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When Film Producer/Author Matthew C Martino was rumoured to be considering a political career the 21year old star faced criticism from his own inner circle who insisted 'He can't run’, it's always been thought a few things weren't right with Martino and close aides fear details of his private life could surface if he decided to run for a political office.


Martino who is a great humanitarian would make a good political candidate as he is constantly giving. He would be set to be one of the most honest and giving political figures.

The 21year old is qualified for a political career no doubt as his CV boasts of Business, Marketing, Criminology & Health and Social Care qualifications. He also holds aviation related qualifications and he has had medical training but it's not known to what degree.

The biggest question on most people’s minds is what does Martino actually do for a living and he has been spotted boarding private jets, partying in Mayfair and he is a smart dresser. The official source of the 21year olds wealth is unknown.


Martino's secrecy is also another potential issue, he has failed to declare facts on various situations, he has been spotted at various events outside his league without explanation, he is rumoured to own stake in a news group and he also has bodyguards and police officers at his disposal as he has at times been reported to be in danger.

The good news is the 21year old hasn't officially confirmed if he will run or not.

More about Martino: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_C_Martino

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