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 Shri. Kiren Rijiju
 Minister of State,
 Ministry of Home Affairs,
 Government of India.

Subject : Plights of the Hmar People in Northeast state of Assam and Mizoram.


The Hmars are an indigenous tribal people I Northeast India. The Hmars are dispersed and settle in  states of Mizoram, Manipur, Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura. The Hmar tribe being enlisted in the  Tribal list per Ministry of Home Affairs Order No. 316(A), 1956, thus had been officially  recognized as a Tribal group by the Indian Constitution, since.

In Mizoram, the failure to implement the provisions of the 1994 Accord, which, inter alia, provides  for Upgradation of the status of the present Sinlung Hills Development Council (SHDC) to that of  the Autonomous District Council within the framework of the Sixth Schedule of the Indian  Constitution. It is the sincere desire of the Hmar People’s Convention (Democratic) {HPC(D)} that  Hmar People, Central Government of India and Government of Mizoram held a Tripartite – Talk to  settle the protracted political problems of the Hmars in Mizoram (as in Assam) as two Suspension  of Operation (SoO) and dialogue failed to bring anything substantive agreements.

The Government of Mizoram and the HPC(D) signed the Suspension of Operation (SoO) on  November 11, 2010 for a period of six months, Again, another Suspension of Operation (SoO)  between the Government of Mizoram and the HPC(D) was signed by representatives of the  Mizoram government and the HPC(D) at the State Guest House, Aizawl (Mizoram) for a period of  6 months effective from January 31, 2013. At both times talks and Suspension of Operation (SoO)  collapsed.

In Assam, the Tripartite – Talks to settle the Hmar issue in Assam is painstakingly slow. The new  Union Government and the Home Ministry must immediately continue the talk and bring it to its  logical conclusion for the development and security of the entire stakeholders, by creating an  Autonomous District Council for the Hmars within the State of Assam, comprising of satellite and  core Hmar villages of Barak Valley (Cachar) and North Cachar Hills under the provision of  Articles 224 (2) and 275(1) of the Constitution of India.

In the pursuit of security peace and development, the HPC(D) – Assam Region, has initiated a  political dialogue involving the Government of India and the Government of Assam after laying  down arms by their cadres which was hosted by the Government of Assam in the presence of the  Union Home Minister in Guwahati on 24th January, 2012. The first round of talks of the HPC(D)  Administration delegates – Government of Assam – The Central Government was held on 27th September, 2012.
Five (5) rounds of talk had taken place since.

In the context of Manipur, the HPC(D) political concern is collectively shared with the United  People’s Front (UPF), currently under Suspension of Operation (SoO) since 22nd August 2008 with the Government of India and the Government of Manipur. The UPF demands for an Autonomous Hill administration under the provision of Articles 244(2) of the Constitution of India within the  State of Manipur. The HPC(D) sin the SoO documents in Manipur as UPF, the document is  collectively shared and signed along with the other members : KNF, KRA (U), UKLF, ZDV and ZRA.

Sir,in the recent past Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National leaders on two occasions has committed  to sympathetically consider the Hmar legitimate demands; we placed before you today to give your  atmost in resolving the plights of the Hmar People. The Home Ministry (Northern Affairs) must  also find solution to competeting aspiration of the people of Northeast India urgently before the  land is consumed by strife.

Hmar People’s Convention (Democratic)

Copy to,

Shri. Gen. V.K Singh,
Minister of State (Independent Charge), Development of North Eastern Region Government of India

N.B.: Enclosed, letters of BJP National Leaders.

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