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By Jaynee Newton, for Inpui.com

What do you want to do for lunch? That question is probably the most frequently heard around offices every day. Often, the answer is, "Let's go out," but for some workers, this is impossible. Swamped under a boatload of work, they know they can't possibly squeeze out the hour or sometimes longer it would take to leave the office and get a meal.

Busy workers sometimes decide to skip lunch altogether, but this is rarely a good idea that can, in the long run, lead to unhealthy eating habits and possible weight gain, especially when coupled with long hours of sitting in one place with very little activity.

So what's a hungry and busy worker to do? A great answer is to order food to be delivered to the office by a local restaurant. Here are four great reasons why office workers should consider ordering their lunch in on occasion.

Working While Eating

If a businessperson is really crunched for time, ordering food in makes perfect sense. All it takes is just one quick phone call to a local restaurant and a worker can then get back to the more pressing business at hand.

Skipping Meals Can be Unhealthy

It is easy for some people to decide to just skip lunch when they get overwhelmed at work. Unfortunately, this can cause a businessperson to turn to unhealthy and fattening snacks later on or to really binge when he gets home from work. Instead of skipping the noonday meal altogether, a businessperson should consider ordering a healthy and delicious lunch from a restaurant and have it delivered to the office.

Some people also don’t realize that stopping for a quick bite to eat may actually help to recharge their batteries and help them to work harder and possibly even accomplish more than they would if they just attempted to work through their lunches.

A Healthier Option

Workers who don’t order in may have to rely on a company‘s vending machine for sustenance if they didn’t bring anything to eat for lunch. Unfortunately, most vending machine items are very unhealthy and full of empty calories. Health-wise, it is much better to have a nutritious and tasty meal delivered to your office than it is to eat your meal out of a vending machine.

Ordering in for Team Tasks

Many managers find that it is easier to order lunch in for tasks that involve a large team of people. That way, everyone can eat at the same time and having food on hand will limit the number of team members leaving the building for long periods of time. Companies often find that even when they foot the cost of the meal being brought in, they end up saving money because their good will is often rewarded with more productive and happier workers.

Written by Jaynee Newton writes for Delivery.com la, a site she recommends for finding the best LA food delivery options.

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