Halloween party ideas 2015

Date: 20th November 2011
Venue: Kothanur.
Time: 10 am to 5 pm


1. Volleyball match (Papui v/s Tlangval inelna)
2. Bible games-1 (Calvin Bible College & Seminary)
3. Bible games-2 (SAIACS)
4. LUNCH TIME: 1:00 pm
5. Gift exchange( Pu. Lalhuolhim & Pi. Rody)
6. Group Photo session
7. Quiz- BHCF Inthuoidan bu (Nelson Songate)
8. Advent Christmas wishes & message (Pas. Robert Vanlallien)
1. Thlai sungtu/ Fatu ding hai ( Tv. Rama Hmar le Tv. Joseph Darngawn)
2. Bel le thuomhnaw hawtu ding hai (Pu. Nelson Doungel & Pu. Nelson Songate)
3. Music/PA system incharge (Tv. Joseph Joute & Abraham Selate)
* Gift hih Rs 50 le Rs 100 man inkar vel chawi ding,Rs 100 man neka tam chuh phut a ni nawh.
A hmun hrelo hai le thil indawn chieng nuom hai chun BHCF Secretary indawn thei zing anih.

- Nelson Songate (BHCF Secretary)
Contact:- 08971239330 / 080-41432291

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