Halloween party ideas 2015

By Lalremlien Neitham


Zingah 6pm ah Hmar FC le KSL FC (Meitei) hai chu 7th North East Tamchon Football Trophy final-ah inkhel an tih.

HSA, Delhi hminga inhnel HSA FC, Sinlung FC le tukuma Hmar FC ti hai hi voi 4 final ei khelna an tah.

Doordarshan Sports (DD Sports) a khom Live Telecast in 6pm anthok en thei ning a tih.

Anhoi rek awm de aw, mong ami zat el taa! Supporter khom ei nei thra hle. Meitei hai ti lo hnam dang po poin an mi support ding a nih.

Chun, HCFD Choir khomin Amazing Grace ti hla Closing Ceremony-ah an sak bok ding a nih.

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