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Joint Philanthropic Organisation
Churachandpur, Manipur
Apex body of Philanthropic Organisations in Churachandpur.
Motto: Together for Peace and Harmony

Dated, the 2nd December, 2013

Ref. No. JPO/EC/59-03: The JPO strongly condemned the act of blasting of Fire Crackers at Guest House, Head Quarter on the night of 29thNovember, 2013 at around 10:10PM. The incident had created panic and commotion to the whole inhabitants of Churachandpur Town.

It is a well known fact that the JPO had banned selling, buying and using of such items in the District from the 6th November, 2013 and conducted Mass Frisking in the Town on the 16th November, 2013 in which a large number of crackers and toy guns were confiscated and destroy in front of the Media.

All Churachandpurians are once again requested to have concern for Christian Ethic, shun such activities and be supportive towards JPO’s drive for “Clean Christmas and New Year”.

General President, HYA GHQ                        
General President, KKL GHQ
Sd/-(Mangcha Thangzawm)                      
General President, YMA Manipur GHQ         
Sd/-(T. Goukhomang Simte)
General President, ZYA GHQ

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