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I’m in love! I just am and I love it. Falling in love is literally unbelievable, it is simply the best feeling on this planet. The term fall in love is so true, you literally do, fall, uncontrollably in love and there is nothing that you can do about it, the feelings can be so strong they can be painful. But I have to stop and ask — What is Love?, I mean this girl that I met only two weeks ago has got me going crazy, I not only love her but everything else as well, I love my sister and my parents, I love being in their company now when I never would have before. What is that? What is happening to me? What is Love?

Love has cured my pessimism about the world

I now don’t mind doing all kinds of other things now either, my whole equation has seemed to fill with room to move, walking to the train station to University 3 weeks ago was agonising and painful but this week it has been absolute bliss. The trees are green, the sky is blue, the flowers have a wonderful fragrance, I can’t believe what I am saying!

I’m terrified that everything I am feeling is just a dream, is she really as good as I have now built her up to be, am I going to find out in a few weeks that she has some really annoying habits, are these feelings going to wear off, will she just think that I am a loser and get rid of me? How would I cope with that, would I cope? Surely, it happens all the time, but if the feelings at the moment continue to be as strong as they are now, my goodness—I’ll go mad.

Love feelings are just so powerful

But what are these feelings that I am having, are they real, where do they come from, how did humans develop the ability to have such feelings? Why is love such a powerful drug? Is love simply about falling in love with a girl or is it like they used to tell me at Sunday school that God is love? Is there a god, and is he love? I mean some of the people in mums church group seem to be as mad about god as I am about this girl, but is that the same? Do you fall in love with God the same way you fall in love with a girl? I know I love my mother and sister but it’s not the same as the ‘falling’ experience that I have had in the last couple of weeks, for that matter I love my dog, and don’t get me wrong I would be sad if he died but if this girl were to die I feel like I might never be able to breath again!

What happens if it ends?

No doubt it will end or wear off or something, and they do say that ‘the first cut is the deepest’. Will I not be able to get over this girl? Will I do crazy things like turn up at her house at all hours to try to get her back? God I hope not, but on the other hand with feelings like this, I now know why people can’t control themselves and just have to go around to their house.

So really love is love, an absolute mystery as far as I’m concerned, but right at the moment it certainly does feel pretty god dam good.

About the author: Richard Patterson is a young University student studying economics. He is finding that the extra curricular acivities like falling in love are far more exciting than money at present.

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