Halloween party ideas 2015

By L.Keivom

Our beauteous hills, green, blue mountains,
Canopied with flowering trees;
How satisfying to behold,
With its gentle breezes kissing.

Our lovely hills, our sweet abode,
A land we always sing its praises;
Keep on blooming for us, we pray,
O land of  harmony.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Home of myriads of nesting birds,
Habitat of wild animals;
The flapping of hornbills over hills,
Providing heavenly music.

The cascading sounds of clear brooks,
Murmuring through up hills and dales-
With shrill notes of the cicadas
Enthralling the sweet autumn air.

The sky is as blue as the deep,
Moon and stars are shining lovelier;
The souls inhabiting the hills
Sing together in harmony.

(Rough translation by the author/composer from Hmar. Delhi, February 11, 2014. Unfortunately, the translation cannot carry even half of the ethereal beauty of the original).

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