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Henry PagamteSubmitted by Ramthienghlim Varte

Hiengang tlangval fel ei nei hih ei lawmpui takzet a nih.

Father’s name: Pu L..Ruoivel Pangamte.
Mother’s name: Pi Lalzairem Pangamte
Place of Birth: Imphal Women’s Hospital, 14th July 1982

Class X Sielmat Christian High School a First Div. ah a pass a, College Class XI to B.Sc chen St. Edmund’s’ College, Shillong ah a zova, Chun M.Sc. khawm NEHU ( North Eastern Hill Univesity) hnuoi ah zovin. Hi University a bawk Ph.D a sunzawm nghal a. Ama hih Class X – M.Sc chen Fist Div. and First Divg/Class a passed a nih.

Ph.D a lakna subject Deptt. Of Chemistry,
Title of Thesis: Quantum chemical investigations on Arynes: Quinolynes and Isoquinolynes Computational Chemistry Research.


Supervisor/Guide : Prof. R.H.D Lyngdoh a nih.

Ph.D a hmuna Order No. Ex/Ph.D/ER/1375/1923 Dated 9th October 2013
Regn No. and Date 12876 of 01.05.2008

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