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Lawmna Chibai!!!

Thanks for being with Inpui.com for those five great years starting from October 11, 2008 to October 11, 2013!

As we marched ahead to count more days, here is a small note on how Inpui.com began its humble journey. Inpui.com was started with three primary goals: -
  1. to create an informative website on the Hmar tribe, primarily in English, so that other communities who may be interested in knowing more about our community can get easy access to such information;
  2. to provide a platform for views and opinions both in Hmar and English from members of the community, and
  3. to find a common ground where progressive and like-minded people can contribute towards the socio-economic, cultural and political development of the Hmar community.
Today, i.e. October 11, 2013, we have thousands plus materials here on Inpui.com and the website has become one of the most read Hmar websites with 300+ direct email subscribers and over 467283 pageviews. Like the name 'Inpui' which literally means 'big house', this site covers topics from politics to entertainment, food to travel, opinions to news, besides making the term 'Hmar Hills' a common usage.

As we enter this new chapter, the people behind Inpui.com will be taking up some pressing issues towards people empowerment through information and education.

Please note, we see Inpui.Com's 5th anniversary as just another beginning and whether you or your friends have been reading materials from the site for years or heard about it for the first time today, you're here with Inpui.Com team at the start of yet another journey (If you have not subscribed to the free email, do it today). If  you want to submit your materials for publication you can do it by following this link http://www.inpui.com/p/submit.html.

Thanks for helping build Inpui.com. We're off to a good start!

Lawm takin, 

Inpui.com Team

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  1. Bai, Kum nga chu a lo sawt bek bek naw ngei maw. Hun le nihai an fe hrat, nghak khom an mi tum chuong bik naw ni teh. Kum 5 inpui.com a zuk ni thei hi lawm a va um de. Hmar website hai laia damsawt pawl tak a ni ti inla an khel ka ring nawh. Taimak le saipuilamlawn a lawn char char ding aw le. Kei le ka sunghai khoma hung support pei kan tih.

    Mr. S.T. Varte
    Jiribam, Manipur

  2. Taima taka website enkawltuhai lawm in um ka ti a; sunzawm pei ro.

  3. Laibungpa Lalmalsawm, I taimakna hi mi sem met ta la. Lawmman le pawmpuina hmu dawng thlak i nih.


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