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This agreement made this 13th (Sunday) February 1972 between Independent Church of India led by Rev. Darsanglien and his party (C.C. Rema – Director, H.K. Khawlkung – Edn. Director, Hrangtawnlien – Finance – Director, ) hereafter called the first party on the one part of the Independent Church of India led by Rev Pochunga Pudaite and his party (Challienkung Hrangngul – Home Director, Dartinhmang – Finane Director, Ramlien Pudaite – Publication, Lalliensung- Edn. Director) hereinafter called the second party on the other part.

Now, this the witness that both parties have come to an agreement on the following points:-

1. LANDED PROPERTIES SITUATED AT SIELMAT VILLAGE : All the Churches lands situated at Sielmat Village shall be partitioned as follows:
(a) All that land including buildings standing thereon bounded on the west by Rev. Roulneikhum Pakhuongte and Lalthankhum Sinate, on the east by small Nullah running between the present quarters of Rev. Darsanglien Roulngul and Rev. Hrangtawnlien, on the north by the small brook shall belong to the second party viz; the Independent Church of India (I.C.I) led by Rev. Rochunga Pudaite.

(b) All that land (including building standing thereon) bounded on the west by a small Nullah running between the present quarter of Rev. Darsanglien Roulngul and Rev. Hrangtawnlein, on the east by a line running for Jubulee Hall to Sielmat brook, on the north by the lands of Rev. Hrangtawnlien and Rev Darsanglein Ruolngul and Mr. Thlira and Mr Lalremthang and them south by Sielmat brook and I.C.I Book House plot shall
belong to the first party viz. I.C.I. led by Rev. Darsanglien Ruolngul .

2. FIELD AREA : Regarding the landed properties of the Churches in the field area shall belong to the respective parties according to their respective buildings.

3. NAME : The name Independent Church of India shall belong to and own by the Independent Church of India led by the fiats party and the second party shall be named by different name on or before the General Assembly of 1973 of the second party.

4. CASES: (Pendings) : All cases relating to Independent Church of India and Partnership Mission Society (P.M.S) between the parties be withdrawn within the month of February, 1972.

5. POSSESSION OF CHURCH QUARTERS: Rev. Hrangtawnlien, Mr.Pasung and Rev. Dartinhmang shall vacate their respective occupation of the Church Quarters at Sielmat before the end of February. 1973.

6. FINANCES: Regarding financial liabilities as it stands now the respective factions shall be responsible for their respective case.

7. That any act of Commission or Omission between the parties by either party during the past are executed each other by the parties in the name of Almighty God.

8. That the value of this agreement is estimated at Rs.60.000.00/- (Rupees sixty thousand only).

In witness whereof the following persons sign on behalf of both the parties, on this day and month and Year first above written.

Signature of the first Party

1. Darsanglien
2. Hrangtawnlien

Signature of the second Party

1. Rochunga Pudaite
2. Challienkunf Hrangngul

1. J. Batlien, U.D.C
2. N. Hauneiphup, L.D.C
3. Lalthankhum Sinate

Dated: February 14. 1972

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