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Inpui.com Exclusive. Hi hla hi Theology inchukhaiin an sor trangkai hle ni a hriet a ni leiin mipui khawma ei lo sor hle ei beisei. Hmar ei sak anga sak el thei dinga inlet a nih.


-Rev. Thangngur

Heavenly sunshine has dawned on my darkened life:

Walking now with peace in my soul,

My sorrows turned into joyfulness

As I overcame my Father’s chastening trial.


Pielral nisa ka lungrilah a hung var tah:

Ka thla muongleia kal chawiin,

Ka rinumuna lawmnan a hung par’

Pa thununna ka tuor muolsuo zovin.


            Facing my Father’s chastening trial,

Day in and day out I bathed in woeful fears,

Never did I know how much he loved me.


Pa thununna ka tuor laiin,

Lungriem mitthli’n aw a min sil ni tinin,

Ka hriet thiem ngai nawh, ka Pa hmangaina.


No longer am I base-born and untutored child:

I’m now the child born of King’s blood;

Why should I serve Evil ever again

Except my Lord’s work of everlasting gain.


Thununna hlaw lo khawlai nau hi chu kan nawh:

Kan siengna Lal thisen a nih,

Suol rong bawlin inhmang ka ti maw,

Chatuona hlun ding ka Lal sin naw chu.


I’ve now no place nor home in City of Mansoul:

Carrying the despised cross of Christ

Would I leave behind Mansoul City

To gain a better place in New Salem.


Mansoul Khawpuia hin hmun le ram ka nei nawh:

Ka Lal Krista an hmusitna,

Phurin khaw kawl tieng feng ka ti ie,

Salem tharah khin hmun la chang de ning.


Never had I been happy to live for my own:

The moment I answered Christ’s call

And sacrificed on Isaac’s altar,

Streams of blessings and joys flowed mingled down.


Ka ta dinga ka hring laiin ka lawm ngai nawh:

Ka Lal Krista kona anga

Isak maichama ka inhlan chun,

Malsawmna tuikhur lawmnan a hung luong.


O Jesus, don’t let me forget that I am Thine:

Enliven me with Thy own life,

As I am passing through life’s desert,

Let my every step move by Thy own will.


I ta ka ni min nghiltir naw ka Lal Isu,

I hringnain min hringitr la,

Damlai thlalera kan zin sung hin,

Ka kalchawi tin hi I thu ni raw se.


(February 15,1979 Nairobi, Kenya. Translated by L.Keivom at the request of Dr. Rochunga Pudaite for his film ‘Beyond the Next Mountain’).

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