Halloween party ideas 2015

Irene Amo is the only Hmar girl to have a partnership with YouTube and she has been video blogging on various issues close to her heart.

Just a small thank you video for everyone who have been watching my blog and subscribers especially!

Thank you for all the emails and positive comments, really means a lot and I shall blog more often now. Thanks so much everyone! And people subscribe more hehe!

Irene's view on Assam violence. I have used a lot of 'you know' here because this was made later after my first blog, and for some reason I feel everyone already know what is to be done and what is right in situations of riots and fear. This is about the killing of Muslim at Myanmar and the rest of the Muslim community spreading fear in India because of the incident at Myanmar. It is unfair that everyone suffer because of one man mistake. And the NorthEast people are not Burmese so I don't know why they are being attacked. We need education and awareness.

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