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HSA-Freshers-2012-BannerFRESHERS’ MEET 2012 PROGRAM

Organized by: Hmar Students’ Association, Bangalore Branch

A hmun : Shri Lakshmi Party Hall, Kmanahalli

A hun : 18th August, 2012, 1:00 PM

Comperes : Pu. Lalhuolhim Tusing & Nk. Jane Lalenkim

Music & Sound : Tv. Abraham Selate, Asst. Secy, HAS, Tv. Barnaba Infimate, G&S Cult. Secy., HAS, Tv. Joseph Zote

Ushers : Nk Mercy Puruolte, Nk Lalhlupuii, Tv. Lalnunhlim, Tv. Laltinkhum

Artistes : Nk. Loisy Tusing, Nk. Rose Sakum, Tv. Samuel Keivom, Nk. Nancy Ralsun, Tv HK Lalhlunnei


Tanna Hla : Kan Tlangram Mawi

Opening Prayer : Pu. Nelson Doungel, Chairman, BHCF

Welcome Speech : Tv. Randolph Amaw, President, HSA

Group Song : Office Bearers, HSA

HSA Activity Report : Tv. William Pudaite, Secretary, HSA

Freshers Introduction : Comperes

Infuina Thucha : Pu Jonathan Kungate, Advisor

Short Speech & Prayer For freshers : Pastor Robert Vanlallien

Directory Tlangzarna : I/C

Certificate Inhlanna : Tv Laltinkhum Thiek, Education Secretary

Election : Pu Jonathan Kungate, Advisor le Pu Robert L. Sungte, Advisor

Mr/Miss Fresher Pounglangna : Compares

OB Thar Oathtaking &Tawngtaipekna : Pastor Robert Vanlallien

Finance Report : Tv. Laltlangsuok Khawbung, Financy Secretary

Vote of Thanks : Tv. William Pudaite, Secretary, HSA

Closing Prayer : Pu. Nelson Songate

Refreshment * Refreshment

**Program hi a tul le pawimaw ang dungzuia thleng danglam thei ning a tih**

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