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Damdiei Dil Lake

This beautiful lake called ‘Neikhup Dil’ is in Damdiei, Hmar Hills, Manipur (See map below). The the man-made lake was created in the early 1980s. The lake is about 1 km long and it goes up to ICI Tuikul (now dried up). Fishery was done till 1990.

This is one of Inpui.com’s favourite spots in Hmarram Region. 

Now, a mini-hydel project has been installed and current has been generated on a small scale for few households.

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  1. A va nal em em de.

  2. An hawi hmel deh. Pum an naw leh lawng a um naw maw?

  3. Pum le lawng hai kha an sie ta naw... 

  4. neikhup dil ni lovin damdiei hai dil a ni... a hming a tum a, a neitu tak2 chu chawithuom damdiei chairman a ni....

  5. A neitu indik tak chu Damdie chief Neikhup a nih. Chawithuom chu a sangpa a nih.


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