Halloween party ideas 2015

Tuithaphai: 20.03.14 (Thursday) March 14, 2014 HYA Executive Meeting chun April 4, 2014 a HYA General Election hun dinga a ruot chu India ram 16th Lok Sabha Election, 2014 ding leiin April 30, 2014 hin Muolvaiphei Community Hall-ah nei ta lem dingin a hun sawn hlat a nih. 

March 2, 2014 a HYA Gen.Hqrts. Executive Committee chun HYA Election Commission member dingin a hnuoia hai hi a ruot:

1. Rev. Ruolhlei Pakhuongte - Chairman
2. Pu Chalmawilien - Vice Chairman
3. Pu Thangthasiem (Advocate) - Secretary
4. Pu Lalhmuok Famhoite - Returning Officer
5. Pu Zosanghlei Joute - Member
6. Pu Zaiawithang - Member
7. Pu Hmanga F.Khawlum - Member

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