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Ref. HSAD/25/01/2012 January 25, 2012

Sheila Dikshit

Chief Minister

Government of Delhi

Subject: Justice for raped victim.

Dear Madam,

We, the Hmar Students' Association, Joint Headquarters, Delhi would like to bring to your notice that one of our female member was physically beaten, tortured and raped by one Mr. Anuj Saini on the night of 18th of January, 2012 at Dwarka, Delhi.

The raped victim aged 20 years, Miss Ruth <name changed>, who is a Tribal Christian and working in a Spa company in Gurgaon was offered a lift in a car by the rapist on the night of 18th Janaury, 2012 on her way back to her rented place in Mahipalpur, New Delhi. Instead of dropping her to her place, the rapist Mr. Anuj Saini drove her to an unknown and isolated location somewhere in Bamnoli area of Dwarka Sector 28 and physically abused, tortured and raped her.
After escaping from the rapist, the raped victim returned to her place and an FIR was filed at the Police Station, Dwarka Sector 28, Delhi on 19th January, 2012 against the rapist (FIR No. 11 Dated 19/01/2012) and the case against the rapist registered under IPC 365 and 376 and her statement taken by the concerned Police. The Police, who promised to arrest the rapist after 2 hours of filing of the report, arrested the rapist only after 5 days after the incident.

Considering the seriousness of this case and similar incidents that happened at the National Capital Region (NCR) and the unprecedented racial/gender-based violence meted to the people of North East India living in NCR, we, the Hmar Students' Association, Delhi demands the following to be taken up by your good office at the earliest so that justice be delivered to the victim, who is physically and mentally disturbed by the trauma she went through:

  1. That, the rapist be punished appropriately without fail as per the law of the country.

  2. That, the rapist in the case be further booked under suitable sections of the Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.

  3. That, the victim be compensated as per the Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 and any other prevailing laws that cover this nature of crime.

  4. That, a special cell headed by an IPS officer from North East India be established within the Delhi Police to pro-actively deal with the issues and problems regularly faced by people from the North East India in NCR.

  5. That, justice be delivered fairly to the raped victim at the earliest.




Hmar Students Association
Joint Headquarters, Delhi

Ziektu: Prof Lal Dena* Inpui.com patron

If you steal from one author, it’s plagiarism. If you steal from two, it’s research.-Wilson Mizner.

Lam hi art (themthiemna) chi khat a nih. Ke pahni le ban pahni nei seng, a lam thiem le zeih bik rieu an um hlak. Thusep ziek khawm hi art a ni a, mi tinin ziek hlak inla khawm, a ziek thiem bik rieu hi an um hlak. Sap mithiem tak tak hai khawm khu thusep ziek thiem (essayist) an ni vawng nawh. Thusep thiem le ziek thiem hi talent a nih a. Chubaka thusep hi mizie hrietna tha tak a nih bawk. Thuvar pakhat chun hmel hi lungril zawngawlna a nih a lo tih a. Chuong ang bawk chun lekhaziek le thusep ziek khawm hi a ziektu mizie zawngawlna a nih. Chuleiin ei lekhaziekhai hi ei mizie hriet theina, ei hlimthla le darthlalang an nina chen a um leiin ziek fimkhur a tul.

Thusep ziek hi in bawl ang deuh a nina a um. In ei bawl ding chun a hma’n a hlimthla (blueprint) ei lo nei hmasa a tul. In lim ziek thiem engineer le architect dam ei ruoi hlak. Chu lima inthawk chun hmangruo lak dan, a lut zat ding le sum seng zat ding khawm ei lo hriet lawk thei vawng hlak. A lim el baka ei in bawl ding a thungpha (foundation) remthat a ngai bawk; chu chun in det indo le tlo ding an nghat tlat a nih. Thusep ziek khawm chuongang tho chu a nih. Ngairuot lawkna (hypothesis) felfai taka ei lo nei chun, ngairuot lawkna ruongam tlangpui (conceptual framework) tha tak ei zam thei bawk hlak. Chuong ang ei lo thaw diem chun sin a zatve zo ang ei nih .

Tulai chu computer khawvela cheng ei ni ta leiin, ieng thupui khawm ziek inla, computer hmangin khawvela library hmun dang dang hai khawm ei pindan chitea inthawkin ei sir zung zung thei tah a, research thaw le data collection hai khawm harsatna a tam ta nawh. Amiruokchu thu le chanchin ei lakna source hi zieksa ngei a tha. Ei thusep ziek thlawptu dingin mi dang lekhaziek le source ei hmang hlak a. Chu hmang dan chu kawng hni a um. Direct taka mi lekhaziek le tawngkam a ni ang anga ei lak sawng chun, chu chu direct citation a nih. Chu thu laksawng po chu inverted coma (quotation mark “ “) sinsiena sungah ei sie hlak. Entirna’n Sanga lekhaziek ka laksawng chun, quotation mark zo charah (Sanga: 2012:p.12) tia ziek a tha. Amiruokchu, Sanga tawng angiel angana la si lovin, indirect takin a thuphung la siin ka hmang thei a. chu chu indirect citation a nih a. Chu khawm chun a ziektupa le ei lakna source kha ziek lang ngei ngei a tha hlak. Hi hi intelectualtual honesty a nih a, ching ding a nih.

Mi ngai dan haw le hmangsuol (plagiarism) ti hin ieng chen am a huom a? Ka concept, theory le hypothesis-hai thlawptu dinga mi dang hai ngaidan direct-in amani indirect-in amani ka hmang thei a, ka lakna source indik taka ka ziek chun, chu chu ‘mi dang ngaidan haw le hmangsuol’ (plagiarism) a ni nawh. Amiruokchu, mi thil hmusuok thar, ngaidan le theory thar keia hmusuok anga ka ziek ruok chun, chu chu ‘mi dang ngaidan hawtu le hmangsuoltu’ ‘plagiarist’ ka ni tina a nih. Chu chu intellectual dishonesty a ni leiin, pumpel hram hram a tha.

Hi le inzawma ziektuhaiin ei hrietzing ding pawimaw dang pakhat chu ‘Intellectual Property Right’ti hi a nih. Computer hmanga hrietna khawvela inzin zung zung thei ei ni tah a. Mithiemha’n research an thawnaa theory thar le thil thar an hmusuokhai hi Intellectual Property Law (IPL) hmangin an humhal hlak. Chuong an thil hmusuok le sinsienahai chu anni phalna laklawk hmasa lova hmang thei a ni nawh. Hla phuok hai sien, an hlaphuok chu phalna la hmasa lova, ei hmang le ei inlet chun, IPL ei baw siet a nih a, hi dan hmang hin lei an min chawitir thei. Manipur sim thlanga chu chanchin tha mansapui inbangna hmasa ei lo ni leiin, thu le hla tienga ei lo burip hmasa a. Ei kawl vel unau suopuihai tam takin ei Pathien hla tuoltohai hi an twang inletin an hmang nasa ve em em a, lawm a um, inro ding khawm a ni nawh. Amiruokchu, ei hlahai an tawnga an inlet pha, a phuoktu hming indik hi mi ziekpek pei hai sien nuom a um.

Hi thu le inzawm hin hril ding tam tak um sienkhawm ei thu chaih le inzawmna bik chauh zuk thlur bing met lem ei tih. Lekhabu ziektu le thusep ziektu chun tu hril ngai lovin copyright ei nei seng. Lekhabu ei sut lem chun copyright neitu chu ‘author’ (lekhabu ziektu) a ni hlak, Author phalna lovin publisher-in lekhabu insuo theina le sut theina right a nei nawh. Chuleiin lekhabu sut a ni hrim hrim chun copyright neitu ‘author’ ti hi makmawa zieksa ngei ngei a ni hlak. Mi lekhabua an thuziek an phalna la lova ei laksawng chun, IPL hmanga khing thei le lei inchawitir thei ei ni ti hi ziektuhai chun ei hriet zing a tul tak meuh a nih. Ziek lang lova, eini awm thusuok anga ei ziek chun rukru ei ni a, chu chu intellectual thief ei nih. Hmar tawng le English-a ka article ziek thenkhat mi thenkhatin an hmang ka hmuh hlak a, mi acknowledge lo le an reference-a khawm ka hming tarlang lova an um ka hmu chang chu inhawih ka ti naw hle hlak. Mi thu ziek ei hmanga, acknowledge ei thaw hin ei ta dingin kiemna nekin hlawkna a ni lem ti hi hriet zing a tha.

Thusep hrim hrim personal reflection tieng panga inthawka thlira ei ziek chun, ei nuom ang ang ei ziek thei. Ei tawnhriet sirsina ziek a ni lem chun sapzek dang an hnaipui tiemsa rawn a ngai kher nawh. Mani awm thusuok ngei ei ziek pha, originality ei nei le nei naw an lang hlak.

Thusep ziek dan tlangpui thenkhat chauh zuk tarlang ei tih. Pakhatnaa Conceptual analysis: Conceptual analysis chun thil ei hmu dan le ngaidan, an umzie le hmang dan thlur bingnain ei hmang tak. Entirna dingin, muol mi lo liemsan ta Pu L.T.Pudaite chun conceptual analysis hmangin ‘Tlawmngaina’ Mizoram and Look East Policy ti lekhabuah khan a ziek a. Hieng ang method bawk hmang hin ‘Taimakna’ ti le a dang dang khawm ei ziek thei. Pahninaa chun Content analysis hmangin ei ziek thei bawk. Entirna dingin British officer pakhat chun “the hill tribes were most anxious for British rule” ti’n report a pek a. Hi thu hi critical taka chaih a ngai. Mingopa hin hnamchawm mizie a hriet nawh. Mingo rorelna tlangrama sukdet nuomna lungril a nei lien. Hnamchawmhai hi tiena tlanga inthawk mi dang awpde le sirdena hnuoia an um ngai nawh ti khawm hi officer hin a hriet nawh a. Tharum hmang chauhin Mingo rorelna zauh thei a nih ti hi a ring dan a nih. Hnamchawmhai hi mi thuhnuoia um tawk tawk thei nawh a. Chuong chu an ni leiin an hel zing zing hlak. A dang khawm khawm hrilsa ding tam tak a la um. Hieng anga thusep ziek hi content analysis a nih.

Thupui thenkhat historical topic an ni chun thil pali suih ngei ngei ding a um;- primary sources, secondary sources, running records le recollections an nih. Dannaranin primary sources chu thilhlui siekhawmna archive, museum, library le mimal thil lakkhawmna/siekhawmna hmunah hai hmu thei an nih. Hieng source-hai hi research paper le thesis ziekna ding chun rawn lo thei lo an nih. Secondary source ei ti hai chu mi dangin lekhabu, annawleh, thusepa an lo ziek ta hai an nih. Secondary (hmang tah) an ni leiin an hlutna chu a bo chuong nawh. Pathumna chu running records mimalin amani organization-in amani document le an thilsiennahai an siekhawmhai an nih. Chun, a palina recollections chu mani chanchin ziekna (autobiohgraphy), memoirs (thil inchikna) le tawngbaua thu inhlansawng (oral sources)-hai hi an nih. Hienghai po po hmang kawp hin analytical or argumentative papers ei ziek hlak. Thusep tlangpuia chu tienami hril ang deuhin narrative-in ei ziek tlangpui.

Thusep hrim hrim critical analysis thawa, a sir leh vel ena atanbawsuta ziek hin tiemtua mawrna (motivation) a pek tha nuom bik. Lala’n chuongchun a ziek a, Thanga chun chuongchun a hril tia thusep ei ziek chun, chuong ang lekhaziek chu “scissor and paste” an ti a; chu umzie chu “chep thlak le bel khawma lekhaziek” tina a nih. Mania awm thusuok (original thinking) ei nei naw tina a nih a. Chuong ang thusep chun tiemtua mawrna a pek ngai nawh. Entirna dingin khawtlanga thiltlung ei analyse ding chun, hieng indawnahai hi a pawimaw: kha thiltlung kha iem a ni a? Iengtin am kha thil kha a tlung el leh? Iengtiziea kha thil kha khang kher kher khan a tlung el amani leh? Khang naw zawng khawm khan a tlung dan a um naw maw? Hieng anga dilsut taka analytical mind neia thil ei suiha ei ziek pha, tiemtu ta dingin mawrna (motivation) a pek tha nuom bik hlak. Thusep ziek hi ngainuom um a ni baka, tiemtua mawrna le chona a pek a, tiemtu’n thusep dang a ziek nawk thei lem chun, a hlawk em em hlak a nih.

Thusep zieknaah hin tawngkam le thumal hmanghai hi dittui nawk zuol inla. Ziektu tukhawm a famkim ei um nawh. Kei khawm ka thusep zieknaa tawngkam ngainuom um lo ka lo hmang ve zeuh zeuh a. ‘Ka pension pha chun’ ti ka zieknaa tawngkam dit um lo deuh ka hmang a, siemthat thei a nit a si nawh. Ni khat lai khan ‘Ruoi, Ruoi, Ruoithe’ ti article ka zieknaa, “Ei pasiet tawl veih leh, ei nei po po dengkhawm inla khawm, Marwari mi hausa pakhat khawm ei tluk zo dim” tiin ka ziek a. Ka thawn ta si, kan sirna’n van a ur. Hieng ang tawngkam dit um lo le tangkailo hi ka lo hmang ve zeuh zeuh hlak a; ching zawm naw tha hlein ka hriet tah.

Hnam changkang lem hai thaw danin mi lekhabu le thusep thlirletpek le lepsepek dam hi ei hung ching deuh deuh ta a, lawm a um. Entirna’n book-review ei thaw chun, a ziektu concept, hypothesis or conceptual framework iem a ni a? A lekhabu ziekna hin ieng thawdan am (methodology) a hmang a? Ieng sources am a hmang a? A source hmanghai hin a lekhaziek a justify zo am? A chapterization a the fuk am? A lekhabu hin baksamna a nei am? A tlangpui thu’n hrietna kawngah le existing literature-a a ziektu contribution iem a ni a- tihai hi ei thlir dan tlangpui a nih. Iengkhawm ni sien ziektu le review-tuhai hi lungril lien tak putin a thu’n insel ei ta, personal mimal thila ruok chu ei lak ngai ding a ni nawh.

Thuhril le tawngbauhai hi chu ieng anga tha khaw ni hai sien, hun a hung sawt a, hrietzing an ni ta ngai nawh. Thusep zieka um, lekhabua mani magazine-a mani insuoa um ruok hi chu a um sawng an ta leiin, siemthat nawk thei a ni tah nawh. Chuleiin tawngkam le thumal hmang kawngah hin ziektuhai hi fimkhur nawk zuol inla nuom a um. Chun, ei thuziekhai a tlawm tawpa vawisari bek ennawn hlak ei tiu. Earnest Hemmingway chun ‘Farewell to Arms’ ti novel bung tawptak a ziek lai chun vawi sawmli a ziek nawn an ti chu. Eini khawm ei thusep ziekhai vawitam ennawn hnunga pe suok chauh hlak inla nuom a um. A hre bik le thiem bik ka ni naw lai zingin, thahnemngaina leiin hi thusep hi ka hung ziek a nih. Mi lungril suknat thei pal a lo um chun, thawpal lieu lieu a nih.

*About the author: Prof Dena teaches history at Manipur University and has written many book on Manipur and tribal culture.

Guwahati: In Assam, around 1500 ultras belonging to nine ethnic militant groups will formally lay down arms at a surrender ceremony organized at Sarusajai Stadium in Guwahati this morning (10.00 a.m.).

A State Police spokesman said that the militants will lay down arms in presence of the Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram and the State Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi besides senior police and civil officials.
The nine groups to surrender en-masse are part of two major ethnic groups - the tribal Kukis and the Adivasis.

Among the major groups that are surrendering include the Kuki Revolutionary Army, the Hmar People’s Convention, the Birsa Commando Force, and the Adivasi Cobra Militant of Assam.

All these militant groups are already observing cease-fire with the Government, although formal peace talks are yet to begin. Most of these groups were either fighting for secession or for greater autonomy.

Mr. Tarun Gogoi said the Government will hold talks with all these groups and see to it that their genuine grievances are met.

AIR Guwahati correspondent reports that this would be the biggest-ever surrender of militants in the North-East.

CCPUR:    The  Sangai  Ex-press (English Edition) Janu-ary 20, 2012 nia suokin Mrs Thangneikim  Fimate  w/o Dr    Lallukhum  Fimate,  55-Tipaimukh A/C a Trinamool Congress candidate chu Janu-ary  19,  2012  zan  dar  10:30 vela Jiri bula 22 Assam Rifles han sumfai Rs. 10,27,450 leh man nia a zieklang angin Ms Jacintha  Lazarus,    District Election  Officer/RO,  Chu-rachandpur chun January 22, 2012  liem  hma a ziek ngeia  Dr Lallukhum Fimate chu hrilfiena ama annawleh a Agent chu pe dingin inhriettir-na zanikhan an suo. Hrilfiena a  pek  theinaw  chun  Model Code of Conduct  dungzui le dan angin hrem thei a ni ding a nih. Hi inhriettirna hi “UR-GENT  Or  IMPORTANT  a ngai a nih.

The Sangai Express chun tangka sum mana um hi Tipaimukh A/C sung voter-hai kuoma Vote inchawkna dinga sem ding niin a zieklang bawk.

Candidate pakhat  sum hmang thei dinga ECI in a bituk chu Rs. 8,00,000 a nih.

Source: Hmasawnna Thar, Jan 21, 2012

Fimate clarifies
IMPHAL, Jan 21: In connection with the news item “Woman held with Rs 10 Lakhs” published in The Sangai Express on January 19, Thangneikeim Fimate of Camp - Hmarkhawlien, Cachar, Assam clarified that the actual amount seized from her possession was Rs 77 thousand only. She further mentioned that her clarification could be verified from Jiribam police station.

Ziektu: Pu L. Keivom*, inpui.com columnist

Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind. -Seneca (4 BC-65 AD)

Ka penson-a inthoka kum sawmna chu May 2012 hin ka suo ding a lo ni nawk der el tah. Hi sung hin ni tin darkar 12 vel lekha dang dang buoipuia ka buoi leiin tiem dinga lekhabu thra le puitling ka’n chawkhai chu nuom anga tiemna hun ka nei hman ta naw a, chu chu ka lungkham pakhat chu a nih. Kum 1970-a Foreign Service ka zoma inthoka kum 2002 May-a ka penson chen khan dannaranin ni tin chanchinbu le magazine hrang hrang ka tiem bakah kar tin lekhabu thra pakhat bek ka tiem zo hlak a. Ka penson chara Baibul inlet ka trana inthoka ka sut zo chen, kum 2002-2007 inkar ruok khan chu Baibul le inzom lekhabu naw chuh ka tiem hman ta naw a ni tak a. Chu chun kakhawk a nei naw thei nawh.

Kum ruk zet bu le hme pangngai ringa khawsak ang a ni leiin nunah siksawina a siem a. Ei thu bi rawnin a tukvera inthok chauha thil min thlirtirin, thu hrim hrim hi translator mita inthokin a min khìtir a, thu hril le zieka trong dan indik lo ei hmang po po hin ni dang nekin nä a sukkham zuol a, ning a suktel a, lungril a suk-taliban leiin kha hmaa ei ngai zam el khom kha ei ngai thei zing ta naw a, a buoithlak khop el. Thil indik lem nia ei hmu khah zawlneihai angin huoisen takin hang puong suok inla, mi lawm le inpâk nekin mi hnâm le nghok le theida ei hlaw lem bok si. Indikna Pathien tri loa inzor ve a, laiking anga hmun khatah or insen a, hmun dangah indum a, mi lawm zawng ringot hril tuma indaw phar ve nuom a um hiel chàng a um hlak. Fiena chi khat a nina chin a um. Amiruokchu, Isai anga

Felna chu hla takah a ngir a,

Thutak chu kotthlerah a tlu a,

Indikna a lût thei ta nawh.

A nih, thutak a’n leng ta naw a,

Thil thra lo hnawltuhai chu,

Sa anga pèlin an um pei.

Chuong chu Lalpan a hmu zing a,

Indikna a bo tah leiin,

A lung a awi thei ta nawh

a ti anga puong ngam ve chu, mi hmai manin man naw inla, Socrates hai anga thudik thi chil huoma thrang lâk ngam chuh, Pathien tritu le inzatu ta ding chun a trûl bok si. Khikhawk tak a nih. Mi lawm zawng ringot hril tuma inkhap le infân hi nawchizorna chi khat a nih.

Kum 2012 ruok hin chu ni dang ang boka lekhabu a tam thei ang tak tiem dingin lungril ka siem a. Kum sawmhni lai liem taa ka lo tiem sil tah, THE ODYSSEY READER: IDEAS AND STYLE (1968) ti, Genevieve B. Birk le a pasal Newman P.Birk buotsai, literature khawvela ziektu hmingthang mi 91 lekha ziek, College-a inchuk dinga an thlang khawm chu zal pumin zan tin darkar 1 vel ka tiem tran nawk a. Ngaituona ril chok tho thei le thu ziek tienga kal chawi dan ding kawkhmu thei lekhabu a ni leiin, kum 1970-76 inkara Delhi tlanga thu le hla phuok le ziek tienga keima tawka ka’n hmang nasat laia ka lo inbuotsai ve dan dam a min suikirtir a, lung hlui a sukleng vong vong a. Chuong lai chanchin chu a hlawkpui an um takduoiin tiin tlawma zawng hang phor lang vak ka tih.


June 16, 1974 zan khan External Affairs Hostel, Delhi-a ka um lai zankhuoin tienami ka ziek a, a tienami hmingah LALNUNNEM KA NGAI EM CHE ti ka hmang a. Kha hma, 1960 bawr vel khan ka ruolpa Darkamlo Faiheng chun hla inlâr tak el a phuok a, a thunon tlar hmasa takah ‘Lalnunnem ka ngai em che’ ti a lo hmang ta a. Nuhmei a hung neia an naulutir a pieng chun a hmingah ‘Lalnunnem’ ka sak a. Ka tienami ziek a hung inlar hnung hin Darkamlo hla phuok khom hi ka phuoka ngai le hril an hung tam a, “Ka phuok a’n nawh. Ka ruolpa Darkamlo phuok a nih” ka ti khoma “Khai, i phuok a ni khah” mi la ti trawk trawk khom an bo nawh. A hnunga ka tienami ziek hi Mizo-Lusei tronga inlet a, ‘Bawktlang Thawnthu’ ti lekhabua a hung suok ding khan ka ruolpa Siamkima Khawlhringin, “Shakespeare khomin a drama ziekhai hi hming tawi té tè an bùk a, a mawiin a olsam lem a, chuleiin ‘LALNUNNEM’ ti lem ei tih” ti a rot chu kan pompui a. Kum 2001-a ka tienami ziek 5 le thusep ziek 3 lak khawm, NUN RAM ti lekhabu kan suta khan ‘LALNUNNEM’ tiin kan hung sie tah a nih.

Hi tienami hi tu chena tienami ka ziek tah laia hril hlaw tak a la nih. Threnkhat chun ka chanchin an sawn a, lunginsieta ka darah min bât a, mi trap khum khom an bo nawh. A ziektu hnuk ngei khom hi a suk-ulh chang chu a um ve tho a nih. Ka hril nuom tak ruok chu, hi tienami buotsaina ding hin kum tam tak a lak thu a nih. Hmun pahnih, Pherzawl tlang le Senvon tlang besana phuok a ni a. Senvona thil tlung hi a tak taka kum 1958-a tlung a nih. Kum 2007 October 12 Zirtawpni tuk khan Senvona kan inzin trumin Hrangthangvung le David Buhril thruoiin Senvon High School tuola kum 19 a nia thi Darkhawlkim thlan chu kan va dap suok ngat a nih. Hi chanchin hi KA NUN ti phek 110-123 ah a chuong. Hi Senvona thil tlung hi Pherzawlah ka hlu lut a nih. Ka ziek hmain a changtupa U Rokung hi a chanchin ziek dingin ka ngen a, chu a thil ziek chu besana hmangin hi tienami hi indin a nih. A lung nona tieng ngot a mimirin an khukpui leiin, tienami dangdai tak el a nina tieng hi tiemtuhaiin an hril ka la hriet ngai nawh. Sir hrang hranga chîk taka bitu an la um naw lei khom a ni el thei.

Tienami dangdai a nina pali chauh hang hril thuok thuok ei tih. Pakhatna, dannaranin tienami hrim hrim hi suol le thra indona a ni deuh tei. Thra le suol an indonaa chun suol chu iemani chen dingchang le hlawtling angin inlang sien khom, a tawpah a tlawm hlak. A tlawm naw chun tiemtuhai lung a dam thei nawh. Sinema ei en khomin, mi suol kha mi thrain a tawpah a hnè naw chun a entuhai lung a awi thei nawh. Hi tienamia ruok hin chu suol le thra indona a um nawh. Chu chu a dangdaina pakhat chu a nih.

Pahnina, tienami reng reng tiem sukhniktu le hma tienga mi thruoi peitu chu thil hung tlung dinga ei beisei, a tlung dan ding ruok chu ei hriet el thei si lo thil chu a nih. Hriet vak ei chaknain a mi tur ut ut leia tiem zui pei ei nuomna boruok hi Saptrong chun ‘suspense’ an ti a, chu chu Oxford Dictionary chun “a state of anxious uncertainty or expectation” tiin a hril fie. ‘Khailaka um’ ti inla, a kawk hnai el thei. Chu chu ‘khailak’ umzie dang, entirnan ‘sin khailak’ (chatlak, inzawm lo, hun kar awl tla zep) ti le ngai pol ding ruok chu a ni nawh. Hi tienamia ruok hin chu ‘suspense’ ding a um ve nawh, a san chu a tawpnaa intran, a trannaa tawp a nih. Tienami hrim hrim chu a tawp dan ei hriet hnung chun ei tiem inhnik tak tak thei ta ngai nawh. A tawp dan hriet hnung sia tiemtuhai tiem inhnik dinga tienami ziek chu chona namen lo a nih. Chu chu hi hi tienami dangdaina chu a nih.

Pathumna, a hmaa ei hril tah angin, hi tienami hi tienami inbiel, a tawpnaa intran a, a’n trannaa tawp a nih. Tienami inbiel dang, a hung intrannaa tawp, Chemtattepu tienami ei nei a, amiruokchu, hieng tienami pahnihai inbiel dan hi hnuoi le van anga danglam a nih. Pakhat chu thudik tak zong suok an tum leia inbiel a ni a; pakhat ruok chu a ziektuin chona nasa taka a ngai sitail hmanga a ziek lei a nih.

Palina, hringnun hi tak ram le suongtuona rama leng a ni a, mi tam tak chu tak rama nekin suongtuona khawvel, mang ramah ei cheng rawn lem. Hi tienamia changtupa hi a ngaizawngnu pùr inrim taka kum sawm lai lo do tah, a khawnawtin mi invet ang hiela an sie tah ni sien khom, ieng lai khomin tak rama cheng a ni le ni naw fie dingin a sie le thra hrietna fîm takin a la hmang ngat ngat a nih. Chu hrilfiena chu zan khat thilthua a mit voi thum zet a nuoi thu le a nuoi zo zata “Aw, ieng dinga ka mit ka hang nuoi kher kher am a na! Mi rimsi ka va ni ngei!” a ti zie hi a nih. Sakhuona khawvel, thlarau Kanan rama tui hlim cheng tam tak hin tak ram hmasuon dinga kir nawk hi an rin zuol.

Ka hril nuom tak lem chu ka tienami tawi ziekhai nek hmanin short story ziek dinga ka’n buotsai lai chanchin a nih. Kum 1958 khan a thlarau a thok ve tlat chu ni naw nim, ka tienami ziek hmasa tak ‘Sangi le Thangsiem’ chu a hung suok a. Kum 1959 khan ka ruolpa Khamlienin Kangreng tieng a chawi leh a sukhmang song a. Ka la hriet suok thei po chu drama-a inchang dingin a dialogue ka ziek sok sok a, 1962 October a Sielmata HSA General Assembly-ah kan inchang ve mop a. Kum 1964 khan pi le pu hla le inzom tienami tawi ‘Hranchon’ le ‘Zawllai’ ka ziek nawk a. Tienami puitlinga siem hman loin, lekha inchuk le competitive exam bei dinga inbuotsaia ka buoi leiin thu le hla phuok tieng ka chawlsan a. Kum 1970-a Indian Foreign Service ka zomin Hmar thu le hlaa a tllaksam tak nia ka hmu chuh tienami (novels & short stories) niin ka hriet a, chu baksamna chu phuhruk dan ding ka ngaituo a. Umzie nei deu hleka tienami ziek dan inchuk chu thaw makmaw thil nia ka hriet leiin Saptronga ziektu hmingthanghai tienami ziek, a bikin short story ka hmu thei taphot chu Delhi-a British le American Libraries-a mi hawin ka tiem a. Abikin W.Somerset Maugham ziek le Indian writers le Russian writers hai ziek ka thlur bing zuol a.

Hi ruola thil ka hmu chieng èm ém pakhat chu, tienami ziek ding chun ei ziek dinghai ram le hnam chanchin, abikin an socio- cultural history hriet chieng a trulzie le writer ni tum chun mani sor khop sociology le anthropology tieng hrietna khom nei sa a trulzie ka hmu suok a, kum hni zet chuong sabzek pahnihai chu lekhabu thraa an hril ka hriet taphot library-a inthoka hawin ka thlur bing a nih. Hieng lai hun hin ziektu hmingthang Larry Collins & Dominique Lapierre kha an hung suok a, histawri sirsana hmangin lekhabu thra tak tak an ziek a, O Jerusalem (1972) an ziek hnunga 1975-a Freedom At Midnight an hung insuo lem khan chu Indian Sub-continent chu an nghor nghing takzet a nih. Hienghai thil ziek dan hi ka rîl rem zawng tak a ni leiin, a hnunga novel le short stories ka ziek tam lem chu histawri besana bawl deu vong a nih. Chu entirna thra tak chu Zangkhaw Bungbu a ni ka ring.

Hieng mi lekha ziek ka tiem hai hin nasa takin a mi thrangpui a, tukver hrang hranga inthoka thil thlir dan a min chuktir a, ngaituona kholbing a mi thriekpek bok a. Chuong chu a ni lai zingin fimkhur a ngaina tam tak a um. Mi thu le hla ziek thra tak tak ei tiem pha leh mani insit a, mani inngaihnuoi phanaa hmang pal a ol a, chu chun phùrna a sukzuoi thei leiin fimkhur a thra. A thu ziek dan kawpi a, an thlek dán dàna thlek a, mani thlek dan bansan pal thei a nih. Chuonga i thaw chun i nina tak, Pathienin nang kha nanga a siemna che, mi bik i nina, i personality chu inhmangin, lemchang bawmah tlu lut i ta, i hlutna bo a tih. Thil ziek hi mani nina le ei sung rila ei thil pai ei puong suokna, Saptronga ‘personality projection’ a ni a, ei thlir dan, ei hmu dan, ei lungril a them dan, mani trongkam hmanga mani bau le rawl ngeia puong suok ding a nih. Thil thra inlâk ton hi khawvel dan a ni a, sienkhom mani thratpui chin ding chauh làk a, ei nina hlàn le hlie thei thil, ei sietpui thei dinghai chu hnawl thiem a thra.

Duthaw deuin zuk hril sei met inla. Ei Prime Minister hmasa tak Jawaharlal Nehru kha politician a nina nek hmana histawrian le ziektu ropui a nina khah ka ngaisang lem a. Saptrong hi thiem taktea a thiem el bakah a ziek thiem bèk bék el a. Kum nga chuong zet lung in (jail) a inthoka a naunu Indira Gandhi inchuktirna dinga khawvel histawri chanchin a ziekpek, a hnunga lekhabu pakhata an sut, Glimpses of World History dam hi classic literature a tling takzet a. MA (History) ka’n chuk nekin hi lekhabu ka tiem hin hrietna zâu lem a mi pekin ka hriet a, ka hlawkpui lem bok. A lekha ziek ka tiem nasat lai chun Saptronga lekha ka hang ziek hrim hrim hin ka hriet naw karin ama thlêkin ka lo her hlak a, ka ngaituona le kut a lo thruoi nasa hle a nih.

Hi taka inthoka thil inchuk ding chu lekhabu thra le thu ziek thra tiem a poimawzie a nih. Naupang tiem ding lekhabu thra thlang le inchawkpek dam hi nu le pa ta dinga sin poimaw tak a nih ti dam hi hriet a trûl khop el. A san chu ei thu le hla tiemin a mi thruoi nasat lei a nih. Uong thu chang naw sien, ka nauhai hi naupang tè an nia inthoka lekhabu thra le chanchin bu thra tiem thrang an ni a, Saptrong indik ngot inchuk an ni leiin lo thei loin an hung thiem suok el a nih. Eini rawi Hmar trong ziek indik thei ei vang tah hi a san bulpui kum tam ka sui hnunga ka hmu suok chu ei Baibul trongin a mi thruoi suol lei a lo nih. A mi thruoi suol a nih ti ei hriet thei naw chu thu khat, thu ei hril amanih ziek amanih changa standat deua thaw ei tum pha ei Baibul trong thlêk bokin ei thaw nawk el hlak el hi ei bo inthukzie tar langtu a nih. Insil fai tuma vok chu vok buola bok a lut nawk ang char hi a nih. Chu chu a theida nuom pawl chun theida rek hleng an tih. Thutak kotthlerah a tlu a, indikna a lut thei ta nawh ti dam hi eini ta ding ni loa mi ta dinga ziek ei sawn tlat an nawm! Ei Baibul hmang lai Hmar trong le inlet indik lo po po hai hi Rengreng vadungah ei phum hmang ngam hma chun Pathien thu him ngai naw ni a, ei trong sukhmasawnna dinga thrangmawbawk ni zing bok a tih.


Rabindranath Tagore-in Bengali tronga hla 103 a phuok lak khawm‘Gitanjali’ chu ama vekin Saptronga inletin 1912 khan a sut a. Kum 1913 khan hi hla lei hin Nobel Prize for Literature an pek a, literechar huonga Asia rama inthoka hieng ang chawimawina insang dong hmasa tak a nih. Hi hla hi Hmar trongin ka’n let a, October 29, 1973 khan ka zo a, sienkhom tu chen hin tlangzar loa la um a nih. Hieng laia ka Personal Assistant (PA) chu Bengali tlangval fel deu el, A. Bhattacharya a ni a, aman a Bengali text a kol a, inlet harsa le thu inthup deuhai chu ka’n let suol nawna dingin a Bengali text leh kan enkhi a, sin pangngai thaw pumin hun awlah ni tin kan bei hlak a nih.

Gitanjali hi thra ka ti leia nuompawnga ka zuk inlet el a ni nawh. Kan let hma kum ruk lai zet a ziektu thu ziekhai hi biin ka sui hmasa zet a nih. Kum 1967 khan Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Excise) ka zom a, Calcutta Collectorate hnuoiah trening kum thum zet kan nei hnungin Chandernagore-ah Assistant Collector sin ka zom a. Chu hma chun Alipurduar-ah thla ruk zet ka um ta bok a. Bengalihai laia thok ding chun an thu le hla ngaihlutpui hi an lungril hne theina hmangruo thra tak a ni lei le keima inhnikna infawmin, an mi ngaisang tak Rabindranath Tagore le mi dang dang thu le hla ziekhai ka tiem hlak a. Chuong hun laia inthoka ‘Gitanjali’ hi ka ngaizawng tran a nih. Gitanjali umzie chu ‘Inhlànna Hla’ a nih.

Gitanjali hi Sam ang deuh a ni lei le ringna le hrietna tienga ei mi le sahai ei la puitling tawk naw leiin, a bu-in insuttir inla, mi threnkhatin hmang suol pal an tih ti inlauna leiin tu chena sut loa ka la sie a nih. Kan let hnung kum sawmli deuthawah tu hin Mizoram University chun Mizo-Lusei tronga nei ve tumin an inlet mek a, an nei vat tah beisei a nih. Hi lekhabu ropuizie hi tlawma zawng ngaidan ei nei theina dingin, high school level-a inchuk dinga an thlang suok, hla pakhat No. 35 (Where the mind is without fear) chu hang thur lang ei tih:

Ngaituona lungril, tritna thrang ngai lo le

Mani indikna huoi taka kengkawna hmunah;

Hrietna var a zalen-engthawlna hmunah;

Intibingna bang chité tèn khawvel,

A daidan darh nawna hmunah;

Thudik rilmu anka an inhlànna hmunah;

Beirakna chawnbanin sawl dawn lo a,

Famkimna ram tieng a ban zingna hmunah;

Lungvar, zo tui anga inthieng le fîm chu,

Chìng dan triumin thlaler ram trawl vutpil lai,

An luong thamraltir nawna hmunah;

Ngaituona le thilthawah chunghnung zuol pei dinga,

Nangman lungril i thruoina hmunah;

Chu zalen-engthawlna van rama chun aw Pa,

Kan ram hai ang thrang raw se.

Delhi Version (2002-2007)

Ka thilthaw lai po poa inbuotsainaa hun ka hmang rawn tak chu Baibul (Hmar), Delhi Version tia hriet inlet le sut a nih. Thangngurin, “Ka hma khalin hnuoi tieng a mi lo dom” a ti ang khan, ka hriet naw lai khomin hi sin poimaw hi thaw dingin Iengkim Lalpa chun a mi lo buotsai a nih ti le chu mawphurna laka inthoka inhlip thei ka ni naw thu hi ka penson hmaa ka na rila ka thu dong chu a nih. Chieng êm èma ka thu donghai chu: (1) Naupang tè i ni laia inthoka thu le hla inhnikna le trong chîk taka inchuk chàkna petu che le chu chu bawzui pei thei dinga lampui sielpektu che chu ka nih; (2) Baibul tiem peina le tiem inhnikna petu che, inlet thrat a trulzie hrea invoina lungril inneitirtu che, chu thila chanchinbua thu huoi taka ziek ngamna petu che, i sum le pai seng ngai loa Baibul ram le a se vel rama thruoia infangtirtu che le chu thila lekhabu inziektirtu che chu ka nih; (3) Kum sawm hnungah Gospel Centenary in hmang hma ngeia hnam dang sum le pai pek khawm ni lo, nangni thaw suok ngei hmanga Baibul inlet le sut dingin ka ruot che a nih.

Ka nun a hmatiema ka hang suikir takluo chun thu le hla tienga ka lo inhnikna le inhmangna hai, thiem tuma trong ka lo inchuk ngat ngat dam, lekha inchuk a, history le literature ka lo thlùr bing dam, hla siem a, thusep le artikul ziek a, tienami ka lo phuok dam, foreign service ka lut leia sorkar thä hmanga Baibul ram ka fang chip dam le thil dang dang ka lo thaw le buoipui hai chu Baibul inletna dinga trening ka lo lakna vong a nih ti ka hmu suok a. Trening ka lo lakna zara chun India rama sorkar sin insang tak chen lo zom phakin, ka thaw ding tak ka thaw hma daiin hamthratna tam tak ka lo sîk dèr tah a nizie dam chu ka zuk hmu chieng zuol pei a. Matthai 6:33 a Isu ngeiin, “hieng po po hi a pek belsa ding cheu a nih” a ti indikzie chu ka nunah inhmai ruol a ni nawh.

Amiruokchu, keima tieng thaw ding tam tak a um. Chu dinga nasa taka ka’n buotsai lawk chu a ngai bok. Thu inlet dan kalhmang (art & technique of translation) nasa taka inchûk a ngai. Baibul inlet sin hi trong inlet el ni loin thu inlet sin a nizie hriet chieng a ngai bok. Trong inlet ringot a ni chun a umzie hriet thei der loa insuo châng a um thei a, thu inlet a ni ruok chun a umzie a phok fuk a, hriet theiin a suok hlak. Mi thiemhai thaw dan inchuk a ngai a, chu ding chun mani trong ang chara thiema hnam dang trong pahni bek hriet a ngai. French tronga mi Saptronga an inlet dan inchûk tum sia Saptrong chauh ei thiem chun thil thei a ni nawh. A thei dan um sun chu an inlet dan chîk taka Saptronga an soi chipna lekhabu zong a ngai. Chun, Baibul an inlet dan chanchin el bakah chang hrang hrang an inlet dan dam, a thu chieng lo (textual corruption) an inlet dan chi hrang hrang dam, pawl hrang hrangin anni trânghma kei zawnga an inlet leia danglamna um hai dam, Hebrai le Grik tronga thumal threnkhat, umzie inril tak nei, Saptronga a tlukpui a um naw leia chieng lo taka an sie, entirnan Hebrai 11:1 a Grik thumal ‘hupostasis’ ti, KJV an inlet laia a umzie tak an hriet naw leia ‘substance’ tia an sie ringot dan dam, a ngiel a ngana (literal/textual) inlet am, an naw leh a umzie phok suok zawng trongkam hmanga inlet (contextual) ding ti dam hriet fie a ngai.

Chu khêla chun rawn ding Bible Concordance, Dictionary, Commentary le Version hrang hrang dorzon khat bek, nei a ngai a. Chu nêk hmana trangkai lem chu Bible Software thra, zong sawl rak ngai loa computer hang hmeta ei thil dithai suok zung zung thei, nei a ngai. Chu ding chun a tlawm takah computer pahni bek hmang a ngai bok. Ka thaw dan chu, ka laptop-ah Bible Sofware ka mamawhai chu cheng sing nga chuong man ka thun a, chu chu ka voi tieng dawkan chungah ka sie a, ka chang tieng ka Personal Computer (PC) ah ka thu inlethai chu ka sut thlak a. Delhi tlanga nisa suok hun dar 7-ah ka dawkanah ka thrung tran a, zan dar khat chen chawl loin ka thaw ngat ngat a. A châng chun a luong zuoi zuoi a, a châng ruok chun sentence khat chauh luok suok pawta sunnithlaka buon châng a um. Chuonga sawl phal loa thaw peiin, Thuthlung Thar, Sam le Thuvar inkop chu March 8, 2004 ah, Baibul pumpui chu October 7, 2007 khan kan tlangzar hman a nih. Hi hi inbuotsai lawkna thra nei naw chun thil harsa el khom ni loin hun tawite sunga thaw thei lo tluk a nih.


Inbuotsai lawk poimawzie tar langna dinga ka tonhriet pathum ka hung hrila inthoka hlawkna iemani bek lo hmu pha an um chun, chu chu ka kut sawl lawmman a nih. Inbuotsai lawkna thra nei chu thaw hmaa sin chenve zo ang a nih. Olsam taka thaw zung zung thei thil hrim hrim chu thra awm fua inlang khom a tlo ngai nawh. Phaiphin chunga bawl le lungpui chunga bawl in hang danglamzie hriltu kha Isu Krista a nih. Tlanna sin thaw dinga Lalpan a lampui a buotsai lawk neka inbuotsaina nasa, ropui le hlawtling a la um ngai nawh. Chu chu a nih Tirko Paulan, “Iengkim siemtu Pathien kuoma chatuona inthoka thuruk um, a lo remruot lawk, Lalpa Isu Kristaa a hung hlen suok” (Efesi 3:9-11) thu a hril kha. (January 20, 2012 Delhi)

*About the author: Keivom is a retired Indian foreign diplomat and well-known writer of the Hmar Mizo Community.

Ziektu: Pu L. Keivom*, Inpui Columnist 

A man without a plan is not man. -Freidrich Nietzsche

Manipur simthlang bielin Gospel Zabili ei hmang zo hnungin kum khat chu ei lo suo nawk dèr el tah. Zabili khèl tienga dinga thupuia ei thlang chu ‘Hmar tieng panin’ ti a nih. Kong hrang hrangah ieng chen am hma tieng ei pan ti mi tinin hang insût inla, ei donna chu inang naw thei hle dingin ka ring. Danglamna siemtu poimaw laia a pikhawi chu tum nei le nei lo a ni ka ring.

Tum chieng tak nei, an tum hlen suok dinga hma lakna ding hrie, a hlawk thei dan taka thrang lak dan ding hisap diem mi, an hisap anga a tluong naw khoma remhrietna hmanga a tluong lem dan ding dap suok pei mi an um a. Chuong mihai chu dannarain an tlatna muol sengah mi hlawtling an ni deu tèi. Threnkhat chu tum nei, an tum hlen suok dan ding ruok chu ngaituo chîk loa pawng nor an um. Remhrietna an hmang tlawm a, sawl rak lona dinga khom sawl takin an nor a, hlawtling ngiel ngiel khom an um a, sienkhom an rimsi. Threnkhat nawk ruok chu tum neia inngai, an tum tak khom hre mumal lo, a hlenna dinga inbuotsai dan ding khom hre lo le ngaisak lo an um. Mi hausa an hmu leh hausa, mi thiem an hmu leh thiem insang ve, hla sak thiem an hmu leh thiem ve, inkhel thiem an hmu leh thiem ve an nuom a. An lung puok sung sawt nawte chu an phûr hlut a, sienkhom an dai sawt ngai nawh. A thren nawk ruok chu tum khom nei lo, tum lo khom nei lo, tuipuia thingbong inlang anga inlâng, tuifawnin a hnawkna tieng tienga inlêng, an um.

A ieng pawl lai am ei thrang ti chuh mani seng inngaituo dingin sie inla. Kum thar 2012 chu ei phok tran mek a. Kum dang ang bokin ni 365, chawlkar 52, thla 12, ni tin darkar 24, darkar tinah minit 60, minit tinah sekhon 60 tho a ni ding a nih. Hi hun hi ei umna hnuoi invir hrat dan le nisa a hêl suokna dinga hun a lak zat besana inkhi a nih. A tak taka ruok chu hun hi a thar amanih a hlui amanih, a liem tah amanih a la hung ding amanih a um nawh. Hun chu um zing, danglam ngai lo, Present Tense a nih. Chîmbuka inthoka Mosie zawna hung dontuin UM ZING CHU KA NIH (Exodus 3:14) a ti leh khan an inzawl hle. Hun chu Pathien a nih. Thilsiem umphung chu inthlak danglam zing a ni laiin HUN chu “TU HIH’ (Present Tense) a ni zing. Hun chu, kong danga hril chun, CHATUON a nih. Ei pi le puhaiin Iengkim Pathien hminga ‘Khawzing’ an lo ti khah ‘Khuo+Zing’ tina a ni a, chu chun ieng lai khoma Khuo (Pathien) ni zing a kawk ve tlat leiin ei pi le puhai ngaituona thla ki khan a lo hol inthuk khop el.

Ei thil hril ding takah lut inla. Kha hma ang bok khan tuta le chatuon chenin, tu khom ni khatah darkar 24 neka tam pek bik ei um nawh. Hun hauh bik amanih nei tlawm bîk tu khom ei um nawh. Chun, Pathien ei ring amanih ring naw amanih thua khawvel hi inher ni loin, ama remruot sa, khuorel anga inher a ni lem. Paulan Athens mihai kuoma, “Ama leiin ei hring a, ei chang a, ei um a ni si a” (Tt. 17:28) a ti dam hi ringtu ei ni bik leia thil tlung ni loin, khawvel le a sunga chenghai umphung dinga Pathienin a rel lawk sa anga inher a nizie thu a hrilna a nih. Chu khuorel intlungtirtu tak chu ‘Hriet Lo Pathien’ tia an lo ko khah a nizie thu le chu Pathien thu chu tlanginsampuitu a nizie thu var takin a hril fie tawl a nih.

A sukchiengna dingin entirna pakhat hang hril inla. Chu chu hnuoiin hîpna (gravitation) a nei hi a nih. Vana tiem seng lo arasi bawr danghai ang bokin, ei umna hnuoi le leivir (planets) danghai chu nisain boruokah a hîp tàng a, a hìp tàngna kuol sengah nisa an hêl a, a hnai deuhaiin an hèl suok inrang a, a hla deuhaiin an hèl suok intak a. Nisa hêltu leivir (planet) tin chun hìpna thä an nei seng bok a, an hìp phak thei chin an hìp tâng seng a. Ei hmu phaka um arasi bawr lien (galaxy) Thlasik Trumkong (Milky Way) ringota khom hin chuong anga inhîp tuo chu arasi tlukledingawn (tda) 160 neka tam an um a, an invir mup mup el a nih. Ei nisa khom hin mani tum tawk vanzêmah ti angin sekhon khatah km 250-a hrata fein Thlasik Trumkonga arasi (nisa) dang, var kum 32000 a hlaa um chu a hêl ve a, voi khat a hèl suokna dingin hnuoi kum tiemin kum maktaduai 225 a lak a nih. Chu chu nisa ta dinga kum khat a nih.

Hi an inhîpna thä hi bo thut tah sien chu mitkhapkarloin vanvel le hnuoi le a sunga cheng le thil umhai hi inchek dar vong a tih. A um dan ding awma ka suongtuo chu Delhi Version-a Genesis 1:2, ‘ruongâm mumal la nei lo” tia kan inlet ang kha a nih. Chu hîpna dàn (gravitational law) chu hnuoi le boruoka thilsiem po poin ei hmang a, thrung le ngir le lawn theiin ei um a nih. Chu thila chun Pathien ei ring le ring nawin thu a phur nawh; ama remruot dan anga inher el a nih. Hi hi khuorèl (natural law) dan ei ti chu a nih.

Inchuktirna thra, sienkhom ei hmang suol tam tak a um. Pakhat chu, a ram le a felna zong hmasa phot a, thil dang po po khom pek belsaa um ding ti inchuktirna hi a nih (Mat 6:33). Piengthar hmasa phot a, a dang mamawhai chu autawmatiks-a hung luong lut zung zung ding ni awma ngai pawl le chuong anga inzirtir pawl khom chu ei um. I piengthar a, i sin ding i thaw si naw chun i hmabak chu hlawsamna chauh ning a tih. Piengthar inti iengang la khom i lekha tiem ding i tiem si naw chun i piengtharnain sunhang khat khom thrangpui naw ni che; i puonkhawng ding tet khat khom tetpek naw ni che a; i thlaisuong ding suongpek bok naw ni che. Voi za tam inkhawmah fe la khom i lekha tiem ding khah tiem sain um naw ni a, nangmaa hrietna luong lut ding kha far khat khom lut bok naw nih. Tirko Paula lem chun, “Sin thaw pei lo chun a fak khom fa naw raw se” (2 Thes 3:10) a ti top el a nih. ‘Piengthar inti, Kristien Samdal’ hai hi a theida hle a, bu ngheiin thi hai sien khom an chan ding hrimah a ngai hmel khop el. Sung tin, kohran tinin hi pawlisi hi hmang ve inla chu, ei ngirhmun inkâng awk awk el a tih.

Pathien ‘ram’ a tlungna mihriem, sungkuo le kohrana inhril si, Samdal anga zàl puma malsawmna hung far thla ding trongtraia lo inchàn mi ei ni chun, Pathien thu umzie ei man threlh tìna a nih. A tù rawnin an sîk treuna, a tù tlawmin an sik tlawmna (2 Kor 9:6) khawvelah chuong mi le hnam ta ding chun dam khawsuokna lampui a um nawh. Hnuoia hin hausakna le thilthawtheina tinreng Pathienin a phum sâ a ni a, thiemna, lungvar, taimakna, remhrietna le tumrùna le thrang la nasâ sàin an huot dok rawn el a nih. Boruok fawn hmangin internet thawtuhai chun khawvel inbiekpawna le indawrtuona hi chalaiin sum tam tak an hmu a, inhmatonin ei inbiek a, kha hmaa chanchin hmu thei lo dinga ngaihai chen khom kha voi khat hmetin ei hmaah an hung inlang el a nih. Sumdawng thiem Marwarihai chun Baibul chang hlek khat khom a hriet naw el thei. Sienkhom a hnam pumin a hausa naw pawl laia pakhat khom ei tluk zo tlat naw thei bok. Pathienin hnuoia hausakna a sie sa eini neka huot dok rawn dan le sukhlawk dan a thiem lem lei a nih. Hrietna, thiemna, varna, remhrietna, tumruna le taimakna hai hi ni tin khawsaknaa hma tieng pana mi thruoitu dinga hmangraw poimaw an nih.

Civilisation hrang hrang sawmthum chuongin hi khawvel hi an hluo ta a, an inkhak a, an insor tuo a, damten varna le thiemna tienga hmasawn lemhai chun a hmasahai chu an hung hluo-hlan pei a. Iemani chena inthok khan Christian Civilisation ei ti, Western Civilisation tia hriet bok chun khawvel a thruoi a, sienkhom a thä a hung chuoi tiel tiel a, kha hma daia ropui taka khawvel civilization lo thruoitu Asian civilization hung vul thar chun hma hung lain, China le India chu khawvela hmasawn hrat tak an hung ni tah mek a nih. Hma lo thruoi hmasatu Japan ram le hmasawnna tienga lu lokhai hi kristien ram pakhat khom an um nawh. Chuleiin, kristien ram ni leia hmasawnna le changkangna chabi neitu anga an lo hril hlak kha Pathien thu le ngai fin chu a him ta nawh.

Gospel Zabili 2010 ei hmang sunga thu le hla ziektu le hriltu tam takin ei hril uor chu kristien ei ni leia lekha inchukna tienga hma ei sawn hrat thu a nih. Chu thil le inkopa ei hril sa rop chu Chanchin Thra hung tlung naw sien, thing bul lung bul bea ei la’n thawi zing an ring thu a nih. Hi thukhawchang hi chik deuh meta ei bi non ngaiin ka hriet. British-haiin an mi op sung khan inchukna tieng anni kuta um a ni leiin, lekhathon ziek thei le Baibul tiem thei ei ni bak chunga mi hlangkai kha an tum naw a, inchuk zomna ding high school hong lem kha chuh a trul tongkhongna hmuna naw chu an remti nawh. Mizorama khom an tlawm ding ruoiin high school ngir an phal chauh a nih. Lekha tieng ei hung leikâng met chun ei chanah lungawi nawng ei ta, anni lakah ei hel an inlau a nih.

Manipur simthlang biela ei ngirhmun ei en chun India ramin zalenna a hmua inthoka kum nganaah 1951 khan Pherzawlah High School hmasa tak a hung ngir a, chu ra suok chu Matric tling an hung suok tran a, chuonghai chun college an hung kai a, a threnin engineering le pharmacist an inchuk bok a. Chu chu thiemna tienga bulthrut ei hung rem tak tak tran hun a nih. Chik taka ei sui chun, ei mi thiem tam lem hi India ramin zalenna a hmu hnunga secular educational institution ra suok deuh vong an nih. Kohran chun iemani chenah, primary/middle level-ah a mi thrangpui bak chuh thiemna tieng a mi dom sang hle ti hril ding a vang khop el. Khang hun laia India rama inchukna in thra deuh hleka ngai chu kristienhai ta a ni tlangpui a, chu chu India ram puma khom a ni vong a, eini laia thil um bik a ni nawh. Hun a hung fe pei a, college le damdawi in thraa hril chu secular institution an hung ni tah lem a, kristienhai enkolhai chun chau tieng an hung pan tiel tiel tieng lem vong a ni tah.

Chuleiin, kristien intihai hin ei ngirhmun hi a thara ei inbi non ngaiin ka hriet. Kristien indik tak chu Krista ringtu a nih. Ringtu a nina hriltu chu a thilthaw a nih. Ringna hi thilthaw thrang lo chun thil thi a nih. Ringtu inti si, thil thra thaw si lo chu ringtu thi a nih. Ringtu thi le ui thi sain tlaktlaina an nei nawh. Ringtu intiin inchei vurin leng suok inla, ei tuola dhoti keia trop bara a sin taima taka thaw hlak, ei hmusit em em kha a thil bata lain amanih, a sum pukpek si inla, chu pain a lungril taka a mi hmu dan ding chu hisap buoi khom a ngai nawh. Ei hmusit rok, milem biea ei hril leh khan eini Pathien tak betua insie kha Competitive Exam ei thaw ve ve a, rizal a hung suok a, ama hming chu fie kuouin khi khi khi vah, eini hming ruok chu boruok mong nei lo, khuorkhuruma thlak angin hmu zo ni ta rêng rèng lo! Chu huna chun i thiempu suongtawlol khah thruoiin vaipa kuomah kampênin fepui la, “Keini Pathien hring betu kan nih” tiin va hril ngiel la, i thu a lak i ring am?

‘Thuruksek’ ti chauh naw chuh hlaw i nei naw el thei. Ieng leiin am? ‘Ringtu’ inti pa/nu khan ei Pathien ‘hring’ kha Pathien ‘thi-ah’ inchangtirin, ei sukmuolpho tlat annawm! Baal maicham buotsaituhai Elija’n a ela, “Khêk inring deu ro khai! In pathien chu a ni chie sia maw! A’n ngaituo vung vung amanih, a buoi amanih, a’n zin hmang amanih khom ni rawi naw nim. An naw leh a in a, kei tho a ngai khom ni bâng a tih” (1 Lal 18:27) a ti ang khan mi ti ve hai sien, intlansieknaah an hnung tieng khom ei hmu phak si naw chun, ieng am hril tang ei ta?

Pitarte thlanpuk fangin, “Mithihai, a zâl am in um a thrung?” tia trap hla an zawt a, a nakawr a dei leia thia inngaia thlana lo thrung Sura’n “A thrung khom kan um; a zâl khom kan um” a lo ti hlut leia thlabara a tlan siet ang el khan, kha hmaa All India Civil Services Exam-a eini rawi hming kum tin hmu ve ding a um zut lai kha ei riel sawt tah èm leiin, kum tam danah pakhat amanih a mongkhawna ei hung inlang kek khomin maktiin pitarte angin ei tlan se vê vàng el chu a ni tah hi tie! Hi hi gospel ra suok, pulpit tlanga inthoka ei suong thu ei hril vet hi a ni tlat si chun, eini-ah thudikin hmun a chang ta naw khom a ni el thei.

Ei ngirhmun hi inbi nona ei ngirna tak ei hriet chieng a thra. Gospel zara taksa le thlarau tienga hamthratna le hmasawnna tam tak ei dong nia ei hriet hi eini level-a chu ropui hle-in ei ngai khom a ni thei a, mi dang le ei inhrilkhi chun suong a um naw vieu el thei a nih. Ringtu tak tak ei ni chun ringtu ei nizie thilthawin tar lang ei tiu. Ringtu indik tak chu a taimain a ringum ding a nih. Thil thra thaw dinga Krista Isua siem le buotsai lawk, Pathien kutsuok ringtu chu khawvel hnea ngamtu a ni leiin a thawna taphotah mi hlawtling a ni ding a nih. Chu chu Reformation hun laia an thupui tak, khawvel chunga Europe ram inlengtirtu a nih. Hlawtling ding chun tum nei a ngai a, tum hlen ding chun theina po po le remhrietna po po hmanga phan lawk a, hma nor a ngai a, thaw thei loa mi ngai khom Pathien hratna hmanga theina po po leh thaw a ngai. Tum nei ei tiu. Tum nei le nei lo, thaw tum le thaw inkar hi hnuoi le van ang a nih. (Delhi, January 14, 2012).

Hi thu hih ei zuk hril san chu ringtu inti, Pathien thu awia inngai, Pathien le a thu umzie hre fie si lo, inbikrukna le zie thupna dinga hmaithinghawnga hmang pawl ei tam lei a nih. Iengkim umphung ding reltu, Iengkim Lalpa, iengkim siemtu le iengkim chunga thuneitu, iengkima um, a hming khom ‘Immanuel’ ti ni si kha naset bieka biek ei chìng a. A thren lem chun naupang fel deuh dârah bena ei inpak angin, “chawimawi le inpâk tlak Pathien hring chu i nih” dam ei ti tah mei mei a. A thren ruok chun, ei sekibusuoka ngaiin, ni tin ei fak khop mi pe ding le suol dinga mi thlêm hlaktu ni awm takin, chu thlemna sin chu ei chungah thaw lo dingin ei hni a. A tak ruok chun, hleprûk treuh theina ngirhmunah mi sie sien, khu rum rumin hang che inla ti hi ei duthusam ruk tak chu a ni bok si. Chu chu MLA inthlanga ngir tam tak duthusam khom a ni el thei. A thren nawk chun, Nepali bawng chingtu anga ran chingtua hmangin, ‘Lalpa chu ka berampu a nih’ ei ti bok a. Berama inngai loin, beram neitu le a vengtu sortu ngirhmunah ei insie a nih. Tu lai lem chu, berampuhaiin an beramhai enkola chawm tlei nekin, an beramhaiin anni chawm le enkol lem a, an mamaw po po phuhrukpek an ngiet tah lem khom a hoi.

Hang hril sei met inla. Pathiena mi pathum (Trinity) um ei ring dan khom hi a fûk chie naw niin a’n lang. Ei ring thu ei insam duol duol a, a taka ei indawrpui dan ruok chu a khuongruol naw khop el. Kristmas vuok vet lai hi Trinity thila ei fie lai tak ding ni awm tak, ei buoi zuol lai a ni zie. ‘Thu’ chu ‘tisa’ ah ei inchangtir chur chur a, tisa thil hlak chu Trinity laia mi ‘Pa’ suklawm thei lo le ‘Thlarau Thienghlim’ le inkal tlat a ni thu ei inchuktir bok si! ‘Thu’ chu ‘tisa’ ni loa mihriem ‘taksa’ ngei puta a hung inchangna kristmas umzie hmu fie lo chun Trinity umzie hi hriet fie ruol a ni nawh.

*The author is a retired Indian foreign diplomat and well-known author in the Hmar Mizo Community of Northeast India.

January ni 28, 2012 pha Manipur Assembly election ding le inzawmin zani khan Nomination file ta hai hming tlangzar a ni a, Tipaimukh Constituency a in-candidate hai chu:-

1. Chaltonlien Amo - INC
2. Dr L Fimate - AITC
3. Nrurrivung - IND
4. Hmangkhum Joute - IND
5. H Sanglawm - Jai Maha Bharat Party
6. Ngursanglur - IND an nih.

Via SInlengNews

HSA aiin Hmar inchuklai popo le mipui chibai  ka buk cheu. Kum 2012 hmu thei dinga Pathien malsawmna ei dawng leiin Ama kuoma lawmthu um raw se. Sikul naupang, kut sin thawtu, rawngbawltu, office kai le mani sin sengah fak zawng hai kum 2012 hi ‘Hlawtling kum’  a ni ngei theina dingin ei hma zawn sengah \hahnem ngai le ti takzetin hma  la thar nawk dingin ei in ngen a nih. Sin zawng mek le tum ram dang dang hnawt  a exam pe ding hai khawm ditsakna le hlawtlingna insang tak hmu ngei dingin taima le tumru insuo a, \hang la dingin ei  ngen in ei in ditsak bawk a nih.

HSA \huoitu hmun dang danga um hai chu ei biel sengah  inchuklaihai ta dinga \hah-nem ngai nawk zuola  hma la dingin ei infui a; chu ruol chun tu khawm in, khaw  lai khawm election Politics a fihlim hram dingin ei in cha  bawk a nih.
Ei hnam hmasawnna dingin ei rengin \hang ruol a kal chawi hi ei vawisun hun hin a mi phut a nih ti hrie zing pumin ei umna khuo, veng le ram sungah  ‘thaw ro’ ti changchawia inlungruolna vadunga luong tlang dingin ei in fiel a nih.

Kum thar hi ei ta dingin malsawmna kum ni ngei raw se.

Sd/- Lalthlamuana Hmar
HSA Gen. Hqrts

Hmar Students’ Association, Bangalore Branch is preparing a calendar for the public. The calendar features various Hmar traditional attires and is expected to be ready by January 7, 2012.

Below is the soft copy of the calendar.  If you want one or two or three or want to know the price, contact HSA Bangalore officials by visiting www.hmararasi.org     

By L.Keivom, Inpui.com Columnist

Heihah! Sawl zawnga inkhi chun sak tieng nghaa tang deu zing el chu sawl a um ve tho a nih. Kum 2011 chu ka ta dingin India hmar sak tienga inzin kum a ni ringot. Delhi nekin hmar sakah ka khawsa rawn lem ni ding a na, London-a inthoka chawl hmanga kan naulutir Margaret Thangmawi a hung tlung chun kan nuin, “Kan mikhuolpa hin in a ngaisak hman nawh; a châng po leh a mi hung kan luot hman chauh a nih” tiin a lo ripawt. Inthiem a um ve tho. In lo nghakpui ding January 8 khan nau thar kan nei leiin inzin ka hang âm deu a nih.

‘Sak’ amanih ‘Suo’ tieng hril tah laklaw si chun la hang tuihni met inla. Zo hnathlak chi bing hming an phuok laia eini rawi ngirhmun le inzawl tak hming chu Saksuok (Chhakchhuak) a ni ka ring. Sak rama inthoka hung suok vong ei ni tlat leiin ei inpêm dar pei hnunga ei hmun inson thu ei hrilna trongkam khom ieng dang ni loin ‘thlangtlak’ ti a nih. Hmar tieng amanih sim tieng amanih panhai khom hmartlak le simtlak ti loin ‘thlangtla’ ei ti vong. Mingohai, abikin America rama inpêmhaiin tronglamkei ‘westward movement’ an ti char hi ei thaw ve a nih. India rama chenghai, abikin Aryan le Dravidian hai hin ‘thlangtlak’ ti hih an nei ve naw niin ka hriet. Eini rawi chu nisa ang ei nih: sak tienga inthokin ei suok a, thlang ei tla. Ei ngaituona khomin sak ram a dap a; ei lunglengna khomin, hla phuok thiem Damhauhva dungthulin, sak ram a sun tlat a nih.

Tukram lêntu a kai chiai e, chhak tiang daiah,

Truahpui, vau kan zêm thinlai a zing riai e.

72-piengcham lawmna: Aizawlah

Kum 2011 chu ka ta dingin ‘lawmpui kum’ tia ko tlâk a nih. Ka mang khoma ka lo beisei phak ngai der lo, Tv. Lal Remruata Varte, ZOlife magazine le Zo Infotech neituin kum 72 ka suona champha chu nuoi iemani zat sengin Aizawl tlanga ropui taka lawm a hung rot tlat el a, ami barakhai hle. Chuonga lawm a hung rot tah si chun lekhabu pakhat bek buotsai chu thil thaw awm nia ka hriet leiin ka thu ziek iemani zat thlang khawm chu Mizo-Lusei le English trongin kan buoipui chûk chûk a, L.KEIVOM THUKHAWCHANG 1 kan sut a. Ka piengcham lawm ni July 15 ringotin kawpi za tam a liem duok a, thla khat sungin kawpi a sanga tiem a liem hman a nih. Remchanga lain, thralai mi thiem ruol le ram le hnam thua zalen taka inpawlna bakah Pachhunga University College-a Faculty & Students, Department of Mizo haiin thu le hla ruoi an buotsai bok a. Ngaihruina thu mawi tak el Department of Mizo-in an mi peka chun hieng hin an ziek a:

Mawlna leh atna ram tlanchhuahsan tura i beih dan te, retheihna leh harsatna luipui hrang hrang dai kai a, mihring mihrinna leh eizawnna lamah hlawhtlinna tlang i chuangchhuak thei hi kan ngaisang che a.

Chu mai ni lovin, lei taksa, sum leh pai leh tisa rothil dangte a tawihral vek hnu pawha ral ve lova, mawi taka parchhuak reng tur thu leh hla tha leh mawi kan hnam tana min hnutchhiah zawng zawngte hi kan ngaihlu takmeuh a, lunghlu tha mi angin kan vawng tha zel dawn a ni.

Leilung hunbi chhiara kum 72 ral i lo kai ta hi kan lawmpui em em che a; Zo hnam leh mihring nun tana malsawmna thlentu la ni zel turin Chung Pathianin vengin, hualhim zel che rawh se.



Dated Aizawl

The 19th July, 2011

Moneitu thrien dangdai

Ka beisei phak lo bok chu David Buhril nuhmei neia thrien dinga a mi fiel tlat kha a nih. Ama nek hin kum sawmliin ka pieng hmasa a, ka naupa a tlum tak nekin kum sariin a naupang lem. A hre taphot maktiin an innui. Zoram khawvela moneitu thriena thranga chuh a upa tak le mi suknui rawn tak ka ni el thei. A dangdai bok hrim a nih.

Thil dangdai pahnina chu an inneina hmun a nih. Pansak-panthlang innei an ni chu thu dang ni sien, David Buhril hai panthlang, an ram pekah biekbuk a um a, inkhawm pei naw deu chang khoma an bathlara inthoka thu hril ngaithlak phak a nih. Sienkhom, innei kha an in kota Happy Heart School compound lien le inhoi tak tuolzawlah puon in pathum zarin, nisa, thla le arasi le mi huoltu tlang mawi tak tak hai mit hmu le uopna hnuoiah kan thaw tlat a nih. December 14, 2011 khan chu khawvel khom hlimin a’n nui ver ver niin ka hriet. Samari nu kuoma Nazaret tlangval thukhawchang, “Hi tlanga kher naw khom” ti anga, ‘Biekbuk sunga kher naw khom” ti ri lungril naa hre phak lo, biekbuk sung ngeia innei hi thienghlim le felfai bik dinga ngaina khawvel thring taka chenghai ngaia chu thil dangdai a ni hrim a nih. Hieng ang thil thaw nachang hriet hih, tisa le thisen inhriettirna ringota inthoka suok chu a ni naw hmel khop el. A hrim hrim thuin, ei biekbukhai hi sumdawngna le pawl innghirnghona zun le êk thaknaa ei hmang porche nasat tak leiin, Isu ngeiin Jerusalema Tempul a hmu dan leh khan a danglam ta naw el thei. Ei sungrila ‘tempul’ hi hluo tlâka a fai le fai naw hi a nih a poimaw tak lem chuh.

Thil dangdai dang chu minit nga sung vel chauha kutinsuina tak chu kim tak sia kan zo thei kha a nih. Inneitirtu Pastor Samuel kha pa fel hrim hrim a ni el bakah a la tlangvalin a tulai bok a, innei hun hi sarmon thlak hun a ni nawzie a hriet a, a thaw ding tak chauh a thaw a, kan zo nghal a. Sienkhom, ei thil ching nghokum, mi kei châitu ni rop, sietni thratnia prokram sukporchetu, mi hrang hrangin a lang khera thu insama thilpek an inhlan hlak ruok chu sukbo hrâm kan tuma chu kan hlawsam a nih. Hi thil hi ei lemdernain a hring suok, video a hung suok hnunga ei hung uor zuol, siet-thrata ei fangson taphot sukporchetu a nih. Hnam changkanghai chun thilpek pekna pindan an ruot a, chu taka chun ei pek a, prokram a chokbuoi ngai nawh. Eini chuh mi hmua inlang phet phet ei tum leiin hi thil hi ei thaw a nih. A san bul ei sui chik lem chun Matthai 6:1-2 zawmtu dinga ngai kohran hi a kaikuongpa tak a ni el thei. Shakespeare (The Merchant of Venice) in, “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose” (Setan khomin a trânghma kei zawngin Pathien thu a changchawi thei) a ti ang khan Isu’n thilpêk pèk dan ding a hril (Mat 6:1-2) kha Matthai 5:16 changchawiin Isu hmûr bok hmangin ei inselthlaktir dèr ngam a nih. Ei huoisen dan hi a dangdai khop el.

Eini lai innei chu “Moin mo neitu hmel chauh, a thlir angin kei khom” ti hlaa mipuiin ei inawi dup dup naw chun a kal kim loa ngaina a um. Hi innei dangdaina pakhat nawk chu inneina velvuol zoa trongtraia an khar zoin insukhlimna prokram-in a zui nghal a. Damsunga nupa ni dinga hmangaina biethu an thlungna ni a ni leiin hmangaina hla (love song) le hla lenglawngin ‘Pistol Puokruk’ le Sinlung Superstar Laltuoklien hai, Kanghlingpa Lalthankung Tusing hai, le ‘Thlawibuong Hmel thra’ phuoktu Zaituokung hai rawiin an mi’n awi a, mit le na a tlai hle. A gospel nawh ti pawl ruok chu um an tih-beiruol inkhawm ni nghal lo chuh!

Keivom Nite

Churachandpur laia an la thaw ngai zen zen lo, Keivom Nite hmang chu Sinlung Indigenuous Peoples Human Rights Organisation (SIPHRO) President David Buhril-in a nuhmei nei zo zing nawk December 16, 2011-ah a hung rot a. Thla thuma inhmain Khawmawi-Ramthar nunghak-tlangval ruolin a pawla sak dingin ka hla phuok an inchuk tlut tlut a. David Buhril hlak chu a nuhmei nei ding nek hmanin ‘Keivom Nite’ buoipuiin a a buoi lem a. A hun ding a hung hnai chun lekhabu pakhat bek hi zana tlangzar ding buotsai chu thra dingin ka ngai a. July thlaa lekhabu kan insuo ang boka ka artikul ziek sa thlang khawm, a bua siem chu ngaituonaa hung inlang hmasa tak a. Chuonga thaw chun ni sawm sunga zo el thei ni dingin kan ring a. Sienkhom, ka ngaituonaah thu thar a hung lut a, ‘IMPRESSIONS’ ti thu mal hi ka mitthlaah a hung inlang a, ka naah an ri zing bok a. Isun a zirtirhai kuomah, “Mihaiin tu am an mi ti a?” a ti ang khan, ruol thra le hmelhriet, ka ditsakhai le mi ditsaktuhaiin an mi hmu dan, an chanchin le inzomin hung ziek hai sien, chu chu lekhabuin siem inla, a ziektuhai autobiography ni bok, ka biography ni bok a ni ding a ni leiin chanchin suina thra tak, historical value insang tak nei thei ni dinga ringna a um a.

November thla bul khan a ziek nuom nuomin hung ziek dingin chanchinbu le website hrang hrangah Siphro-in fielna a’n suo chùk chûk a. Mi mal kuomah a hrana fielna ruok chu siem a ni nawh. Mizoram tienga bawzui sin chu Lala Khobung le Lal Remruata Varte mawphurnaah kan sie a; Manipur tienga bawzuitu dingin David Buhril le Buonga (Vanlalhlun Tryte) kan dande a; khawvel hmun danga mi po Lalremlien Neitham le ka kutah. Phek 150 vel bek ni sien kan ti a, a hung hmasa sa editing kan thaw pei a. December 10 hma ngeia sut zo naw chun kan chawi hman naw ding a ni leiin mi lo la nghak dinga ngenna tam tak um sien khom December 4 khan kan khar a, ni 5 khan setting kan zo a, ni 6-in final editing le proofreading kan thaw a, ni 7-ah press-ah kan pek a, ni 9 zan dar 10-ah tlangzarnaa hmang ding kawpi 50 an hung thak hman a nih.

Lekhabu puitling, phek 309-a sa, mi 40 chuong lekha ziek hieng anga inranga buotsai le sut zo hi a tam ka ring nawh. Editing hi thil hautak a ni leiin, kar hni sung chu darkar 4-5 chauh inna hun ka nei hman trawk a nih. Hi Iekhabu hi December 16, 2011 khan auto-pu, thu-mi Lal Remlien Neitham-in Keivom Nite-ah khùn takin a tlangzar a, ka lawm takzet. Mi tam tak chun an lekhabu buotsaih tlangzar dingin mi lien mi lal an fiel hlak a, sienkhom a tlangpuiin hieng mi lien mi lalhai hin an lekhabu tlangzar chu an tiem ngai naw a, an tiem hman bok nawh. IMPRESSIONS ON KEIVOM lekhabu tlangzartu ruok hi chu thu le hlaa inhnik mi, BA/MA tam tak neka hrietna tienga dangchar le phingtram nachang hrie, hrietna tui dawn zing mi a nih. A dangdai nawkna chu, tlangzartu kuoma hin Siphro-in lawmthu chanchinbua a hril hman hmain tlangzartuin Fiel a ni leia a lawmna thu Hmasawnna Thar-ah a hung insuo lem daih a nih.

Siphro buotsai Keivom Nite kha mel lung poimaw a nizie tu hin a hre chieng ei la tam naw a ni khomin, hnama ei dam khawsuok a ni phot chun, ei la hung hriet deu deu pei ding a nih. Hieng ang thaw nachang hre thei ding le hmu thei lo hmu thei dinga sungril mitvarnaa inthuoma um, tarmit ni lo ‘varmit’ nei David Buhril hin, kha hmaa thang a suohai bakah ni hni sungin thang voi hni zet suo nonin mel lung pahni a phun: December 14-ah a nakru inhmang a hmu kim nawk a, December 16-ah ‘Cultural Revolution’ kotkhar thar a hong. Hi zana hlapawla min awituhai hi tleirawl tak tak vong an ni a, an hla sak hmasa tak ‘Hmangai Nunrawng’ chu kum sawmnga liem tah 1960-a ka phuok, an nu le pahai pieng hma an naw leh an naute laia mi a nih. Hla pakhat, ‘Chantawka khuonu ruot reng chu” ti lem chu kum 1957-a Rengkaia ka phuok, a thu kan hriet suok zo ta naw leia kum 2003-a Khawmawi-Bethela ka phuok sap a nih. Kum 54 hiel upa a ni tah. Thrahma tienga min awitu Ms. Vanlalhriet hai, Lalzarlien Zote hai, Zaituokung hai, Kanghling Pa Lalthankung Tusing hai khom hi zan hin chuh an vul thar a, an hla sakhai khom kum 50 vel liem taa ka phuok deuh vong ni sien khom zani ta phuok ang elin an sukthar a nih. Ka nu thi trum, 1971-a ka phuok ‘Ka chûn nunnem’ ti hla hi mawi tak taka sak an tam taa chuh ka lung tlu zâna sak hi an la um naw a. Hi zana Jenneth L.Varte-in a hang sak zet chu lung a runin a tlu zân a, “I pian a tlai, kei ka hma si a..!” ti hlaa sunzom tak ei nuom el a nih. Pholeng Kids haiin ka hla phuok ‘Thrangruolin’ ti hlaa Hiphop dance an hang thaw chu 1990-a Chicago khawpuia Blacks hai buzawl kotthler kan hraw lai a min hriet suoktir rum rum.

Cultural Mapping

Kum 1894-1928 sung khan George A. Grierson, ICS inrawina hnuoiah British-haiin India lien lem, Afghanistan ramria inthoka Burma le Thailand inramrina inkara cheng, an ram op sunga trong hrang hrang suina an nei a, chu trong suipui chu a hmingah Linguistic Survey of India ti an inbuk a. Hi truma eini tlangmi, abikin tronga sul khat kuol pawlhai chu Tibeto-Burman Group hnuoiah mi sie-in, kum 1904-a sut Linguistic Survey of India Volume III, Tibeto-Burman Family Part III, Specimens of the Kuki-Chin & Burman Groups-a chun trong hnakhat hnuoiah a mi khum khawm a. Hi hnung hin hieng anga chipchiera trong suipui hi thaw a um ta nawh.

Kum 1991 intiempui khan India ramah ‘mother tongues’ an ti 1576 le ‘other mother tongues’ an ti 1796 an um a. Hi hnung hin, kha hmaa Grierson rawia suipui an nei ang kha kum 2007-2012 sunga Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore inrawina hnuoia thaw nawk dingin thu a um a, India sorkarin Rs. 2.8 billion a sangson a. University 54 hnuoiah investigator 2000 le linguist specialist 10,000 ruoia thaw ding a nih. Sienkhom, kum 2010 khan hi prawzek hi bansanin, NGO pakhat Bhasha Research & Publication Centre hnuoiah Himalay tlang le a se vela hnam chenghai trong suina nei dingin an ti nawk a. Hi khom hi trong hrang hrang hmanghai lai intibingna le inchungdelna lungril sukpungna ni thei dinga ringna a um leiin sorkarin an lìmsak naw a, hma la mumal thei loa um a nih. Hi ngaituona sunga thil inphum hi a nih thil trium chuh. Chok tho loa ngai thra deua inumtir a, damtea chim ral an ni hnung chun an chanchin sui ding um ta naw ni a, sui khom ngai ta bok naw nih ti thukhawchang a hoi khop el.

Chuong ang chun a kum telin tlangmihai hin ei hnam ro hlu, ei thu le hla hlui hai, hnam dan le dunhai, ei trong hai, hnam lam le incheina hmangruo hai ei inhmang pei a, ni tina ei kawl le kienga um hnam var lem le hrat lemhai chim pilin ei um mek a nih. Sîr tinah thil thra le thil thra loin an mi rùn a. Mingohai kalchara thuom tah sakhuoin eini insung ngei khom kum za liem taa inthok khan a mi hung rûn a, Jordan vadungin ei Ri Dil chu damten a hung chim pil tiel tiel a, a chim pil inthuk po leh ei lallukhum sa sot dinga ngai pawl, ringtu mitdel ei hung pung a. Saiâr (ostrich) ang elin, tritna a hung pha leh pilvutah lu ei phum a, tritna ka hmu nawh ei ta, ei sakhuoin iengkimah mi sanhim dingin ngai thla rok a, sandam ei nit a chun him dinga inngaina a um a, thlaraua sipa ei inngai lai tak dam hi ei hnam ei zor hun a ni thei ti dam hih ngaituo nachang hre lo ei tam. Hnama ei dam khawsuok naw chun ei sakhuo khom a dam khawsuok thei nawh. Pastor Thangngurin, “thlarau le taksa inkal loin” a lo ti umzie hi hre fiea inngai, sienkhom kalchar le sakhuo inlaichin dan hre chieng si lo, iengkim thlarau thila la vong tum pawl ei um.

Hieng thil hi ka lungkhamna kum sawt tak a ni ta a, B.A ka zo hlima Institute of Tribalogy indin dan ding ka phan lai khoma ka ngaituona hluotu tak a nih. Chuleiin, Gospel Zabili ei hmang zoa thupuia ei hmang ‘hma tieng panin’ ti hi a taka sukdikna kong pakhat nia ka ngai chu Grierson rawia Linguistic Survey an thaw kha sunzomna dingin Cultural Mapping tran chu thaw makmaw-ah ka ngai a. Chuleiin, trum hni zet Delhi-a inthokin India hmar sakah ka hang inzin a, Old Kuki Group-a mi Sagang Area-a unau Kom-Rem hai le North Tripuraa unau Darlong hai le Hallam Group-a hnam hrang hrang hai lai David Buhril, Vanlalhlun Traite (Buonga) le Lal Ringum Khawbung hai thruoiin sum tam tak sengin kan inzin a, preliminary survey kan thaw a. Hmun hrang hrangah survey mi thawpui dingin an mi thiemhai kan man pei a. Hi thil hi ka thaw san chu, zan khat mitsim khom lo tuok inla, cultural mapping thaw dan ding inchuktir a, ka um ta naw hnung khoma hma an lak dan ding lampui satpui a nih. Hi prawzek hi bawzui ding chun crore tam tak seng a ngai ding a ni leiin, sorkar-ah thrangpuina sum hni dan ding ngaituo mek a nih. Zoram khawvel hi a thu el ni loa a taka a la hung piengna ding chun thu le hla tienga inunauna suknghet pei a ngai. Chu dinga a kongpui pakhat chu Cultural Mapping ahmatiema thaw a, a remchang hun le hmunah Cultural Meet nei hlak ding a nih. Chu sirbi pakhatna chu kum 2011-a hraw tran a ni hih lawmum ka ti takzet.

Tiemtuhai po po kum thar 2012 chibai ditsakna kuta chelin ka buk cheu.

(December 31, 2011, Delhi)

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