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Sakawrdai, December 9, 2011: Voisun khan Sakawrdai, Sinlung Hills (Mizoram) a Hmar Students’ Association (HSA) 53th General Assembly nei mek a chun kum li sunga dingin General Headquarters inthlangna nei a ni a. Thlangtlinghai chu:

President: Lalthlamuana Hmar
Vice President: Rochunghnung
General Secretary: Rothanglien Khawbung
Asst. General Secretary: Simon L. Infimate
Finance Secretary: Mawii Darngawn
Speaker: Dr. John H. Pulamte
Deputy Speaker: Joseph R. Hmar
Secretary: John Vanlalruot
Deputy Secretary: Dr. Immanuel Zarzosang Varte

Source: Hmarstudents.org

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