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Saidan Tlang

A sleepy village, 3 kms away from Churachandpur town in Manipur state. For entry, a concrete bridge is built over a crystal clear flowing water of the Tuithapui stream.

During the World War II, the Japanese Army, 15 Division led by Lt. Gen. Sato had encamped here and set up Observatory post on the lofty peak of Saidan hill towering over this village. When the Japanese began to lose ground in Manipur due to lack of supply and reinforcement in the later days of the War. 
Lt. Gen. Sato retreated in obscurity inside a rocky cave in the eastern side of the peak. The rocky cave is called 'Japan Lungpui' till today.

In 1990, Dr. Rochunga Pudaite came all the way from the USA and built a giant silver cross right at the Japanese Observatory post. He also preserved the rocky cave by engraving " Lt. Sato slept here, 1944" on the rock that had sheltered the great patriot warrior. Today it has attracted visitors from all over the world.

Source: Sinlung Pictures http://goo.gl/Hk9XnX




Night view of Churachandpur from Saidan Peak.

The Cross at Sidan peak, Sunrise.

Japan Lungpui

For more pictures click: http://goo.gl/UyzLna
Photograph by: Alan Famhoite.

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  1. Nothing about details of the peak such as the height, the distance one covers on foot in order to climb the peak, etc. Such are the things one who plans to climb would like to know and should have been mentioned here. Nice pictures though.


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