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aw-kan-hmar-ram-l-fimateSinlung Entertainment Present's AW KAN HMAR RAM (Music Video) chu Dr. L. Fimate in 29th October, 2013 in Imphal ah a lo released tah.

Hi album a hin hla 13 le bonus songs 3 a um.

Recording thawnain Doh Doh Record, Ruolngul Record, Zasanga Recording Studio le Deby's Records hai hmang a ni a. Musician hai chu James Rochullo, Zaithanmawia Varte, Bobby R. Songate le Robert Keivom hai an nih.

Hlasaktuhai (artistes) chu Deborah Infimate, Lalparzo, Jeneth L. Varte, Vanlalhriet, Lalhringpui, Sharon F. Tusing, James K. Pakhuongte, Thanglienthuom Hrangate, Lalbieklien Khawbung le Lalzarlien Joute an nih.

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