Halloween party ideas 2015

Uploaded by AHFIndiaCareson Dec 18, 2007 The Song of Hope Original Concept & Lyrics: Dr.Chinkholal Thangsing Producers: Dr.Chinkholal Thangsing, Sumit Osmond Shaw Videography: Creative Director: Sumit Osmond Shaw Video Director: Seema Pathania. Camera: Vijay Kumar Chaudhary, P.C. Anto Editing: Raamit Vashisht Music Director : James T Thangsing Music Arranged By: Robert Lalrodik Vocal s performed by: Mawii & Puii Biete (Biete Sisters), Roselyn Lalumpui, Ruth Joseph Pakhoungte, James Pakhoungte, Lalngailien Joute 'Song of Hope - The Making Video' - by Dr. Nochiketa Mohanty

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