuklai pawl MZP, MSU le hnampuol inchuklai pawl LAI, MARA, SSPP haiin an hung tawiawm bawk anih.


Cultural programme ah HSA MIZORAM Unit hrang hrang a inthawkin Hmar lam mawi taktak inentir anih a, Mara le SSPP a inthawkin hnam lam inentir a ni bawk. Hlasak thiem taktak haiin hla in fe khawm hai an inawi a, ei Idol Lalengvari Sinate bakah pistol puokruk Laltuoklien ngei khawm a che nasa a mipui a sukhlim hle. Lai students aiawin hla pahnih mawi tak tak ngaithlak ani bawk.


Hi programme a hin Aizawl khawpui a ei Hmar officer le ei mithiem hai an fe kim hle a, mipui khawm Vanapa Hall bitin an fe khawm a, a ropuiin lawm a um takzet. Tuchena Hmar le inzawma programme huoihawt taah chun hi programme hi a changkang in ala hlawling pawl tak anih. Amiruokchu mipui lai 1/2 vel mawi rak lova khek pawl ei la um hi chu bansan chu ei tul ta takzet anih

By Pu Zarzolien Keivom

Roreltu indik lal chun ram a suknghet a,
Thamna ngainatu ruok chun a suksiet hlak.

-Thuvarhai 29:4

Mihriem hin mani nina inhriet chieng intak ei ti em em. Ei suolna le vervekna dam, ei pasietzie le mi lungsietum ei nizie dam ku hi thil hriet fuk intak laia pakhat chu a ni ve awm. Mani neka mi dang thra lema ngai theina lungril pai thei ngat lem hi chu eini lai hin vangkhat te ning ei tih. Hril nikhuoa ruok chun mani neka mi dang thra lema ngai thei deu vong ni mei bok ei tih. Ei thlatu Adam le Evi ei puo chieng khopin an lang. Pathienin Adam kuomah, “Fak der lo dinga thu ka pek che thing ra kha i fak am a ni?” a hang ti dèk dêk a, ama Adam hlak chu an sie kieng hieu a, “Nangin ka umpui ding nuhmei i mi pek renga an nawm” tiin, Pathien chu mawrsie inphur tum ni awm fahranin, “Ama nu khan thing ra ku kha a mi pek a, ka fâk el a ni kha the!” a ti dai el a nih.


Evi tieng nghaa, “Anleh ieng thil top am an ta leh i lo thaw el ta chu!” a hang ti nawk leh ama chun hniek phawi der loin, a thil suol thaw chu mi dang lebunin, “Rulin a mi dawha a,, ka fak a nih” a ti nawk hlau a, suol thawtu ni chu an nuom bik der nawh. Khawvela roreltuhaiin thiemnaw an inchangtir leia lung ina intang po pohai khom ku hin an thiem thu hril ding an tlasam bik chuong nawh.


A langa Pathien ringtu ni chu awlsam ei ti a, a thu awia zawm ruok chu ei pei tawl naw khop el niin an lang. A malsawmna ei dit hlur a, malsawm tlaka mani sina taima le ringum ruok chu ei tam naw hlein a’n lang bok. Pathien hring ringtua insâl ve bok si, mani suolna le tlaknawna hmu fu thei der lo mi chu hausain pasie sien, mi lungsietum a ni tho tho. Mani suolna le vervekna hmu fu thei loa mi danghai suolna le vervekna chauh ei hmu sung phot chun insung, khawtlang le hnamin inrem tik nei thei ngai naw ni a, pawl thar le parti thar dang dang la pieng sa pei a ta, a mihriem el chauh ni loin ei del chin chin ram khom ram lungsietumah la’n chang pei a tih.


Ei pasietzie le mi lungsietum ei ni hmel khom hi ei hriet fuk nuom bar naw khom ni sien a hoi thei khop el chu tie! Ei Pathien thu hrilhai khom a’n ril, mi dang neka hre lem le inthûk lemah ei inngai tlang deu fur ni khomin a’n lang bok. Politik tieng panga lem chu khaw kilkhawra khom pa taptomhai hlei hlei ku hi hril nikhuoa chu ei inril lem khom a hoi. Taksa le thlaraua ei pasietzie le lungsiet ei umzie ruok hi chu ei inhriet naw tlangpui a, ngaituo khom ei ngaituo nuom naw ni deu takin a’n lang. Baua ram hmangaitu ei tam, baua Pathien ram hmangaitu khom ei tam, a taka hmangaitu ruok chu vartrien arasi ang elin ei lan khât phar niin an lang.


Ei sum le pai ngainat dan khom ku hi mak tak chu niin an lang, Bethesda dil kama a tui phul ding nghâka sun le zana damnaw tang fur el hai khom ku kha ei hoi. A danglam bik hrim ei um nawh. Ei rengin sum hi chu ei du taluo seng niin an lang. Ei ramah inthlang a um chang hlak hin fak fawm zongin a khing a khingah ei tlan kalang a, ei ai awtu ding thlang ding ei nih ti hrim ngaituo nuom loin mi fel le thra nekin ei tram-bar ding mi pe rawn thei thei kuomah ei vote ei zor nawk hlak. Ei mi thlang tlinghai hlak chun an sum sêng hmu kir nawkna ding ngaituoa indap lo thei lo a na, kong tinrengah ei ai an aw hne nawk taluo hlak si leiin ei ram khom a changkang ding angin changkang muol a dâk tak tak thei ta naw ni takin a’n lang. Ei ram le ei hnam ku hi Vaihai le Meiteihai hung sukchereu an le, nang le kei, a sunga chenghai thabona le depdena lei ku hin ram lungsietumah ei inchangtir lem a nih. Ti bik ding a chuong a liem ei um nawh. Rukruin rukru bok a man chun tun am ro rel a ta? Ei ram ei hnam lai hin thruoitu felin lalna changa ei hung intuoi thar nawk theina dingin ei Kristien nina hi hmang trangkai dingin ei ram lungsietum te hin dawlai siktui angin nang le kei a mi nghak a nih.


Ei ram hi dimokresia inthruoi ei ni leiin kohran le khawtlangah mi felin lalna an chang theina ding chun khawtlang mipui hi a bulthrut ei nih ti hi hre tlatin ei piengvo hi sum le pai mei meiin zor lo dingin fimkhur ei tiu. Mi felin lalna an changna rama chun fak le dawn a hnienginhnar a, inchukna in le damdawi in hai a thra a, lampui le leilak hai a thra bok a, sakhuona khom a phuisuiin a ngielnghet hlak a, chu rama chenghai chu an nghet a, ram puo tieng mihai chen lung dumtu an hung ni hlak. Chuong ang rama chun mihriem khom an pung a, sorkar ngaisak khom an hung hlaw deu deu a, iengkimah hma an hung sawn hlak a nih. Europe ram ei ngaisangna san khom ieng dang an le, a rama chenghai an ringumin an taima a, mi felin rorelna an kengkaw a, fak le dawnah an hnienghnar a, sum le pai an hau bok lei chau an nawm. An ram del khu ei ram neka a thrat bik lei khom a ni chuong nawh, Israel ram lek lem khu chu lungkawhrot deu vong a nih.


Ram le hnam hmasawnna ding chun ringumna le taimakna hi a bulthrut poimaw tak a na, chuong ang mizie nei theina ding chun Pathien thua intran a ngai a nih. Lalpa chu Pathiena nei hnam, a rochungtua a thlanghai chu hnam hamthra an nizie khom Sam 33:12 ah ei hmuh. Eini khom Europe ramhai anga ringumna le taimakna ei kengkaw hun hunah ei ram ei hnam hung par vul a ta, mi inhnar le lungdumtu hung ni veng ei ta, ei kawl le kienga umhai tading khoma bel tlak le innghatna tlak ei hung ni ve el ding a nih. Chuong ang ngirhmuna mi hlangkai ding chun a ram sunga cheng nang le kei a trang nema inbeia a par tlantu ngei hi mawphurtu ei nih ti hrein a nêl a vai thrangharin taimakna le ringumnain inthuom seng ei tiu!


Roreltu indik lal chun ram a suknghet a, thamna ngainatu ruok chun a suksiet hlak ti hi mi tin lungrilah inriektir dingin thrahnem ngai takin eiin fiel tak zet a nih.


KEIVOM RUN(Greater NOIDA), 11 November 2011.

Inpui.com Exclusive. Hi hla hi Theology inchukhaiin an sor trangkai hle ni a hriet a ni leiin mipui khawma ei lo sor hle ei beisei. Hmar ei sak anga sak el thei dinga inlet a nih.


-Rev. Thangngur

Heavenly sunshine has dawned on my darkened life:

Walking now with peace in my soul,

My sorrows turned into joyfulness

As I overcame my Father’s chastening trial.


Pielral nisa ka lungrilah a hung var tah:

Ka thla muongleia kal chawiin,

Ka rinumuna lawmnan a hung par’

Pa thununna ka tuor muolsuo zovin.


            Facing my Father’s chastening trial,

Day in and day out I bathed in woeful fears,

Never did I know how much he loved me.


Pa thununna ka tuor laiin,

Lungriem mitthli’n aw a min sil ni tinin,

Ka hriet thiem ngai nawh, ka Pa hmangaina.


No longer am I base-born and untutored child:

I’m now the child born of King’s blood;

Why should I serve Evil ever again

Except my Lord’s work of everlasting gain.


Thununna hlaw lo khawlai nau hi chu kan nawh:

Kan siengna Lal thisen a nih,

Suol rong bawlin inhmang ka ti maw,

Chatuona hlun ding ka Lal sin naw chu.


I’ve now no place nor home in City of Mansoul:

Carrying the despised cross of Christ

Would I leave behind Mansoul City

To gain a better place in New Salem.


Mansoul Khawpuia hin hmun le ram ka nei nawh:

Ka Lal Krista an hmusitna,

Phurin khaw kawl tieng feng ka ti ie,

Salem tharah khin hmun la chang de ning.


Never had I been happy to live for my own:

The moment I answered Christ’s call

And sacrificed on Isaac’s altar,

Streams of blessings and joys flowed mingled down.


Ka ta dinga ka hring laiin ka lawm ngai nawh:

Ka Lal Krista kona anga

Isak maichama ka inhlan chun,

Malsawmna tuikhur lawmnan a hung luong.


O Jesus, don’t let me forget that I am Thine:

Enliven me with Thy own life,

As I am passing through life’s desert,

Let my every step move by Thy own will.


I ta ka ni min nghiltir naw ka Lal Isu,

I hringnain min hringitr la,

Damlai thlalera kan zin sung hin,

Ka kalchawi tin hi I thu ni raw se.


(February 15,1979 Nairobi, Kenya. Translated by L.Keivom at the request of Dr. Rochunga Pudaite for his film ‘Beyond the Next Mountain’).

Inpui.com Exclusive (Translated from Hmar into English by L.Keivom in 1991 at the request of Dr. Lal Dena). Hi hla hi Theology inchukhaiin an sor trangkai hle ni a hriet a ni leiin mipui khawma ei lo sor hle ei beisei. Hmar ei sak anga sak el thei dinga inlet a nih.


(Lalkhum Keivom, Kuokluong)


          1. Our dear Hmar Ram, rolling verdant hills,

            Abode of Hmar people;

            For thy good name and glory,

            We all tirelessly strive and struggle:

            Reward us with thy bloom.

                        O God, we give our land to Thee,

                        Our backward land now in darkness;

                        Let thy bright light shine over us,

                        And bless us, O Lord, we pray.

         2. Cachar, Haflong, Aizawl, Manipur-

            Let us stand united

            And strive to bring together

            Our poor scattered tribe and march forward;

            Lord, we seek thy wisdom.


        3.  Let's take what's best from other nations,

            Shunning their baneful ways;

            Let's stand firm and united,

            With no one slacking or falling back,

            Onward marching we go.


        4. This is our land, evergreen and blue,

            The land we sing about,

            The song of all our praises,

            Where our forefathers ruled in glory;

            Our land, our treasured jewel.


By Rev. H.P Runremthang, January 2, 2011. JMBC, Chennai.


Nisienlakhawm, Lalpa chu Josef kuomah a um peia, a chungah za a ngaia, intangna in vengtu khawm an lunginsiettira” (Gen.39:21).

Bible-a Pathien mi ei ihmuhai hi Lalpa iumpuihai vawng an ni a. “Chun David chu a hung ropui deu deu a, sipaihai LALPA chu a kuomah a um a” ti a nih (1Chro.11:9). Mosie kuoma khawm Pathienin “Hi ka umpuina hin zuipei a ti che” a ti bawk a (Ex.33:14). Amiruokchu,a hril dan le a thu fe dan (context) a dang seng a nih. David chu a hung ropui deu deu na san chu- LALPA a kuomah a um lei a nih ti ei hriet thei a. Chun, Mosie chu Pathienin Israelhai an thuoitir a ni lei khan khawlai hmuna khawm “Ka umpui pei ding che a nih” a tina a nih. Josefa chungchang hrilna a ruok hin chu “Niseinlakhawm” tiin a tana, “Lalpa a kuomah a umpui pei a” tiin a sunzawm a. Hitaka “umpui” ti chau ni lo, “pei a” ti kher kher hin ka ditna a suk zuol. “Niseinlakhawm” ti hin Josefa ngirhmun a huolhim a, “pei a” ti hin a thlathlam nawzie a suklang a nih.


Sielmata inthawka Hmarveng Pastor quarter ruok hluo dinga kan insawn ding tawm khan a chunga ei Bible chang tarlang khin ka lungril a sun tlata; hmun thenkhat khata lem chun ka hril ta nghe nghe a. Tuta Hmarvenga inthawka Chennai ka pan hnung khawm hin a takin a hung inlang pei bawka. Pathien zar chauin Delhi-a chun hapta hni beiruol ka lo hmang ve tah a. India simtieng ruok chu ka vawikhat fena ding chau a la nih. Amiruokchu Pathien thatnain a min huol vel dan hi ka hril seng naw a nih. Hmel hriet tasa le la hriet ngailohai chen khawm a mi lunginsiettu ding Pathienin a mi lo ruotpek vawng a; a va ropui de!


Ka hril suol chu ka ring nawh a. Bible-a mimal chanchin rau raua chun Josefa chanchin hi ei hriet lar pawltak a ni ka ring. Naupang Sunde sikula ding khawmin subject dinga thlang hlaw pawl tak niin ka hriet. Kei khawm naupang sunde sikula inthawka ka lo hriet tah, vawisun hun chena ka la theinghil theilo le, ka la dit deu deu chu a nih. Bible thiemhai chun Josef hin Isu Krista a hung inentir a nih an tih. A chanchin ei hriet popo hril vawng chuong nawng ei ta. Tuta ei thupui le inhme ding awm po zuk thlang suok lem inla.


Josefa lampui hraw hi mihriem ngaia chun ‘Lalpa’n a umpui pei a nih’ hang ti chi a ni ta nawh. Chuong ta nek chun ‘Lalpa’n a maksan tah, chavai vel’ niawm tak a nih. An thlak danglam nasa em em a. A pa kuomah inhawi takin a um a, a pain a duot em em a, zakuofuol mawi takel a siempek a. Chu zo chun a uhai kuomah a fe anleh sukhlum an lo tum nawk a. Khurah an thlak a, an keidawk nawk a; Ismaelhai kuomah an zawr a. Chu zo chun Potifarin an chawk a, lal naupa ang elin a um nawk a. Sienkhawm sawtnawteah lunginah a um nawk nghal a! Mihriem ngaia chun ‘a fena hi a lan dik pei a nih’ ti ngaina a um ta nawh a, Lalpa’n a maksan tah niawm tak a nih. Chulei tak chu ning a tih “nisienlakhawm” tia hilai chang a hang bultan kher hi. Mi iring a hlaw ta awm naw em an nawm !


Bible-ah an zieka ei ngai ei suktha mei meia a na; ei venghai amanih, ei tuolbawmhai amanih ni sien chu Josef hi ‘Lalpa’n a iuksak taklo tlangval’ angin ngai ngei ngei ei tih. A ni si naw chun- a pa kuoma a um laia zakuofuol mawi deu el a hak lai le, Potifar insunga lal nau ang ela a umlai khan chu ‘Lalpa’n a umpui a nih’ ting ei ta. Khur sunga a um lai dam, a zakuo an hlippek lai dam le, lungin sunga a um laihai dam khan chu ‘Lalpa’n a maksan an tah’ ti nawk ngei ei tih. Eini rawi inkhi dana chun malsawmna ei dawng deu anleh Lalpa’n a mi umpui niin ei inhriet a; harsatna’n a mi tlakbuok deu anleh Lalpa’n a mi maksan tah niin ei ngai nawk rawp hlak a nih. Chuong ang bawkin eini chun ei nau duot deuhai chu malsawmnain ei vur deu hlak reng bawka. Amiruokchu, Lalpa’n a nau duotlai a enkawl dan chu a dang a; ‘ra’ dinga a enkawl dan lem chu a dang zuol a nih. Lalpa’n a hmangai taphawt chu a thunun hlak a, nau a ilawm taphawt chu a vuok hlak a nih (Heb. 12:7). Chun ra dinga a ienkawl lem chu a dan a dang nawk a; a tanbawng a, a ra tam nawk zuolna dingin a sawkbawng hlak a nih (John 15:2).


A mak ti ro maw! Ei pa ha’n an mi vuok lai chun “a mi hmangai a nih” ti thei um naw mei ni. A ni hrima, “Tuor lai chun lawmumin an lang ngai nawh a, tuor hnung ruok chun, chutaka sawizawia umhai ta ding chun ‘felna ra’ thlamuongum tak a’n suopek hlak a nih” ti ei Bible-in a mi hril hrim a nih (Heb. 12: 11). Chu dungzui pei chun Josef hi Lalpa’n a hmangai leia a thunun el a ni nawh a; ra dinga a beisei leiin a tanbawnga, a sawkbawng a nih. Hi ngirhmun hi a tuor muolsuo hnungin ra thlamuongum tak an suo hrim a. Chuleiin,“Josef chu kau ra nuom tak a nih a, tuikhur kawla kau ra nuom tak chu” ti a hung ni tah a nih (Gen. 49: 22). Chuonga Lalpa’n a nau a enkawl lai chu khawvel mita hang thlir chun “Lalpa’n a maksan” niawm takin ei lo thlir hlak a. Chuong ang ngirhmuna a um lai tak chun an nawm “Nisienlakhawm, Lalpa chu Josef kuomah a um peia” ti thu hi ziek a ni chu!


Ei thil suk suol leia harsatna chi tum tum hung tlung hi chu a hrietthiem an hawi a; chuong khawm ni lo, ei thei ang tawka indik le ringuma rawng ei bawl laia harsatna’n a mi hung tlakbuok ta hin chu an tak ie maw! Ei sir an pel vang vang hlak a nih.


Hi article ziektu ngei khawm hi ka va buoi hlak de aw! Unau, nang khawm I lo buoi chang a va tam ve awm de aw ka ti a nih. Ei hriselna a hung tha a, ei sinthawna dam a hung hlawtling a, ei ring nawna tieng tienga inthawkin malsawmna a hung tlung a, mihaiin ei phu loin an mi hang inpak dam ei hang hriet lem hin chu- Lalpa hin a mi umpui hlie hlie hin ei hriet a; chu chau khawm ni loin, ei inkuopui tut tut ni hin ei hriet hlak a nih. Sienkhawm, hriselna a hung tla hnuoia, ei sinthawna tieng tieng ei hung hlawsama, malsawmnain a mi tinsan a, ruol le paihai takngiel khawma an mi tinsana, chu chau ni loin, ei kuom tienga thang hlak nia ei ngaihai hlei hlei khan an mi hang dem zui nawk lem chun chu a harsa ti ro maw. Chu lampui ei hraw lai chun an nawm “Lalpa’n a mi umpui a nih” ti an tak chu! Lungrila khawm hla sak ding a vang an tah.


Sienkhawm hi hla hi a la um ta rawp a nih-“Rinum thlemna ka tuor laiin, Hlingin ka ke an huol vel lai; Lungril taka ka ngaituoin, Lalpa I mi ngaituo” ti hi. Hi hla hin a mi sukthar hlak a nih. “Lungril taka ka ngaituoin” ti lai tak hi a nih ka dit zuol chu. Harsatna thlipuiin a mi nuoi lai hin chu ei kuoma Lalpa a um le um naw hrietna ding chun “Lungril taka ngaituo” a lo tul a nih.


Josefa lampui khawm kha lungril takin hang ngaiotuo kir nawk inla- Lalpa chu a kuomah a lo um pei hrim a nih. “En ta u, mang neipa a hung saw, thaw ro, that ei ta, khur pakhatah thlak ei tiu khai” tia a unauhaiin that an tum lai khawm khan Lalpa’n a umpui a. “A that chu that em nawng ei tiu” tiin Reubenin a lo hum zing an nawm (Gen.37:21). Chu khelah, khur, tui um nawna hmuna an thlak lai khawm khan a thuoi suoktu dingin Lalpa’n Median sumdawnghai a lo hung tir nawk hlau a nih (Gen.37:25). Chu chau khawm chu an nawh, Potifarin lungina a khum khawm khan a ruk takin Lalpa’n a umpui zing a; intangna in vengtu khawm a lunginsiettu dingin a lo ruot nawk pei a nih (Gen.39:21). Lungril taka hang ngaituo chun- Lalpa’n a lo umpui zing an nawm e. Lalpa’n a maksan ni lem loin- Mi lien, mi lalhai chau hi a mi thangpuitu an ni nawh a, chawkidarhai khawm hi a mi thangpuitu an ni thei nih ti a hrietna ding le, Aigupta ram ropui taka lal ni ding chun Jail vengtu khawm inruolpui a tul a nih ti a hriet theina ding dam le, Lal ina chau Lalpa a um nuom an nawh a, Lungina khawm a um nuom vawng a nih ti a hriet theina dinga Lungin a lo zu lut a lo ni lem zing an nawm! A pa ina a um lai, zakawfuol mawi takel a hak lai chau khan Lalpa’n a umpui an nawh a; khur sunga khawm, suknawmnatna hmuna khawm, lal ina le Jaila hai khawm Lalpa’n a umpui zing a lo nih. A va ropui de aw!


Inchuktirhaiin Lawng sunga thlipui an tuok lai khawm khan Isu a lo chuong ve zing an nawm! Sienkhawm Lawng hnungtieng a lo ina a ni kha!. Chuong ang bawkin eini khawm ei ibeisei phaklo harsatna chi tum tumin a mi nuoi lai khawm hin, lungril taka ei hang ngaituo chun Lawng hnungtieng Lalpa a lo um zing hlak a nih ti hi theinghil nawng ei tiu. Lungril taka ei hang ngaituo chun- Josef chau a lo umpui an nawh a, malsawmna hmuna le beidawngna hmuna khawm a mi lo umpui zing a lo nih a. Chulei chun an nawm “Lungngaina le lawmna hmunah hmangaina ka hmuh” tia ei lam der der el theina san chu! A va ropui de aw!


“Harsatna” ti thu ziektuin “Harsatna hi Utawk anga hmelsie ni sien la khawm, ei hang bi chieng chun lunghlu an lo pai nal hlak a nih” a lo ti a, an dik takzet el. Ei Hla kungpui Pu Buonga’n “Rinumna khelah malsawmna” a lo ti kha an dik zing laiin, ei hang ngaituo chieng lem chun- ‘Rinumna khelah’ ni loin ‘Rinumna hmunah malsawmna’ a lo ni zing lem an nawm ie!


Thlasik khawdei vanglai takin Shillong le Lumshnong inkarah zan ril lai lam kan hmanga. Chuonglai chun vai naupang chite, ber deu el hin a mi lo lunginsiet em em a. Ama chu inhlawfa a na. A zalna hmun thanaw deuah a mi thuoi a, a puon min siltir a tum a, sienkhawm ka nuom nawh a. Chuong nek chun tiin- a nak lum kan nghai a, ka pa ang hlawlin ka kuo tut tut el a nih. Kha thil tlung kha ngaituo chet chet lo chun- iengtiziea crusade a fe ding ni si, kha ang harsatna kha ka tuok am a na tia lunghnuol thei a na. Lungril taka ka hang ngaituo ruok chun- inhlawfa, mi rimsihai khawm hmusit ding an ni nawh a, a mi thangpuitu an ni thei vawng a nih ti ka hriet theina ding dam, harsatna hmuna khawm Lalpa a lo umpei a nih ti le, crusade hlawtling takel (ra tha takel) kan suo theina dinga Lalpa lo buotsai a lo ni zing a nih.


“Josef chu a tar tieng nau a ni leiin a pain a nauhai po po nekin a hmangai lem a” ti a nih (Gen. 37: 3). Nisienlakhawm, a unau danghai po po nekin a lam hraw a rinum tak a, harsatna thlipuiin a nuoi rawn tak. Ieng dang lei an nawh a, Pathienin ‘ra’ ding enkawla a enkawl lei a nih. A lampui rinum hle sien khawm a suk-a tungin Lalpa’n a umpui zing a nih. Chuong ang bawkin eini khawm (nau hmasa Judahai le hrilkhi chun) tar tieng nauhai ei nih a; Dan hnuoiah leng ta loin lunginsietna hnuoiah ei leng a, a mi hmangai bik a nih. Chun, ‘ra’ dinga a mi thlanghai ei ni bawk a nih (Jh.15:16). Chuleiin ei lampui hi a dang chang a um ding a ni hrim a nih. Josefa angin a changin khur sungah min mi thlak an ta, a changin lal inah umin inpak hlawng ei ta; chuonglai zingin, a chang chun ei unauhai le ei rawngbawlpuihai ngei khawma an mi zawr chang a um bawk ding a nih. A changin malsawmnain mi tinsan a ta, a chang lem chun ruol-le-paihai chau ni lo, Ui-le-Ar takngiel khawma an mi tinsan chang a um hlak. Lalpa’n ‘ra’ dinga a mi enkawlna lampuia hin thil tha ei thaw leiin malsawmna po po la lut thei chuong naw mei ni. Thlaraua sipin Peterin thu a hril a, mi tamtakin an suol an sim a; chuonglai zing chun, thlaraua sip bawkin Stephanin thu a hril khan, suol sim nekin deng hlum a hlaw ta lem a ni kha. Niseinlakhawm, Lalpa a kuomah a la um pei leiin a dengtuhai ta dingin a la tawngtai a ni kha! Chan that le chan siet hi lampui indik le indik naw inkhina dinginin hmang tlak a ni nawh. Ei chan a tha khawm a, a se khawm a, ei kuomah Lalpa a um ngei a nih ti hriet hi a pawimaw tak a nih.

“Ram lien takah lal ni inla khawm, suol thunun ei ni si chun ieng am thahnem a ta? Chuonglai zingin ‘Khurkhurum, tui um nawna hmunah mi pei lut hai sien khawm, ei kuomah Lalpa a um zing phawt chun iengtin am tui dawn ding tlasam hlak ei ta maw! A mi thuoi suoktu dingin Midian sumdawnghai a hung tir nawk el ding an nawm!


Chuleiin unau dittakhai, harsatna thlipuiin a mi nuoi chang khawma beidawng el nawng ei tiu. Ei rinum tuor lai tak khawma lungril taka ei hang ngaituo chun, Lawng hnungtieng khan Lalpa a lo um zing hlak a nih. A changin mihaiin khur sungah mi thlak hlak sien khawm, Lalpa ei kuomah a um phawt chun, khura mi thlaktuhai ngei ku kha a mi thuoi suok nawktu an ni hlak a nih. Hla phuoktuin, “Lungngaina rama inrumna hi, Ei Lalpa hmaa lawmna hla ding” a lo ti angin. Josef-a rinum tuorna po po chu a lawmna hlaah an chang a; a suknawmnatuhai khan chibai an buk ta lem a ni kha! Ieng dang lei an nawh a, a kuomah Lalpa a umpei lei a nih! Chuleiin, harsatna le rinumna kara Lalpa mi umpuina hi hrethiem thei dingin lungril takin ngaituo hlak ei tiu. Len deu, ropui deu angin inlang naw ni a; sienkhawm tlangchar tuihnar angin an thiengin an hnik bik ding a nih. Harsatna kara Krista hmel chu- ‘Sum dum kara Nisa var’ ang a na, an thiengin a mawi bik a nih.

“Lungngaina hungin, fe hmang sien, Nun inhawiin, rinum sien khawm; Hi ka hrietin ka lung a muong, Lalpa I mi ngaituo.”

By Pu L.Keivom, Inpui.com columnist


Kristian hla saa nasa taka Zoram khawvel rûntu lâr tak minu pahnih an awm a. Heng arsi êng tak pahnihte hi Zoram khawvel vanzawlah kum 80 dawn lai danah an lo lang a, an inchhang bung dan hi khât tak a ni. Mizoram pawna mi ve ve an nih bakah, mak tak maiin, Watkin Roberts (Saptlangvala) din kohhrana mi ve ve, chhul khat kual rial an ni. A hmasa hi Chalrûma leh Rothluaii te fanu Darrokâmi,[1]* ‘Kâmi’ tiha an koh, kum 1904-05 vela Khawchhete (tuna Samtlang)-a piang, kum ruk vel a niha Kristiana inpe, kum 1913-a Sakhan tlâng, Tripuraa khaw pakhat Tlângsânga pêm leh seilian, kum 1920-23 laia zaia rawngbawltu hmingthang a ni. A pakhat zawk chu Rengkai khua, Churachandpur, Manipur-a September 8, 1980-a piang leh seilian, Lalruotmawii, kum 2003-2006 laia zaia Zoram khawvel rûntu ropui a ni. Isuan kum thum rawng a bawl ang deuh khan, anni pahnih làr hun vanglai pawh hi kum thum ve ve niin a lang.


Hemi thu hi September 6, 2006-a Pastor Jacob Rodawla enkawl Mizo Presbyterian Church, Gaithersburg, Maryland (USA) a Lalruotmawiin rawng a bawl zan ka sawi a. Chumi thu chu New York Diary-5 ah hetiang hian ka ziak bawk a:

“A kârlakah thu tawi sawina hun an siam a, kei pawh sawi ve tura min sawm avangin ka sawi ve a. Ka hmaa thu sawitu, Mizo Christian Fellowship President Pu Sangliana chuan Lalruotmawiin Zoram khawvel a rùn nasatzia leh ani tluka hla lama mi rilru hneh theih hi kum za danah pawh an chhuak lo mai thei tih a sawi a. Chu chu chhunzawmin, kum sawmriat lai liam taa Watkin Roberts (Saptlangvala) hoa ramthim an nawr laia an hman tangkai, aw rangkachak neih, Tripura Sakhan tlanga Râlte nula Kâmi chanchin tawite ka sawi a. Kâmi hi Watkin Roberts leh a thawhpui H. K. Dohnuna leh a hnua rawn puitu Edwin Rowlands (Zosapthara) leh an hoten inkhawmpui pawimawh apianga hla lama rawngbawltu atana an hruai thin a ni. Kâmi makna chu, eng anga rilru sak leh luhlul pawh a zài an ngaihthlak hunah an rilru a khawih a, mittuiin a sil a, an tap mai thin a ni. Pi leh pute nuna an inzirtir pakhat chu, eng anga nâ pawh ni se mipa chu tap ngai loh tur leh nâ tih hmel put loh tur tih a ni tawp mai. Tap chu naupang leh hmeichhe thawmhnawa ngaih a ni.


“Chumi khawvel paukhauh tak le pä tak, a aw nêm mawia vaw chimtu chu Kâmi a ni. Patling, intipachang tak tak pawh a aw nêm fawna a han velh tah ruai ruai mai chu, kan khawvela thil la awm ngai loh a nih avangin mak an ti êm êm a; mak pawh a mak rêng lah taka! A velh taptu chu Kâmi awrawl, atom bomb aia chak zawka chantirtu leh hmangtu chu a ni tih kan chhuahtlang hluia chengte chuan an la hre ngai si lo. Kâmi zai chuan mi rilru Pathian lamah a hawitir a, ringlote hîp nana hmanraw pawimawh tak a ni. Chutiang deuh chuan, zanina a zai kan ngaihthlak nin loh, Lalruotmawi hi kan ‘Second Kâmi’ chu a ni e, tiin thu ka khàr a.” (New York Diary, September 6, 2006)


Inkhawm bàn chuan, “Tunge Kâmi chu?” tiin min zawt sap sap a. A ni rêng lah tak a, ram pilrila ngaih Tripuraa cheng, kohhran nawlpuia mi pawh ni bawk loh tan chuan mi hriat hlawh nih chu thil har tak a ni rêng ang. Kei ngei pawhin Zoram Khawvel 5 & 6-a Edwin Rowlands (Zosapthara) chanchin leh Watkin Roberts leh a hote rawngbawlna chanchin ziak tura ka inpuahchah hma chuan Kâmi hi tu nge tih ka lo la hre ngai rêng rêng lo. Mahse, Pathianin a rawngbawltu mi rinawmte zinga mite hriat reng hlawh tura a duhte chu, kum tam an hming a reh hnu pawhin a rawn pho chhuak leh mai thin niin a lang. Chu chu Kâmi dinhmun luah pawh niin a lang. Lehkhabua a hming chuanna ka hmuh theih zawng chu a pil bo hnu kum 80, Zoram Khawvel 5 & 6 chhuah hnua mi vek a ni. Lehlamah chuan, hming thang duh êm êm, an dam laia theihtawp chhuaha mahni infak leh inchawimawia ramtangte pawh, Engkim Lalpa duh dan a nih loh chuan, an thih rualin an ral hlen mai a ni. Chu chu khuarèl kan tih hi a ni mahna. Nawhchizuar Rahabi phei chu khuarêl avangin Isua thlahtute hming chuannaah thleng hmun a luah tlat asin!


Sakhan Tlâng

British-ho rikawtah chuan Mizoram chhunga awm tlâng ni si, mahse Tripuraa tlâng sâng bera an sawi (1097 m) ni tawh bawk si, Kawrvai Hindu hoin an pathian Shiva hming nen thlun zawm phêt an tum avanga ‘Betlingshiv’ tiha an ziak, batling thing tamna a nih avanga Zotawnga ‘Batlingchhip’ kan tih thinah hian Tripura sawrkarin khawthlir (look out tower) a siam a. Chuta tanga thlang lam i thlir chuan chhim leh hmar hawi zawnga inkham phei Sakhan tlâng dung, zai thiam hmingthang Kâmi te tual lenna thin, lal tawrawt leh nunrawnga thang Sibuta’n sial anga Darlalpuii a chhun avanga a nuin,

Sakhan tlâng khi lam ang ka en,

Ka tuai Darngovi sial ang a tlûkna

tiha a chham, a tâna tlâng râpawm, kum zabi 18-na lai atang tawha Zofate tlâng leh khawzawl lo ni tawh thin, kum 1997 laia Mizorama Riang (Tuikuk) chengten harsatna an tawh avang leh chumi buaina siperin a kan kai zêl avanga Zofa chengten an chhuahsan tak, mi rama chang ta si chu, i hmu ang a. Damhauhvan ‘Pipu sulhnu hnam tin lung lai kuaitu’ a tih ang khan Sakhan tlâng phei chuan lung a kuaiin a tileng vawng vawng a. Chumi rual chuan he tlâng hi kumkhuain kan chân hlen tawh dawn tih ngaihtuahnain mi rawn dêng a, thin-hnûn a thîp veng veng a, kan indawm kun ngawih ngawih mai a ni. Sibuta tawrawtna avanga a nghawng kan tuar zêl a nih erawh chuan le, engnge kan sawi tak ang!


Sakhan tlâng tlâk lam luite hi chi lui deuh vek, chi an tenna thin, chi khurte chu ramsaten an tlan thin avanga sa chànna atâna khàn tha a ni a, chumi avanga ‘Sakhan’ tih hming hi pu ta pawh a ni mahna. Rei tak he tlâng hi an rial hnuin 1908 khan an luah thar leh a, 1910 phei kha chuan lal pathumin khaw hrang hrang an awp hman leh tawh a ni. He tlângah hian Dârrokâmi chu a rawn seilian a. A hmaa kan sawi tâk ang khan, kum 6 mi a nihin an chhungkuain Kristian sakhuaah an inpe a, Kristian chhungkua atanga seilian a ni. Kum 1913-ah Sakhan tlânga khaw pakhat Tlângsâng-ah an pêm a (Jampui Tlângah pawh Kristian khua Tlangsang a awm a, chumi nena ngaih fin lo a tha). Chung lai chuan Kâmi chu Sakhan tlâng dunga nula tleirawl Kristian awm chhun a ni. To pawh a to nangiang ang.


1919 Harhna leh zaia rawngbawlna

Harhna tum thumna, kum 1919-a lo thleng khan Jampui leh Sakhan tlângte pawh a dêng pha ve a. Ni khat chu Kâmi chu amah chauhin thingphurah a kal a. A thing phur tur paikawngah a thawm fel hnuin a rilruah Pathian hla a lo lang a, a sà a, zanriah chhum hun thlengin a lâm a lâm ta mai a. A than rei êm avangin a nu chuan tlangval nen an awm avanga lo haw tlaiah a ngai a, a lo hau a. Thil awmzia a hrilh pawh chuan a awih chuang lo. Tichuan, eirawng bawl pahin hla a han sà leh a, a lâm a lâm leh ta mai a. Chutah zet zawng a nu chuan a hmaa a sawi kha a pawm ve ta a ni. Harhna changa Thlarau Thianghlim pawlna a dawn atang hian a zaithiamna talen chu a rawn inlâr chhuak a, Zoram khawvel a dêng ta a ni.


Heng hun lai hian, 1917 atanga intanin Watkin Roberts (Saptlangvala) phun Thado-Kuki Pioneer Mission (TKPM), kum 1923 atanga North East India General Mission (NEIGM) hming pu ta chuan Jampui tlângah rawngbawlna a tan a, Kristiante awmna tura Raja Hrangvunga Sailo khaw din Tlângsâng-ah hmun khuarin, Superintendent hna thawk turin chung laia Aizawl mi hausa bera sawi H.K.Dohnuna chu a chhuk thla a. Hemi hmun atang hian Rengpui Ram (Tripura) te, Satikang (Chittagong Hills Tract) te leh Arakan ram thleng bawh èn tumin nasa takin hma an tawn a, ram pawh an la chak hle. TKPM hi Mizoram pawna Zoram kohhran hrin hmasak ber a nih avangin a tira thawktu tam tak chu Mizoram Presbyterian leh Baptist kohhran atanga lo kal an ni. Chutiang chuan an bial pawn Manipur, Tripura, Chittagong Hills Tract, Arakan Hills leh Chin Hills-a cheng Zo hnahthlakte zingah, Mizoram Presbyterian leh Baptist kohhran chuan TKPM hmingin, a ram mi leh sate nen thukhat vuahin, rawng an bawl tlang a, Zo leh Zo inbitum an ni bawk a, an thawk chak hle. Khawvel histawri-a rawngbawlna hlawhtling chanchin an sawi apiangin hemi bung leh châng hi bung leh châng chhuanawm leh zahawm berte zinga mi a ni fo ang. Chumi rawngbawlnaa hmun pawimawh tak luahtu zinga pakhat chu Kâmi a ni.


Jampui Tlângsângah

Heng hun laia tirhkoh hmingthang, hmun tina chhawr hlawh êm êm leh Pathianin nasa taka a hman pakhat chu thu sawi thiam leh zai thiam Tirhkoh Liangkhaia a ni a. 1920 kum bul khan Manipur Senvona awm TKPM Field Superintendent R.Dala chuan thusawiah a sawm a, khaw hrang hrangah riakin thu a sawi a, a khaw tlawh apiangah awmni khamin a khawnawtin an lo hmuak a. Aizawl-a a lo kir leh hnu, a kum leh March 21-24, 1921 chuan Jampui Tlângsângah TKPM inkhawmpui a awm a, Superintendent H.K.Dohnuna chuan Tirhkoh Liangkhaia leh mi dang engemaw zat a sawm a, Tirkoh Chhawna, hla phuah thiam leh thlarau mi, a hnua zawlnei lâr pakhata sawi pawh a kal ve a. Mizorama misawnari hmingthang ber Edwin Rowlands (Zosapthara), TKPM rawngbawlnaa inhmang tawh zawk pawhin inkhawmpui hi a rawn chhim nghe nghe a. Hemi inkhawmpui hi Kâmi hming chherna leh Zo histawri-ah hmun a luah tanna chu a ni.


Chung lai chuan Mizoram leh Jampui tlâng inkal pawhna kawng a la mumal lo a, sapa vaha tlang dung te, lui dung te, saitluang te zawha kal mawp a ni mai a. Hah thi kûlin Zirtawp ni tla suar suarah Tirhkoh Liangkhaia leh a kalpuite chuan Tlângsâng an thleng a. Liangkhaia chuan a mi hmuh duh ber zinga mi, Kâmi a lo kal leh kal loh a zawt nghal a. A lo kal loh tum a nih thu an hrilh rualin a ko peih an awm leh awm lo an han inzawt dêk dêk a. Tlangval tlawmngai Berraia chuan, “Keimah ka kal ang e” tiin a tho a, kal turin meichher a buatsaih nghal chûk chûk a. Zan kalin tlangval tlawmngai dangte nen Kâmi chu an zuk hruai ta a ni.


Hetah hian sawi dan inang lo a awm a. ‘Raja Hrangvunga Sailo’ (2002) tih lehkhabu ziaktu Rualchhinga chuan Kâmi chu Inrinni inkhawm rorel lai Tlângsâng lo thleng leh chumi zana zai chu niin a sawi a (71-72). ‘Liangkhaia Lungphun’ (2000) buatsaihtu Dr. Laltluangliana Khiangte chuan, Tlângsânga inkhawmpui tumtiak Thawhtan chhunah Hrangvunga Sailo khaw dang Phuldungsei-a lo thleng niin a sawi thung a. A sawi zêl dan chuan, Tlângsâng atangin Superintendent H.K. Dohnuna te, Zosapthara (Edwin Rowlands) te, Pastor Zabiaka te, Tirhkoh Liangkhaia leh Chhawna te leh inkhawmpuia lo kal mi dang thenkhat chu Phuldungsei-ah an phei a. Chumi zan inkhawmah chuan a ni Kâmi a malzai zawk (p. 196-199). A tawp lama ka dah, he inkhawmpuia tel ve ngei Zosapthara ziak ‘The Girl Singer of Tripura’-a a sawi dan leh sawi dan hnuhnung hi a inmil zawk a ang hle.


Tlângsângah emaw, Phuldungsei-ah emaw, a khawi zawk zawk pawh ni se, zan inkhawmah chuan Kâmi chu pulpit atanga malzai turin an sawm a. Biak in, chu pawh chu pulpit tlang atanga Zonu malzai kan hriat hmasak ber, Zosapthara sawi dan chuan kum 13-14 vêl chauha upa Kâmi chu phûr takin pulpit-ah a kai chhoh ta teu teu mai a. Pulpita thu, thu leh hlaa mi chung en Zosapthara (Edwin Rowlands) leh Liangkhaia hmaah chuan a han ding a, “Eng hla nge ka sak ang?” a ti a. Sawi dan pakhatah chuan, mi pakhatin, “ ‘Kalvaria hnehna ropui chu’ tih kha le”[2] a lo ti a. Pakhat leh chuan, : “A tawi mang e, a sak tui hlauh chuan” a lo ti a. Kâmi chuan, “A tui tâk leh a bul hla hek lo” a ti vei reuh a ni awm e. Zâm lo tak a ni. Edwin Rowlands sawi dan chuan, Pastor Zabiaka’n hla a tanpui a, chu chu a sa ta a ni.


Dr. Laltluangliana ziak hian chhunzawm ila: “Hla chu a han sa taa le, chang khat a sak chuan a la tui tak tak lo deuh va, chang 2-naah chuan a tui tan ta a, a lâm ta de de mai a, a vaipuan vâr lukhum chuan a mittui a hru zêl a, a bân lehlam kha mipui chungah a vai a, ‘Tlang zawng zawng aiin Kalvari a ropui zawk êm êm a ni’ a han tih zawng te chuan amah Liangkhaia ngei chuan, ‘Kan lo mûr ur ur hlawm mai a, a en ngam rêng an awm lo va, an kaikun fur mai a, hmeichhe lam phei chu an uk tluah hlawm mai a, Sapthara (Rev. Edwin Rowlands meuh pawh chu a kun reng mai’ a ti hial a ni.” (p198).


Amah Liangkhaia ngei pawhin hetiang hian a ziak: “Inkhawm bànah chuan kan thleninah kan zai khawm dawn a, an upate chuan, ‘Kami, i pu kiangah khan thu rawh khai, inngaia in lo chhuak ta lailenga’ an han ti a, thu awi fe mai chuan a lo kal a, ka kiangah chuan a lo thu chat mai a. Kan han zäi chuan a piaha hmeichhe dang pakhat chu amah aiin a zäi ring zawk mah a, a zài chu ka hre thei mang lo va, hla pakhat chu tui mang lovin kan sa zo ta mai a. Kâmi hla duh zawng an han thlang a, kan han sa chu, a sa tui taa le, a tho phat a, a lam leh ta deh deh mai a. A lukhum khan a mittui a hru zêl a, a ban kha mipui chungah a vai a; chhuat lai dungah a vei tawn chhen ta mai a. A en ngam rêng kan awm lo, kan kun nghuai mai a. A zai mawizia ka tehkhin dan ber chu, lipui zau takah, tiau lungphek tha ver vawra lailen tui pal an han ti a, a pal phei zet zet a, a ti zing telh telh a, a zuih ral raih thin ang hi a ni ber mai, a zai thiam dan chu. A aw mawi dan chu umme-in an um vang vang a, a mè dawn têp lai ang mai a ni, chu chu ti tak meuhvin mittui tla zawih zawih chungin a han bei thin a ni a, a zai mawizia leh a urhsunzia khan mi a hneh lo thei lo a ni,” tiin.


Phuldungsei atang hian TKPM hmunpui Tlângsângah Superintendent H.K.Dohnuna hoin an phei leh a, Kâmi pawhin a zui phei a, Rev. Dohnunan vawk sum nga a talh a, an châm a, ni lênga inkawmin an zai khawm a. A tûkah kham lo takin an inthen darh ta a ni.


Pathian thil rèl dan

Kâmi chanchin ziahna ka hmuh theih apiang atanga a lan dan chuan, hemi inkhawmpui hi rawngbawlna lama Zoram khawvel hriat khawpa hming a chher tanna a ni. Hla phuahtuin,

Pathian thil rel dan chu,

A va mak êm!

Hriat phak rual loh a ni

a tih angin, Pathianin mi a chawimawi duhte tana kawng a buatsaihsak dan hi a makin sawi fiah ngaihna pawh a awm lo a ni ber. A zai thiamzia hrepuitu atan leh a chanchin ziaktu atana a rawn hruai khawmte kha mi namai an ni lo. Khang hun lai leh tun thlenga thu leh hla lama mingo misawnari kan chhuanvawr ber, a misawnaripuiten tluk lo rim nama an dah, kan kristian hlabu-a tun thlenga mimal kut chhuak ngah ber la ni reng, Leonardo da Vinci te ang deuhthawa mi famkim (complete man) tiha sawi phû ve, thil thiam ngah êm êm, Edwin Rowlands chu a lo lang ve tlat asin! ‘The Girl Singer of Tripura’ tih a ziakte hi kum 1990-a USA-a kan zin tuma Rev. Rochunga Pudaite in, Wheaton (Illinois) atanga ka zuk hai chhuah ngat a ni! Khang hun laia Tirhkoh lâr ber, solfa le zai thiama hmingthang bawk Liangkhaia pawh a chanchin rikawttu tur leh a hnu zêla a rawngbawlnaa kut pawimawha din chhuak turin Jampui tlangah Remruattu chuan a tîr mai a ni. Chumi kawng lo sialtu atan chuan kum 1917 khan Aizawla hausa bera sawi, mi thiam leh fing H.K.Dohnuna chu Jampui tlangah a tîr thla a, a hnuaia thawk Pastor Zabiaka te nen inkhawmpui pawimawh apianga zaia rawng bawl tura Kami hruai thintu an ni. Hetiang hi thil awm palh (accidental) ni loin awm tura duhtu remruata tla a ni duh zawk.


Hemi thil nena inzawm tlat, sawi hmaih chi loh pakhat chu: Zoram khawvel tana Saptlangvala rawngbawlna hlutzia leh pawimawhzia a ni. Khami hma kha chuan Zo hnahthlakte khawvela kohhran chanchin an ziak changin Saptlangvala leh a hote rawngbawlna hnuhma hian hmun a chang ve lo tluk a ni a, a chan ve châng pawhin a kahpah chauha sawi telh a ni thin. Mahse, harsatna leh dodalna tam tak kara an rawngbawlna chuan ram hrang hranga cheng Zofate min suihkhawmzia leh he kohhran hi hmanga ramthim an tawn nasatzia hretu chu Pathian a ni a. Rawngbawl an tanna Manipur simthang bial chuan February 5, 2010 khan Gospel Zabili (Centenary) an thleng a, kum tluanin ropui takin hmun hrang hrangah an hmang a. Jampui Tlangah pawh Gospel Zabili chu November 25, 2011 hian an hmang ve dawn a ni. Hmun dangah pawh an rawngbawlna hnuhma awmna apiangah, a thlen hun zirin, an la hmang zel dawn. Chumi hunah chuan, Engkim Lalpain mite hriat reng atana a duh, an sulhnu kalsante chu, tu hriat hlawh loh pawh lo ni se, a hun takah a rawn pho lang zel dawn a ni. Kâmi chanchin kan sawi pawh hi chumi bawma tla chu a ni.


Lunglei Zotlângah

Kâmi hming Mizorama a làr hmasakna ber chu kum 1921 October 12-16 chhunga Lunglei-Zotlanga Zoram Baptist Inkhawmpui (Presbytery) ah a ni. He inkhawmpuiah hian Tripura, Satikang (Chittagong Hills Tract) leh Arakan thleng bialtu, TKPM Superintendent H.K.Dohnuna leh a thawhpuite chu an sawm a. Dohnuna chuan Kâmi a rawn hruai bawk a. Kum 1907-a a duh thu pawh ni loa Mizoram chhuahsan tak, Zofate thinlunga nung reng leh an ngaih êm êm Zosapthara (Edwin Rowlands) pawhin he inkhawmpui hi a tawp lamah a rawn chhim hman a, Mizoram a chhuahsan hnu, kum 14 hnuah 1921 khan Lunglei vawi hnih a tlawh a, he inkhawmpui hi a vawi hnih kalna a ni. Rohmingliana, a hnua Lunglei atanga Manipur TKPM Field Superintendent R. Dala thlaktu tura Manipura tirh, khang hun laia Saptlangvala hote rawngbawlna chanchin ziaka hnutchhiah hnem ber zinga mi pawh he inkhawmpuiah hian a tel a, Zotlang inkhawmpui chanchin leh zaia Kâmi rawngbawlna chanchin kimchang taka ziaka TKPM chanchinbu Thado-Kookie Kristian[3] (Nov-Dec, 1921) a chhuahtu a ni.


Rohmingliana ripawt hi a ngaihnawm hle a. A vai chuan a sei lutuk dawn avangin, Kâmi rawngbawlna chanchin lam chauh lo ngaithla ila: “…Pu Dohnuna thu sawi leh Kâmi zaiin mi tam tak min tilawm a, engtikah mah theihnghilha mawi kan ni lo ve. Kan Chhim Biala kan Lalpa min fakpui tura ni 15 lai thanga an lo kal leh an nula leh an tlangvalten an theihtawpa Pathian min han chawimawipui hi kan lawmzia kan sawi chhuak zo lo ve. October 15 zan chu chhinchhiah reng tlâk a ni. Chumi zan chu Kâmi zài zàn a ni a, amah hi Mizo hmeichhe zinga Pathian fak tura mahni chauhva zai ngam hmasa ber a la ni. Chumi zan chuan Inkhawmpuia kal zawng zawng tih theih tur hi Biak Inah chuan kan kim vek awm e. Pawn lamah, bangah te kan bet thep thuap mai. Tha ti ngiang ngiang an awm, ‘Ka rin ang chiah a ni’ ti an awm, ‘Ka rin aiin a tha zawk’ ti an awm! Thenkhatin, ‘Kan Mizo hmeichhiate mahni chauhva an han zai ngam ta chu a va lawmawm em!’ tia Pathian faka lawmthu hril an awm, kan beng a tlai ngei.


“Kan nghahhlel ang ngeiin min tilawm a ni. Kâmi aw hi (kim tawi takin sawi ila), ‘A tha’ tih ngawt loh chu fakna dang a awm lo ve. Rengpui nula dangte pawh hi an zai a tha êm êm a ni. Mahse, Kâmi zai zawng a danglamna a awm a, a nêm a, ngaihthlak a nuam bik a ni. Kan Lalpain amah chawimawi nan leh kan Mizo hmeichhiate fuih nan a lo thlang a ni ang tih hi a rinawm hliah hliah mai. Tin, a thlangtu duh ang takin ani pawhin heti chena hlaah pawh a rawn kalpui peih a, a thil tih theih hlu ber chu mipui hmaah Zotlâng Biak Inah a rawn ti a, tun thlengin chu hla chu a pui a pangin vêng tinah an la aupui a, a la lâr reng mai. Hla No. 555 leh hla thar ‘Aw, hmangaihna khawvêl èntu’ tih hi a ni…”


Inkhawmpui lungchhiatthlakah

Tuiruang kam, Jiribam Sub-Division, Manipur-ah khaw te tak tè Jakrador a awm a, kum 1921 lai khan kristian 35 an awm a, a bul lawk Bekara khuaah kristian 85 an awm bawk a. Anni khaw hnih tangrualin January 12-15, 1922 khan TKPM Inkhawmpui (Presbytery) an thleng a. Vanduaithlak takin, kalkawngah an hotu ber R. Dala, Field Superintendent chu tuihriin a thi a, a ruang chu January 11 tlai-ah Jakrador an rawn thlenpui a, a zan a zanin an vui liam a, Zofate zinga misawnari puitlinga Mizoram pawna pèn chhuak hmasa ber chu kan chân ta a ni.


Hemi inkhawmpui hmang tur hian Cachar lam atangin Saptlangvala leh a nupui leh an fanu Ruthi te, Zosapthara (Edwin Rowlands) leh mingo misawnari pahnih dang nen, Tripura atangin Rev. H.K.Dohnuna leh a palai rawn hruai mi 20 leh Sakhan nula zai thiam Kâmi te an lo thleng a. An hruaitu ber Dala a thih avanga note hruai lai arpui, mu-in a lak avanga a note an chi-ai anga khawhar leh lungchhe vankaia awmte chu Kâmi zai chuan tiharhin nasa takin a hnèm a, inkhawmpuia kal zawng zawng sawi leh hriat zui a hlawh takzet a ni. Hemi inkhawmpui hi inkhawmpui liana Sakhan Lelte a kiu thu rikawta awm kan hriat hnuhnun ber a ni mai awm e.


Thu khàrna

A kum leh 1923 chuan Kâmi chu an khaw tlangval Saithankhuma (Pangkaia tiha koh lar) nen an innei a. Kum hnih chhung Tuikuk (Bru/Riang) ho zingah tirhkoh niin rawng an bawl a. An chhangchhiat tak deuh hnu chuan an bansan a, Sakhan Tlangsangah rawngbawltute thian tha leh tanpuitu ni zui zelin an khawsa a, fapa panga leh fanu pakhat an hring a. An fapa pahnih chu kohhran upaa thlan an ni a, pakhat phei chuan Tripura Baptist kohhranah a penson thlengin rawng a bawl a ni. Upat lamah a fate nen Mizoram Tuidamah an pêm a, December 22, 1990 khan kumkhuaa inhmatawna a Lalpa faka kiu zui zêl turin kum 86 lai a chamna lei ram chu Sakhan Lelte, Zoram khawvela kan soloist hmasa ber chuan a lo chhuahsan ta a ni.


A sulhnu chhuia Tuidama zin, August 14/15, 2011-a a thlàn hmun ngei kea raptu leh a fapa upa ber Thangzaua leh a tu leh fate kawmtu J.D.Mawia, Vanghmun, Jampui Hills thu ziak hian a hmawr bawk ila, Kâmi kha zai thiam mai ni lo, theihna tam taka Siamtuin a thuam a lo nihzia a sawi fiah ber awm e:


“Amah hi zaithiam a nih bâkah, mi inngaitlawm, zaidam leh hawihhawm, mite biangbiak thiam, khual chhia khual thate lo chhawntu ber a ni a; ziak leh chhiar pawh lo thiam tawh a ni bawk. Tin, talent dang pawh Pathianin a pek belh zel a, nau chhar a thiamzia hi sawi tling a ni: a kut dam taka naupai lai pum a han zut zai zai hian mipa tur leh hmeichhia tur a sawi sual ngai meuh lo niin an sawi thin. Nau 200 chuang hlawhtling takin a chhar a, a kutah nau chunga luvawm hlauh sawi tur an hre ngai lo. Tin, a chil hmanga zutdam theihna talent kawltir a ni bawk a, tha nâ, kâwng nâ leh khamnat neiten an pan awl lova; a kuphahah chilfim a chhak huh zeuh hmanga a han zût chuan an dam mai thin a ni. Puantah leh ze-thlante a thiam êm êm a, Mizo puan mawi tak tak a tah hnem hle bawk.”


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( Delhi, September 6, 2011)


Thu Belh:

The Girl Singer of Tripura

By Rev. Edwin Rowlands


Sometime ago Mr. D. Lloyd George remarked that the song of the nightingale is never heard in Wales and that there is not the need for its song, that it would be a superfluity because there is such a wealth of the nightingale song amongst the people. This cannot yet be said about the Lushai Hills. There is choral singing amongst the natives which is pleasant to their ear and sweet to listen to. There are no nightingales amongst them thus far, and we must look forward to the future for that. But here and there in Lushai land and the adjoining countries you will find an occasional singer who many at home in Wales would give much to hear. The subject of the present article, Kami is one of those. The present article refers to a time when I heard her sing a little while ago.


Kami was a girl of about 13 or 14 years of age when I heard her sing. She had a sweet and very deep voice for a girl of her age. It was sympathetic and had a tear in it. Her home is in the Tripura State, and she is a member of one of the churches under the North East India General Mission. But the work is much the same as is carried on in the adjoining country of Lushai, the language is the same, the same hymn books are used, and the little Kami was considered to belong to everybody, and everybody was proud of her. She belongs to a clan known as Ralte, and that clan has a dialect of its own, but Lushai is principally spoken amongst all these clans. It is said amongst these people that the Raltes are more talkative than the others, and it is quite easy for a stranger to believe this for there appears to be much more sound in a vicinity where they live, than elsewhere. But Kami is a quiet, loving, simple little girl, and deeply spiritual.


Whilst mentioning the fact that she belongs to the Ralte clan I might mention a tradition which is rather interesting amongst them. There are not many of them, and it is said that the reason is because of their talkativeness. According to the tradition they are supposed to have appeared from a great hole in the earth. On this hole there was a large stone, but it was raised that they might come out. During this ‘exodus’, they made such a tremendous noise that an order was given to replace the stone at once, as it was thought that such a great crowd had already come out. Even to this day this talkativeness amongst the Ralte clan is being associated with that tradition.


This is one of the keenest of the clans amongst the Lushai tribes. But to revert to Kami, the sweet singer from the heart of the jungle, she was expected to sing at the annual gathering where a distinguished preacher from the Lushai land had been invited to preach. He and others were very anxious to hear her sing, but because of sickness or something of that nature, she failed to appear.


This preacher was invited and pressed to take services in another large village some miles away, and he took two services at that place. As this village was nearer to Kami’s home, she was sent for again, and was able to be present.


It was on the second night that I heard her sing. Their little chapel was crowded. It was a building of some dimensions, built of bamboo. It was built the first time without being very large, and shortly afterward had to be enlarged. And then again they had to enlarge it, and still a third time I understand they had to enlarge it. This night it was full, with many standing outside at the windows and doors.


The text from which this preacher, who was one of the two preaching that evening, spoke was “But we have the mind of Christ.” Kami sang during the service. The little girl with a splendid voice and the deep spirituality came forward. She was asked to stand in the pulpit. Everybody was watching and waiting for her. On the right were the leaders and the elders, and opposite on the left were the women and the children. They had a great treat. And what did Kami sing? She also has her favorites. This is what she sang: a translation of a Welsh hymn conveying the message that a victory was accomplished and the hill of Calvary, which is somewhat as follows:[4]


This is what she sang with her melting voice and hearts were melting ‘in response’ as they listened. One could see the tears streaming down the cheeks of one here and one there, much against their will, probably. They love to hear and to sing of Calvary, Christ and the Blood.


As I have said before, Kami has her favorites, but if I remember aright it was at the suggestion of the Superintendent that she sang of this Calvary victory, after a dialogue something like this:

“What shall I sing, Grandfather?” (This is a term of respect similar to sir, only that it has more warmth and nearness.) When asking this question she turned towards the left from the pulpit, probably thinking specifically of Pastor Zabiaka.

“Which Grandfather,” said the Superintendent, “you have so many of them here?”


But the Pastor went forward towards the young singer. He started the hymn, and sang one or two scores with her. Unfortunately, he struck it rather low, but little Kami went through it most effectively, and not without repeating the refrain. As a result of the numerous revivals which have swept through these countries it has now become a custom to repeat and repeat and repeat the refrains. Little Kami had a most natural gesture, and held up her arm in a way that appealed to us all with great effectiveness. She was singing to the Christians at that time.


On the street the following morning she again sang. This time for the non-Christians. That morning they sat in the centre of the street- I refer now to two or three old veterans who were still clinging to their heathen religion and its customs and, possibly, were even rejoicing in that fact. Kami was prevailed upon to come and sing for them.


Generally speaking, these tribes are very undemonstrative when it comes to matters of the heart and family life, and yet in the question of the religion of Christ they have become most demonstrative. For example, after the father of a home might have been away for sometime he would come home and would be received by the wife without any attention whatsoever. I heard a remark about this after the return of those who went to France during the war. This is how one of them gave me an example of the fact: The mother would say, “Look, John, your father has come back!” That would be the welcome. The religion of Jesus Christ has brought out the fact that there is within them a great store of unsuspected emotion. But with the old veterans mentioned above, there was no demonstration of any feeling.


Kami sang to them one of Sankey’s hymns: “Open wide the Door”- a most appropriate hymn for the occasion. She sang most beautifully with her attractive young voice. They were probably amazed and struck at her voice, and glad to think that she was one of theirs, but they showed no feeling and hardly looked at the little singer, although I noticed one of them seeking to watch her without giving any outward indication of that. In the chapel, tears were showered, but no demonstration amongst the heathen… (circa March, 1922)


NOTE: The smudgy concluding page available with me in which the writer compared the gift of singing amongst the Karens, Khasis and the Mizos has to be left out as it is not possible to reconstruct the disjointed sentences. It is either possible to know the length or the conclusion of this valuable and rare article which beautifully captured the young singer of Tripura and imprinted her name in the history of Zoram khawvel. L.Keivom (Delhi August 29, 2011)

[1] Thenkhat chuan a hming tluan hi ‘Siamkami’ tiin an ziak a. Mahse, a fapa upa ber, kum 88 mi, Upa Thangzauva, Tuidam khaw miin August 14, 2011-a J.D. Mawia a hrilh dan chuan a hming tluan hi ‘Darrokâmi’ a ni. LK

[2] Hla hi Welsh Tune Book 146a mi, D.E.Jones (Zosaphluia) lehlin, chang hniha sei a ni a, ka hla bu kawl, 1960 edition-ah chuan nambar 102, 1988 edition-ah chuan no.133 a ni.

[3] Thado-Kookie Kristian magazine hi October 1920 khan ‘Kristian’ tiha thlak a ni a, chumi hming chu Hmar tawng awphawi, KRISTIEN tiha ziakin tun thleng hian Independent Church of India (ICI) chuan thla tin a la chhuah reng a ni. Rohmingliana ripawt kimchang zawk chhiar duh chuan Rualchhinga buatsaih ‘Raja Hrangvunga Sailo’ (2002) bung 6, p 60-74 ah pawh hmuh theih a ni. LK

[4] As per the records of the event left behind by those present at the service like Rev. Liangkhaia and others, the song she sang that night was “Kalvari hnehna ropui”, a translation from Welsh hymn book. L.Keivom (Sept 2, 2011)


By Pu L.Keivom, Inpui Columnist


Mi dangdai pathum

Kum 1907-1908 chhung khan Aizawl tlângah mingo misawnari dangdai pathum, Zofate hmangaihtu leh an tâna nun thâp ngam, unau laina leh chhul khat kual ang chiaha entu leh pawmtu, chumi avanga an mingo nihpuite thinhrik, hêk hlawh leh hnawhchhuah hial pawh tawk, an thlavang hauhsak phû vek, kan hmu a. Hengho hi mi chungchuang, mi bik an nihna mualah theuh Zofate khawvel min dinpuitu kut pawimawh an ni. Anni pathum hian ka lehkhabu Zoram Khawvel 5 & 6 an luah a, nihlawh ka inti takzet a ni.


An zinga hmasa ber chu Edwin Rowlands (March 15,1867-August 6, 1939), Zosapthara tiha kan koh, Mizorama kum 1898-1907 chhung misawnari hna thawk, zirna leh thu leh hla lama bulsutu ropui, Leonardo da Vinci te anga mi famkim (complete man) tih hlawh phû ve hial khawpa talen ngah, Zonu zûna uaia an puh avanga hnawhchhuahna tawk, mingo misawnarite zinga nupuia Zonu hung hmasa ber, August 1920-March, 1924 chhung TKPM/NEIGM a thawk, Hmar tawnga hla bu hmasa ber buatsaihtu, August 1939-a Kawl rama tu hriat hlawh mang loa a thih thlenga a hmangaih Zofate tana thawkrim chu a ni. Amah hi Zoram Khawvel-5 (1999) luahtu a ni.


A pahnihna chu hmangaihnaa khata Zofate hriat leh sawi hlawh, mi huaisen, thudik tana lu chhum ban chhum huam, December 9, 1908-a Aizawl tlanga rawn chuang chhuak Dr. Peter Fraser MD (July 31, 1864 - December 29, 1919) a ni. Amah hi Zosapthara rawn thlâktu, Mizorama damdawi daktor misawnari hmasa ber, chawhruala chhûtin ni tin damlo 65 chuang en hman khawpa rima hna thawk thin, mahni sum sênga ‘Kraws Sipai’ dintu, Aijal Kristian Press dina Krista Tlangau, a hnua Kristian Tlangau chhuah tantu, Bawih chhuahtu, chumi avanga deh loh sakei huaia ngaih, British Kumpinu sawrkar khing ngam leh chumi nghawng avanga hnawhchhuahna tawk chu a ni. Amah hi Zoram Khawvel-6 (2000) bung khatna luahtu a ni.


Chhûra favang buh ena a chanchin leh rawngbawlna kan bih bik tur, a pathumna chu Dr. Fraser-an tha chhangdal atana mahni sum senga a rawn hruai, Watkin R. Roberts (September 21, 1886- April 20, 1969), Dinorvic Street, Carnaervon, Mid-Wales, U.K a piang leh seilian a ni. Amah hian Zoram Khawvel-6 phek 13-341 thleng a luah fai pap a ni. Chutiang zawnga teh chuan, a pu a khûm chiang khawp mai. Zo hnahthlakte histawria mellung pawimawh tam tak hi amah leh a pu leh a hoten tual kut hmanga an phun a ni. Eng vanga harsatna leh hnawhchhuahna thleng tawk nge an ni? tih thang lo thar zelten an chhui chian deuh deuh apiangin an nihna an hmu fiah deuh deuh ang a, ngaihsan leh chawimawi an la hlawh zual deuh deuh ka ring.



Watkin Roberts-a rawn tleirawl chhuah chuan Reuben A. Torrey sermon a chhiar atangin a piangthar a. Kum 1904-1906 laia Evan Roberts beihrualna nen inzawma hlimna rûnpui puak darhin a bual hnu chuan, awm hlè hlè thei lo khawpin thlarau bote a vei a. Kum 1907 Keswick Convention-a a telh ve hnu phei chuan chona nasa tak a dawng a, India hmar chhak rama rawngbawl tura kal a tum ru nghal a. Mahse, khawi hmunah chiah nge, engtin nge, engtikah nge a pen chhuak dawn tih a hre lo. Kawng hawnsak theihtu Engkim Lalpa hnenah dilin a tawngtai thin a.


Saptlangvala chu zirna lamah damdawi chawhpawlh thiam, Chemist a ni a, tun laia Pharmacist kan tih ang hi a ni awm e. Chung laia an khua Carnaervon-a sumdawnna tha ber lunglehkha laihchhuahna (slate mining) ah chuan a tirin lung laihtu hna a thawk a, a hnuah Chemist hna chelhin, a tawpah a neihtute zinga chanvo (share) chang ve phak khawpin a rawn hlawhtling a. Mahse, a rilru chhung ber kamtu thu ding reng a awm a, chu chu rawngbawla ram danga pen chhuak, lunglehkha laihchhuahna kalsana gospel lunglehkhaa awm a ni.


Heng hun laia Mizorama rawngbawltute chu Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Foreign Mission Society (WCMFMS), Liverpool, a hnua Welsh Presbyterian Mission (WPM) an tih takte an ni a. Mahse an kechheh a buai a. Kum 1907 khan rinthu denchhena hmangin an misawnari chhuanawm ber Edwin Rowlands (Zosapthara) chu an hêk a, Mizoram a chhuahsan a lo ngai ta a. A thlaktu tur an zawn rualin, damdawi hmanga rawngbawlna (medical mission) tan thain an hria a. Chumi atan chuan Scottish mi, Welsh ho zinga khawsa, Carnaervonshire-a Chief Medical Officer ni lai, Dr. Peter Fraser, MD chu an sawm hlawhtling a. Ringthar manna atana damdawi tangkaizia hre chiangtu a nih avangin damdawi in din a, chumi hmanga hlawk taka rawngbawl turin Dr. Fraser chu a inbuatsaih a. A kaihza vengtu atan an biak in Congregationalist Church-a kai ve, tlangval Watkin R. Roberts chu amah sum sengin a rawn hruai a, December 9, 1908 khan a nupui te nen Aizawl an lo thleng ta a ni. Mizoram a lo chuan chhuah hian Watkin Roberts chu kum 22 mi lek a la nih avangin ‘Saptlangvala’ tih hming an puttir a, chu chu a thih thlengin a pu hlen ta a ni. A hote chuan ‘Pu Tlangvala’ tiin an ko ber.


Damdawia rawngbawlna

Thil dangdai ti tur hian mi dangdai bawk an lo pawimawh thin niin a lang. Kan chhuahtlang hluia an hlauh ber leh buaipui ber chu mi ti-na thei, ramhuai thiltihtheihna a ni. Dr. Fraser-a chuan a rawn pantute chu natna rêng rêng ramhuai tih nia ngaia ramhuai hnena an inthawi thin dik lohzia a lo hrilh fiah hmasa phawt a, an nat chhan leh a damdawi a hrilh a, chumi hnuah damdawi a pe chauh thin a. Damdawi a pêkna saidawiumah a ei dan tur nen ziakin Baibul chang pawimawh an belh telh ziah bawk a. Chumi thil buaipuitu ber chu Saptlangvala leh Clinic/Farmasi-a a thawhpui, tawng zirtirtu leh lettu bera an hman, R. Dala an ni. Dr. Fraser-a chuan mi rethei leh fahrah za chuang ama sumin a chawm a, lehkha a zirtir a, kristiana inpe, ringtu fel deuhte chu a pawl din ‘Kraws Sipai’ ah a la lut zêl a, chungte chu an hun awlah Pathian thu hrilin a vah chhuahtir a, ringthar latu ber an ni. Tin, lehkha chhutna khawl te tak tè (Hand Press) a rawn ken chu hmangin, khawl chhut dan lo zir thiam tawh Saptlangvala hona hnuaiah Aijal Kristian Press an din a, lehkhabu bu tè an chhut bakah ‘Krista Tlangau’, a hnu leh tun thlenga ‘Kristian Tlangau’ ni ta hi October, 1911 khan an chhuah tan bawk a. Editor hmasa ber chu R. Dala a ni. A hnu, 1914 khan R. Dala chu Saptlangvalan Senvonah Field Superintendent atan a dah a, misawnari puitlinga Mizoram pawna Zofa pen chhuak hmasa ber a ni.


Rina loh-a uibuk sa

Thlarau damna damdawi hrilh nana taksa damna damdawi hman hian hmun hrang hrangah rah a chhuah tha hle a. Chung zinga pakhat chu Manipur ram Senvon khua atanga damdawi la tura lo kal pakhat, a hming Taisena hmanga Senvon lal Kamkhawluna hnena Saptlangvalan Johan bu mal a thawn chu a ni. A thawntu ngei lo kala chumi lehkhabu chanchin chu rawn hrilh fiah tura sawmna a hmuh avangin Saptlangvala chu, Kraws Sipai zinga mi engemaw zat hruaiin, Senvon-ah a kal a, February 5, 1910 ah Senvon a lut a, Pathian thu a sawi a. Chumi rawngbawlna hna chu chhunzawm turin Dr. Fraser-a chawm naupang, Kraws Sipai zinga mi zirtirtu-tirhkoh (teacher-evangelist) tura inpe mi pathum a tir a, May 7, 1910-ah Senvon an thleng a, sikul an din nghal a, ringthar an rawn pung tual tual a. A tum rêng pawh ni lo leh a rin hma daihin kohhran enkawl tur a kutah Pathianin a pe tah dêr mai a ni.


Chutiang chu thil awm dan a nih tak avangin, rin ai daiha hmaa chawm tur fa neih duah ang maiin, ringtharho enkawlna tur sum zawn a ngai ta a. Amah Saptlangvala lah hlawh mumal pawh nei lo, a hrana Baibul zirna nei lo, upa emaw thawktu emaw atana nemngheh pawh ni lo, kohhran chawm pawh ni lo Dr. Fraser-an puitu atana ama sum senga a rawn hruai, ama tuinain a bûk hneh êm avanga rinna phaw chauh haa Zorama lo chuang chhuak ve mawp mai kha a ni a. Mahse, pa rilru nei tak a ni a. An ram lama thawhlawm khawn nan 1911 khan mit la tak Lawmbawm (Collecting Box) a siam a. A chhin leh sîr tuakah a rawngbawlna chanchin, an hmabak kozia, kum khatah pound kua leka a ram mi misawnari pakhat rawih theih a nihzia leh pound hnih leka zirlai pakhat chawm theih a nihzia te chu thuziak leh thlalak târin a entir a. Chutianga engtin tin emawa tangin an bei chho zêl a, ringtu pawh an pung chak hle.


Hun khirh nen an innang

Mihring nihna tak tak chu harsatna pùma fiah leh chherh a nih hunah a sakhatna leh kawrawngna a lo lang thin ang hian, Saptlangvala pawh hian chutiang dinhmun khirh chu a nunah a tawng hnem hle. Dr. Fraser-an Aizawl Bawrhsap H.W.G Cole (Kawlsap) chu bawih chungchangah Assam Chief Commissioner hmaah a khing a, a hneh a. Mahse, Chief Commissioner chuan an pahniha Mizoram chhuahsan ve ve turin thu a pe a. Dr. Fraser chuan a duh loh avangin a thu chu Eastern Bengal & Assam Lieutenant Governor hnenah a thlen thuai a, hnehna a chang leh a. Bawih chhuah chungchangah hian hnehna chang mah se British roreltute cho ngamtu a nih avangin roreltute chuan an thuneihna hrawm chhuaha vuak let an tum reng a, remchang hmasa berah an vaw lêt a, an dimdawi lo. Chumi phuba lak tumna kut chuan hlim angin an pahnih hian a zui reng a ni. Paulan, rorêltute thu awih pawimawhzia thu a sawi (Rom 13:1-7) kha rawngbawltute chuan, mahni dikna thilah pawh ni se, fimkhur taka zawm chu a him zawk tih anni pahnih hi inen fiah nana darthlalang tha tak an ni thei awm e.


Hetianga thil a inmun chhoh mek lai hian, vanduaithlak takin, 1912 September khan Dr. Fraser-a chu khawsikpuiin a na â a, a thihpui thelh a. A lo ziahawm deuh hnu chuan an ram lama inenkawl zui zêl turin lawngin an thawn hawng a, a nupui leh R. Dala’n an kalpui a. A dam chhuah leh hnu chuan Mizorama kir leh nghal a duh a. Mahse, Eastern Bengal & Assam Lieutenant Governor chuan a tirtu WCMFM Society, Liverpool lamah tlâk khalhin, “Roreltute ka tibuai tawh lo ang” tih ziak ngeia a intiamkam loh chuan Mizorama thawn kir leh tawh loh turin thurawn a pe a. “A tùl chuan ka tih leh tho ang” a tih tlat avangin leh hnam thilah Scottish mi, Welsh misawnariho huphurh leh itsik rûk a lo ni bawk nen, Mizorama thawn kîr leh chu sawi loh, Welsh Mission atang thlengin 1913 khan an hnawt chhuak tawp mai a ni.


Hei hian Saptlangvala dinhmun a nghawng buai nasa hle a, hemi hnua harsatna a tawh tam tak pawh hemi thil nghawng chhawn zel vang hi a ni thui hle. A pu Dr. Frasera tha chhangdawltu atana Mizorama a lo kal kha a pu nena anni inkar remruatna a ni a, buaina engmah siam loh tura a intiamkamna pawh kohhran hmaah ni loin a pu hmaah a ni. A pu a chhuah veleh chumi remruatna chu a tawp nghal a, Mizorama awm zui zel chu a remchang ta lo a. Manipurah awm dawn se, Rêngin mingo misawnari pakhat aia tam awm a phal si lo. Tin, Manipur tlangram zawng zawng chu A.B.Mission biala ngaih a nih avangin, an misawnari Rev. Pettigrew chuan an biala lut ru-ah puhin Saptlangvala chu Manipur sawrkarah a hêk dêr tawh a, tualto thawktute chauh loh chu Manipura awm phal a ni lo. Tripura Rêng pawhin a ramah kristian misawnari awm a la phal rih bawk lo. Chuvangin, a tâna kawng awm chhun chu Calcutta-ah inbengbel a, tual kutah kohhran enkawl hna dah a, a enkawlna turin sumdawng a, India ram tawng hrang hrangin kristian literechar buatsaih a, Scripture Gift Mission leh Evangelical Literature Trust din a, gospel theh darh hnaa inhman a ni. Chu chu a rawngbawl zêlna tura a hmathlir leh a kalphung ruahman chu a ni.


Tichuan, 1912 khan Calcutta lamah a insuan thla a, Barrackpore-ah awmhmun a khuar a, bul tan dan tur a dap a. Chutiang zawng zawng tan tur chun sum a mamawh avangin, Calcutta-ah awm rei hman loin 1912 vekin England-ah a chhuk thla a. Chuta tang chuan Rev. David Lloyd Jones nen USA-a Welsh mi pêm tamna Eastern leh Mid-West vela chengte zingah sum khawn turin an zin thla a. Kum 1914 khan India ramah a lo kir leh a. R. Dala pawh England atangin November 1913 khan a lo hawng tawh bawk a. Manipura a rawngbawlna chu Presbyterian kohhran inzirtirna kalhmanga kal a nih avang leh ringtharte chuan American Baptist Mission hnuaia awm an duh tlat loh avangin, hmunpuia Senvon hmangin, Thado-Kuki Pioneer Mission a din a, Field Superintendent atan Ralzadala (R.Dala) chu March 1914-ah a thleng chho a, December 26-ah Calcutta atanga lo kal Saptlangvala hoin an hmunpuiah chuan malsawm ruahpui sûr hnuaiah Presbytery hmasa ber chu an hmang ta a ni.


Hemi hun khirh kan sawi bakah hian kum sawmnga vel dana thleng thin mautâm nen an innang fuh chiah bawk a. Senvona Saptlangvala zin kum kha mau a tam tan kum a ni a, chu chu tàmin a zui ngei ngei thin a. Chu chu khêl loin 1911 khan a lo thleng a. Tichuan, March 1911 a Khawlian-Phuaibuang lal Letzakaian Tuithaphaia khaw thar a din Khawpuibungah chuan Zirtirtu Vunga enkawlna hnuaiah sikul an din chûk chûk a, Senvona chawm naupang pasarih an dahte chu, hla phuah thiam Thangngura pawh telhin, kum 1912 khan an suan chho a. Chumi kum vêk chuan Saptlangvalan kristmas lawm nan cheng sawmli a rawn thawh a, Tuithaphaia kristmas hmasa ber chu an hmang a. Hemi kristmas hi Kraws Sipai zinga khaipa ber, Mizorama kristiana inpe hmasa ber Khuma leh a thianten an rawn hmanpui a ni.


Tual kut hmanga rawngbawlna

Saptlangvala misawn dangdaina chu tual kut an hman hlawk êm êm mai kha a ni. Hmun hrang hranga cheng Zofate zinga rawngbawltute chu Zo hnahthlak vek an ni. Kum 1916 khan ramthim tawn tura tualto ‘teacher-evangelist’ an lâkte trèning nan Senvon-ah Tirhkoh Trêning Sikul an hawng tan a. Heta trêning chhuak hmasa ber sawmhnihte hi Zoram khawvela ramthim sukiangtu kut pawimawh, Tirhkohte Thiltiha an hming chuang ve phu an ni ti ila, kan sawi sual tam pui lo ang. Keimahniho zinga ringthar man thilah chuan mingo misawnariho kut kha a hlawk vak lo. Senvon-a a zin tuma ringtu pahnih khat a lak luh tih bâk Saptlangvala ringthar dang lakte kha a hote kut hmanga lak vek an ni awm e. A khuaa zin tura sawmtu Senvon lal Kamkhawluna ngei pawh kha a thih thlengin ringtu a la ni lo. Edwin Rowlands (Zosapthara) pawh khan Zakradawr inkhawmpuia thu a sawi ni January 15, 1922 khan mi 70 baptisma a chantir a, chungte chu tual kut hmanga an rawn hruai luh vek an ni. Kum 1922-a Meiteiho zinga rawngbawl tura lo kal R. Edwin Roberts te nupa khan ringtu pakhat mah an la lut lo. Chumi hnua lo kal Rev. D.T. Morgan-a kha Vai tawng hmangho zinga rawngbawl tura koh chhuah a ni a, mahse buaina a siam reng bak chu Muslim pakhat, a hnung zuitua a hman, khami hmaa thuhriltu dang thu sawi atanga Kristian lo ni duh tawh, rei tak inpuang loa awm chu a tawng fu a, baptisma a chantir a, chu chu a rikawt hùm ve chhun a ni. A thla khat hlawh hian tual kut pastor 40, amah aia ringthar man chak zawk daih ruai thei asin!


Keimahniho zinga tual kut hmanga rawngbawlna a kal chakzia tlem han thlir i la. Manipur chhim thlang biala Saptlangvala misawn TKPM an din thla March 1914 khan Kailamhnuai, Hmar Bialah kristian 200 an awm hman tawh a. April, 1918 khan 708; July 1919-ah 1025; August-November 1919 chhungin, harhna avangin ringthar 245 an pung a; March 1920-ah 1674 an tling hman tawh a ni. Kailamhnuai leh Kailamchung, tuna Churachandpur District chhungah hian March 30, 1921 thleng khan kristian 2268 an la hman. Chungte chu Hmar (1373), Vaiphei (248), Gangte (245), Paite (121), Lusei (116), Thado (74), Haokip (61), Pawi (20), Ralte (10) an ni. Zakrawdawr inkhawmpui January 1922 kha chuan 2840 an tling hman tawh. Saptlangvala ngeiin rawngbawl chak lamah H. K. Dohnunan mingo misawnari sawm chuang a hen thu a sawi khan, a mingo nihpuite ngaihthlak duh loh zawng tak mah ni se, thudik a zawl a ni.


Rêng daikawmah

Zo hnahthlakten Rengpui Ram kan tih thin, Tripura kan thlen thlakna hi rei tawh tak a ni ve tawh a. Kawrvai hoin ‘Kuki’ min lo ti a, chu chu India rama cheng Zo hnahthlak zawng zawng min kohna hming tlanglawn hmasa ber a ni. An Rêng chhungkaw chanchin ziahna Rajmala-ah pawh Kuki hming a lo lan tak avangin 1450-1500 vela thleng thla pawh a ni mahna. Kan thu zai nena thlun zawm kan tum erawh 1912-a a khuate hruaia Jampui tlânga Raja Hrangvunga Sailo pèm thlak hnu, Aizawla thu Presbyterian hotuten an rawn ngaihsak hman tawh si loh avanga anni rawn awp tura Saptlangvala misawn TKPM an sawm thu te, kum 1916 chawhma lama Phuldungseiah tirhkoh-zirtirtu Thankunga (Vaikela) a lo kal thu te, kum tawp lamah Assistant Field Superintendent hmasa ber atana Pastor Zabiaka pawh a lo kal thu te, kum 1917 tawp lamah Field Superintendent hna thawk tura Tlangsang khuaa H.K.Dohnuna a lo thlen thlak thu leh sikul leh dispensary din a, rawngbawlna hna ngawrh taka an tan thu te nen a ni.


H.K. Dohnuna hruaina hnuaiah kum 1918 khan Tlangsangah Tripuraa Presbytery hmasa ber an hmang a, Dohnuna chu pastor-a nemngheh a ni a. Kum 1919 chhung ringawtin ringthar 489 an la a. Saptlangvalan April 15, 1920-a Tripuraa British Political Agent lehkha a pekah chuan, December 31, 1919 thlenga Tripuraa TKPM member awm zât chu 1789 a ni. Heta tang hian 1918-19 khan Darlong bial Saikarah an lut a, a hnu 1923 khan ringtharte awmna tur khaw thar an din a, chu chu tuna Darlongho khawpui Darchawi hi a ni.


Satikang & Arakan lamah

Tlangsang atang bawk hian kum 1918 atang khan Satikang (Chittagong Hills Tract) lam leh Arakan ram thlenga rawngbawl turin mi an tir chhuak tan a. Satikangah chuan Bawmzo (Banjogis) leh Miru (Mru) leh Pang (Pangkhua) ho zingah rawng an bawl ber a. Hmun thenkhat phei hi chu Lungleia Bapttist Mision-in an lo veh fo tawh an nih avangin, chutianga an mi chhawr, a ram chinchang hre tawhte chu Saptlangvala ho chuan thawktu atan an chhawm zel a. Heng thawktute zinga an hming hmaih ngai loh turte chu Patlaia te, Kuaichika (Kuaia) te leh Lianthawnga te an ni. Zosaptharan TKPM a rawn zawm hnu phei chuan, hetiang ramthim tawn tura ngal chak khawkheng a ni bawk a, hma an la chak hle. Heng lai ram Survey report a kalsan zinga mi chu (i) Our Sirte Field (ii) Our New Field: The Bawmzo (iii) Mountain Masses: Himalayan Outliers (Mirus and others in Chittagong Hills Tract) (iv) Mission to Khumi leh (v) Tour Diary of Rev. Edwin Rowlands tih te hi an ni. Hetiang survey harsa hi a hmain tuman an la ti ngai lo. Lakher (Mara) ram Tongkolong leh Kaishi inkara July 19-20, 1923 a a bo phei chu Zofate histawri-a mellung chhinchhiah tlak, hla ropui “Thlalera vâk ka lo nih hi’ tih hringtu a ni.


Upper Chindwin-Kabaw Valley

Saptlangvala leh a hote makna dang pakhat chu, daikilkara hnam dang cheh kara chêp taka khawsa Zo hnahthlakte awmna an hriat kiau mai bâkah an vei êm êm mai kha a ni. China ram atanga kan pi leh pute lo chhukna kalkawnga awm Chindwin chuanchung (Sagaing Division) leh Kachin State inramrina laia awmte hnenah thleng chanchin tha hun rei lo te chhungin an pu lut hman a ni. 1919 Janaury khan Tamu atanga rawng bawl tan turin Aikila an tir a. Kum 1921 khan Kachin Biala Assistant Field Superintendent atan Raltawna a kal a. 1925 phei kha chuan Kawl ram hmun hrang hranga rawngbawl turin Tirhkoh Thangpana, Paukhawsoia, Dengkunga, Pabawka leh Zathianga an lut a. Kachin Biala tirhkoh atan 1926 khan Pabawka, Zathianga leh Ruala an lut a; Homalin Bialah Liandawla, Khamliana leh K.H.Khawmnagam an tir bawk a ni.hianga


Kum rei lote chhunga khami hun lai Zoram khawvel huapa rawng an bawl hman dan hrilh fiahna tha ber chu kum 1926-a Bial hrang hranga thawktute list-ah hian a lang chiang berin ka ring: 1. South West Manipur (Evangelist Dept- 17; Education Dept 29; Christian visitors-4). 2. Lakhipur- Cachar (EvanD-7; Evan D for Non-Kuki-4; EduD-13; Printers 4; Medical Dept- 1 Compounder. 3. Hill Tripura State (Evan.D- 21; EduD -24. 4. Chittagong Hills Tract (EvanD-11; EduD-9. 5. Upper Chindwin & Upper Burma (Upper Burma & Kachin State-6; Upper Chindwin, Tamu, Homalin Area-7. 6. South East Manipur (EvanD-3, EduD-3. 7. Akyab District, Arakan-5. 8 Students & Bible Women- (a) B.W Medical College & School, Dibrugarh- 4; (b) Government High School (Silchar, Shillong)-8 (c) Midwifery School (Lunglei)-6 (d) Bible Women (Phaipui, Lakhipur, Tripura)- 5. Others: (1) No. of boys and girls on training-18; (ii) No. of Bible Women on training- 5; (iii) No. of boys supported by the Mission-93. Total no. of workers-158. Thang khat chhung leka hetiang khawpa rawngbawlna darh zau hi khawi kohhran histawri-ah pawh sawi tur a vang hlein ka ring.


Mission vanduai-vannei

Saptlangvala misawn din hi pawn lam kohhran hlun leh ngelnghet nena inzawmna nei lo, a phuntu Congregationalist ni si, mahse inter-denominational church anga ngaih, Mizoram Presbyterian Kohhran inhruaina zûla kalpui a ni ber a. Kawng khatah Pawl vanduai tak, lehlamah Pawl vanneih êm êm si a ni. Sum zawn chawpa enkawl, rinna misawn (faith mission) a ni a, sum leh paiah han nghenchhan tur a nei lo.


Thu leh hlaah erawh Mizo kohhran hrin ang a nih avangin, a châk lakna ber chu Mizoram a ni. Chu chuan Mizo-Lusei tawng leh thu leh hla nasa takin a tihlar pha a, rei lo te chhungin Zo hnahthlak hrang hrangte indawr tawnna tawng tualleng (lingua franca) ber dinhmunah hlankaiin a lo awm phah ta hial a ni. Hei hian nasa takin rilru, thinlung leh taksaah Zo hnahthlakte a hûi khawm bawk. Zawi zawiin, chumi Mizo-Lusei tawngaathu leh hlate chu denchhena hmangin, Zo hnahthlak hnam tinin an tawng bil theuh tihmasawn nan hma an la a. Tunah chuan, entirnan Manipura Zo hnahthlak hnam tin deuhthawhin mahni tawngin Pawl 12 thleng MIL sabzek an lo neih theih phah ta a ni. Zo hnahthlak hnam hrang hrang thu leh hla a than chak poh leh Zotawng piang chhoh mek hi a thang chak mai dawn a ni.


TKPM/NEIGM hi dotu leh hektu an awm reng a, chungte chu mingoho vek an ni. An hêk chhan ber chu, Protestant Mission Societies chuan dan a zam a, misawn tu pawhin rawng a bawl tawhnaah leh a bial tura sawrkarin a hauhsak chhungah a bial neitute phalna la loin misawnari tu pawh an lut tur a ni lo tih a ni. Saptlangvala chuan Senvon khuaah Pathian thu a sawi a, a thu sawi pawma kristiana inpe an awm a, a enkawltu tur zirtirtu-tirhkoh (teacher-evangelist) pathum a tîr a, ringthar an pung zel a, kohhran hial din a lo ngai ta a. Dan ang chuan ringtharte chu Manipur tlangram zawng zawng bialtu A.B.Mission hnena hlan tur a ni. Mahse, ringtharte chuan Mizo Kohhran nena inzawm an duh zawk tlat si avangin Thado-Kuki Pioneer Mission chu phun loh theih a ni lo. Saptlangvala thu leh hla pawh a ni lo; a ram mite duh dan a ni.


Hetah tak hian a ni thu biang hnih neih kan hmachhawn tak chu ni. TKPM chuan mihring siam dan a bawhchhe ngei a, mahse Pathian ngaih-ah sual a ni ang em? A. B. Mission chuan Manipur thingtlang ram zawng zawng a bialah a hauh vek a. Mahse, Tangkhul rama awm an misawnari William Pettigrew-a chuan kum 16 chhungin Manipur simthlang bial hi vawi khat mah a tlawh lo! Ni tin thimah mi an thi reng bawk si. Ka thenawmte huanah tui tla awm se, an sedâi zuan khûmin va chhan chhuak ta lang, thil sual tih ka nih ang em? Chutiang chiah chuan Saptlangvala leh a hoten an ti a, thim ata chatuan nunna huangah Zofate an hruai lut dûl dûl mai a ni. Chumi thil chuan vana mite thin a tirim ang maw? Mission dang din emaw leh awmchilhtu mingo misawnari dah emaw chu ram roreltuten an phal lo thei. Mahse, a ram miten Pathian thu an awih emaw awih loh emaw, an unaute an hrilh emaw hrilh loh emaw chu an pianvo a ni a, British Kumpinu lalna hnuaiah khapsak theih a ni lo. Chumi hmanrua chu Saptlangvalan hlawk taka hmangin, tual kut chhawrin, Mizoram pawna Zo hnahthlak awmna apiangah chanchin tha a theh darh a, Zoram khawvel nasa takin min zauhsak a ni.


Mission dangte aia Saptlangvala misawn danglamna bik pakhat chu pawl lian thamten rawngbawlna tur bial an insem zinga tel ve si, daikilkara hnam dang cheh beh kara khawsa, a bialtuten an ngaihsak hman ve si loh an unaute an veina leh hming chhiat pawh huama chhanchhuah an duhna leh tumna thinlung chu a ni. Mingo misawnari hmang loin, tual kut hmangin chumi misawn hrang hrang dai thêu chu an kân a, Assam, Manipur, Tripura, Satikang (CHT), Arakan, Chin Hills, Sagaing Division, Kachin State-a an mite awmna hmunah chuan an zuang lut a, rei lo te chhungin thlarau bo tam tak an chhanchhuak hman a ni. Anniho hmang hian, a theihna apiangah, Mizoram Presbyterian leh Baptist Kohhran chuan kohhran dang sedai theu chu a langa nêr si loin, Mizoram pawnah rawng an bawl theih phah bawk a ni. Chuvangin, kum 1917-a Mizoram Presbyterian inkhawmpuia Saptlangvalan Calcutta atanga thirhruia pastor-a nemnghehna chan a duh thu a rawn hrilh (Presbytery Minute, Sept 20-24, 1917) kha thil mak a ni lo e: a chhungrilah inhriat thiamna thuk tak neia rawng an lo bawl thinzia hriltu a ni.


Vanduaithlak takin, an kal chak lai berin, kum 1929 khan he misawn-ah hian buaina namen lo a chhuak a. Saptlangvalan rawngbawlnaa puitu tura mi a lâkte zinga mi H.H.Coleman-a chuan dik hlelh taka puhin, suat thlak tumin Saptlangvala chu a phiar ru a, thih leh thau pawlha tanga a lo din NEIGM chu a chhuhsak a, suihzawm leh rual lohin kohhran a phelh phawk a, chumi nghawng chu tun thleng hian an hnung zuitute leh an thlah zelten kansar benvon angin an la tuar reng a ni. Hemi bung leh châng hi chanchin sawi chakawm loh ber zinga mi, mahse a châng chuan sawi loh theih loh ni bawk si a ni a. Zoram Khawvel-6 ah a then ka phawrh lan tawh avangin, tun tum hi chuan sawi hmaih chuh ila, chaw ei a tibuai lo berin ka ring. Kum sawm aia tam ral taa Zoram Khawvel-6 a ka tlangkawmna thu bawkin, “Saptlangvala chu pawlitisian ropui ber, pawlitisiante pawlitisian Isu Krista zuitu a nih avangin, a tum rêng pawh ni lo leh a hriat loh hlanin, Zofate pawlitiks ramri thûi tak min lo zauhsak hman a ni. Saptlangvala leh Zosapthara hmathlir leh ruahman angin rawngbawlna kha kal tluang chu ni se, kan Zoram Khawvel hi tun ai hian a let hnihin a zau zawk ngei ang. Chumi kawng daltu zinga a pukhawi ber chu Colemana a ni ti ila, kan sawi sual kher lo vang” tiin khâr leh ila, a fuh berin ka ring. (Delhi, September 21, 2011)



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