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One of the leading Hmar community website Hmar.In has been “indefinitely” shut down in protest against the factional killing perpetrated by the community’s armed groups in Manipur. Inpui.com too has been vocal about such incidents and it condemns it in the strongest terms. If any group claims they truly love Hmar, they must learn to accept that revenge or bloodshed is not the answer to sort out differences. Too much blood has already been shed! No one, except God, has the right to take life out of a person. We extend our support to HMAR.IN and our prayers are with the affected.   

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Please Note:- INPUI.COM will not shut down the site as there are hundreds of people across the world searching for ‘Hmar tribe’, ‘Hmar Culture’, ‘What is Hmar’, ‘Hmar People’, ‘Keivom’, etc., every day. We will continue to provide access in view of the important nature of service Inpui.com provides to people who want to know more about the Hmar people.

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  1. Yes, Why would inpui be shut down..!!? It is through this Inpui.com that we come to know about the killing and can condemn the killing.. Anything may be done in protest against the killing but News are to be circulated through Inpui and this is the only means through which people from different places can learn what happen..share idea, protest against killing etc.

  2.   I dont really think Hmar.In is shut down due to Factional Fight, it may be because of some other reason oethrewise, i havenever comeaccross in my life, media think shutting down because of the reason they said, rather they have to workmoreeeeeeeeeeeeeee 


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