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James A SongateExcise Inspector James A. Songate, s/o (L) Pu Songlienthang, is all set to marry long-time sweetheart Nk. Lalsiempui, d/o Pu Lalringum Pakhumate, on March 22, 2012, at Muolhoi, in Assam. The two met in 2003 when they were studying in Guwahati and since then there was no looking back; their love story has been sailing towards this day with a fairytale theme all this time.

James,  a family friend of Inpui.com founder, is a bookworm and a hardworking scholar who also exhibits leadership skills when needed. He is also equipped with visions to make the best thoughts into reality.

On the occasion of this proposed holy union, we the undersigned wish the two love birds a promising and blessed future!


1. Robert L. Sungte & Family, Inpui.com

2. All ex-Rakhen Ruolcham Society members

3. All ex-Waddler’s Club members

4. All ex-AIPGSU members



Kan naupa Tv. James A. Songate, famtah Pu Songlienthang naupa le Pu Lalringum Pakhumate nau upatak Nk Lalsiempui hai tarik 22/03/2012 zingtieng dar 10:00 A.M. hin Kohran dan thienghlimin EFCI Biek-in Muolhoi ah kut insuina an nei ding a ni a. Hi huna kan naupa nuhmei neina hunser mi hung hmangpui ding le a lawmna programme hun le hmuna mi hung lawmpui dingin ngainatakin kan fiel cheu.

Fieltuhai :-

Date: 8/3/2012

1. Saptawn Infimate

2. John Lalnunmawi Songate

3. Rev. Lalhuoplien

4. Rev. Kawlthanglien

5. Mrs. Lalrokim

6. Lalthang Songate

7. Laltlansang Songate

8. Lalringum Inbuon

9. Lalkhawmawi Songate

10. Pansang Infimate

RSVP 94359-12144


Pi Hrangneikim nau upatak Tv. James A. Songate le Nk. Lalsiempui D/o Pu Lalringum Pakhumate, Muolhoi, NC Hills, Assam Tarik 22 March 2012 dar 10 am hin EFCI-Biekin, Muolhoi-ah kohran dan thienghlimin kut insuina an nei ding a ni a; hi inneina hi mi hung hrepui ding le lawmna hun tarik 26, March, 2012 (10:00 AM) khin kan In Hmarkhawlien-ah mi hung hmangpui dingin ngainatakin kan hung fiel cheu.


1. David Neitham

2. Kanchan Singh

3. Lalthutak Neitham

4. Lalringdam Neitham

5. Gina Neitham

6. L.T. Mawia

7. Ropieng Neitham

8. Lalchuoilo Neitham

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