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Bangalore, December 3: Sikpui Ruoi, a post harvest festival, was celebrated by the Hmar community here with pomp and show.


Organised by the Hmar Students’ Association the event witnessed a “high Sikpui spirit” with shows of cultural dances and songs.


“We must not forget our roots... There might be several changes in the way we celebrate Sikpui Ruoi when compared to the days of our forefathers. However, carrying on their traditions is necessary to keep our culture alive and Sikpui Ruoi is a part of that process,” Sikpui Pa and Inpui.com admin Robert L. Sungte said on the occasion.


A modern day traditional dress show with designs by Pi Emily and Pi Christina was one of the biggest attractions during the event. Prizes were also distributed to winners of the HSA  Annual Sports, Luck Draw and others.


The Bangalore Hmar Directory 2011-12 booklet was released by HSA adviser Pu Jonathan Kungate.  Besides these, Sikpui Miss and Mr were chosen by the participants. This year Miss and Mr Sikpui Ruoi went to Miss Lalsangzuol Paruolte and Mr Lalramsan Tusing respectively.


At the end of the day, Sikpui Ruoi (sikpui feast) was arranged and around 70 people partake in the feast.



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  1. Ei hnam mawina chu ei hnam lam hai a lo ni takzet el. Bangalore hai kan pak in in thawtha ka ti taluo.

  2. an hawi hmel khawp el..

  3. Chartang hme ...Sikpui Ruoi


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