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Lienthasang Puruolte M.A. @Lynn Puruolte

(03.07.1972  – 28.07.2013)
1997 – 1999 Asst. Gen. Secretary, H.S.A. Gen. HQ
1999 – 2001 Asst. Gen. Secretary, H.S.A. Gen. HQ
2001 – 2005 Secretary Education, H.S.A. Gen. HQ

Vawisun 28.07.2013, Natna um ta nawna hmun Chungtienga I mi’n lawisan ni a kum 1-na a hung inher suok hin kan ngaina che a suk zuol ngei. Nakie van ah la’n tuok nawk ding ni inla khawm hi khawvel a I maksan I thai, I hrai, I chunlezuo, I unau, suonglekuo, I ruoltha, Ram le hnam tadinga I lo thawpui hai hin kan ngaina che a zuol. Lunglai ah I cham zing.
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- Master Siela Rohmingthang Puruolte (I nau)
- Master Thangrolien Puruolte (I nau)
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Dated: 28.07.2014 Rengkai 

Tuithaphai: July 19, 2014 zing dar 10:00am a’nthawk zantieng dar 5:00pm vel chen khan hun sawttak a inthawka lo induong lawk tah, Hmar Students’ Association (HSA) a Kum 75-na (Platinum Jubilee Yearlong Celebration) le inzawma LITERARY MEET (Seminar) chu Trinity College & Seminary, Sielmat, Churachandpur, Manipur hmun ah nei a nih a. Hi hun a hin Tuithaphai phairuom a HSA JHQ le HSA College, School, Khuo Unit tum tum a inthawk a palai le an hotuhai , Hmar hnam sunga Organisations palai le inhnikna nei mipui an fekhawm tha hle.

Hi hun a hin Moderator in Rev.V.Lalthalien Zote, Resource Person in Rev. Dr. Rochunga Pudaite, Rev. Hranghmingthang Varte le Pu L. Keivom hai an thang a. Session hun thum a thein, Response petuin Dr. L. Fimate, , Pu James Songrolal, Pu David L. Lungtau, Pi Lalrothar, Pu David Buhril, Pu Joseph Lalrothang hai an thang bawk. Closing Remark hriltuin Pi J.L. Sawmi (President, HWA GHQ) le Pu Zothanmawia (President, HYA GHQ) hai an thang bawk. Hi hun a hin Thupui chi tum tum hai hriltlangna nei a nih a. Hiengang hun hi, hi hun a fekhawm laia inthawk mi tam takin nei rawp tha an ti thu le hiengang organisetu hai chungah lawmthu an hril. Hnam hmasawnna ding chun Literature pawimaw zie le a bulpui tak a ni zie hai, Ei tawng le hnam hi ngun taka ngaituo veng veng a suk hmasawn a ngai zie hai, Inchukna tieng a thanglak a ngai zie hai, tumruna hi hlawtlingna bulpui tak a ni zie hai ngaithlak a nih a. Ei tawng a suok nitin chanchinbu le hun bi neia suok hlak magazine tum tum hai hlutsak a, a man pek that le suk hring hi hnam damna dinga pawimaw tak a ni thu le ei tawng a siem thu le hla lekhabu, hla tieng a audio le video album khawm siem le inchawk uor nawk zuol a tul zie, Hmar hai thu le hla ah Pathien zar ei zova ei in hnuoi naw zie, Ei unau hai khawma malsawmna tam tak an lo dawng pha thu le ram lakna dinga Literature hi a tu tukhawm a hlutsak a ngai zie, hla khawm a thluk ngui chau uor lova, a thluk intawm chi Pathien hla le sai hla khawm nisien (rock music) le phur taka sak chi hai dam phuok uor a that zie hai hriltlang a ni el bakah ei tawng ziek dan thu ah naupang inchuklai mek ha’n harsatna an tuok mekna thu ah sukfel a tul zie hai, Thangthar ABC chau inchuk a hung seilien inchuklai ha’n A, AW, B... a’nthawka inchuk a pawimawzie le ziek dan hawrawp chungchang a khawm hawrawp ei hmang mek hi ngaituo veng veng a suk hmasawn khawm a tul zie hai mithiem, mivar fekhawm hai hin chipchiertakin an hril. Naupang Sunday School a hai chen khawm ei hawrawp A, AW, B inchuk a tul tak zie, chu naw chun hun la hung um peia harsatna lientak inchuklai ha’n an tuok theihai ngaithlak a nih. Hiengang Literature thu hi kulmut taka hriltlangna hun platform lien taka buotsai hnamin a pawimaw zie le Hmar MIL Mark hmu insang chungchang a, A awl lei am? Ei thiem lei? Ei subject siem, inchuk hin quality education a mi pek phak am? ti hai chen khawm ngaituo a ngai thu le hiengangtienga hmala bik tuhaiin hma an hung lak nuomum an ti thu hai khawm hrilna, thurawn le ngaithlakna a um bawk. Hi hun hi zantieng dar 5pm in suk tawp le Bufaktlangna nei nghal a nih.

Hi hun a hin Invocation- Rev. Tlanghmingthang, Keynote Address- Pu Joseph V. Tuolor (Secy., Edn. HSA GHQ), Inspirational Talk- Dr. John Pulamte (President, Hmar Inpui), Result Puongna Ms. Niangngaihlun Buhril, Vote of Thanks- Pu Joseph L. Infimate (Secy., PJCC, HSA), Benediction- Rev. Saithanglur Joute ha’n an nei bawk. Hi hun a hin June 28, 2014 a HSA Platinum Jubilee Yearlong Celebration hawngna hun le ni a inelna Essay Writing le Drawing & Painting Competition haia Result puongna nei a ni a. Lawmman dawngtu dinghai chu- Drawing & Painting: Class IV to VI ah 1st- Elvis Thangrohlun (AG H/S Rengkai); 2nd- Clevent Hrangrolien (Young Learner’s School, Lower Lamka); 3rd- Roland (Young Learner’s School, Lower Lamka). Class- VII to VIII ah (Drawing & Painting) 1st Remnalal (North Eastern Children Academy, Rengkai); 2nd Hosea Ramthlunglien Infimate (AG H/S); 3rd Mark Ramneisang (AG H/S); 4th Immanuel Laldawmsang (AG H/S). Essay- BA/B. Sc ah 1st Roland Lalhmasuon (Manipur University, Canchipur/Rengkai); 2nd Alfred Ngamthanlien Pangamte (CCPur Govt. College); 3rd Jessi Lalnunvel (CCPur Govt. College); 4th Romeo Lalruotthar (CCPur Govt. College). Class IX to XII ah 1st Miriam Lalhadam (Sielmat Christian Hr. Sec. School); 2nd George J. Infimate (Sielmat Christian Hr. Sec. School); 3rd Florence Lalthazuol (Sielmat Christian Hr. Sec. School); 4th Merina Lalngaihlu (Sielmat Christian Hr. Sec. School) hai hi an nih. Lawmman semna chu hun danga la nei ding le event hran hran ankhattawka nei nawk pei ding a ni thu PJCC chun an hril. Hun remchang hmasataka Cereer Conference le a dang dang inchuklai hai lai nei nawk a ni ding thu ei dawng. Item hran hran a bat bat a nei pei a ni ding thu le hi Event Sponsor, Event Partner, Media Partner ni nuom le lawman mani sunghai lo famtah hriet zingna ding ang zawng khawm a tum nuom hai chun Advertising and Publicity Department ah i/c LRS Puruolte, 09856261702 & Alan Famhoite, 9862016963 hai kuoma in hriettir thei zing a nih.

Student han Literary Meet dinga hall an pan lai.

Student han Literary Meet dinga hall an pan lai.

Hnam le Kohran tienga mi challang tak tak in hi hun hi an uop.

Dr Rochunga Pudaite in thu a hril lai.

Dr John H.Pulamte in Inspirational Talk a nei lai.

Rev.Lalthalien Zote, Moderator , HSA PJ Literary Meet on July 19, 2014. 

Student han hi huna resource person hai thuhril induthaw takin an ngai tlak. 

Pu James Songrolal Songate in 'Hmar le Inchukna ah response a pek lai. 
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Rev. T.Khuma Songate in discussion dinga thu a hril lai.

Pu L.Keivom in 'Thu le Hlaa Hmarhai Ngirhmun le Hmasuon' thu a present lai.

Pu David Buhril, Gen Secy, Hmar Inpui in 'Thu le Hlaa Hmarhai Ngirhmun le Hmasuon' thuah response a pek lai.

Pu Joseph Lalrothang, Ex-ZEO in 'Thu le Hlaa Hmarhai Ngirhmun le Hmasuon' ti thuah response a pek lai.

Resource person Rev Hranghmingthang Varte in 'Hmar Tawng Tobul (Morphology of Hmar Language) ti thupui hmanga a present lai. 

Pu David L.Lungtau, Lecturer  in 'Hmar Tawng Tobul (Morphology of Hmar Language) ti thupui hmanga a present lai. 

'Thu le hlaa Hmar hai ngirhmun le hmasuon' ti thupui hmanga Pu L.Keivom in paper a i present Pi Lalrothar in response a pek lai.

Pi JL.Sawmi, President, HWA in Closing Remark a pek lai.

Pu Zothanmawia, President, HYA, Gen Hqrts in Literary Meet  huna Closing Remark a pek lai.

Zantieng ruoi kil tlang nghal a nih.
Photographed by: Alan Famhoite.

By L.Keivom, Inpui.Com Columnist
L. Keivom

July 5, 1997 Saturday, Churachandpur

After morning tea at Jacob’s house at Sielmat, we proceeded to Lalbiekvel’s house at Rengkai Road and thence to Darneimawi’s house, youngest sister of my wife, a nurse who married to Lalneithang, a teacher at Rengkai High School, originally Pant Standard High School where I worked as Headmaster in 1963. Both are Darngawn, the wife a Faiheng, and the husband a Ruolngul and are blessed with one daughter and two sons. Had a sumptuous meal.

After brunch, we headed back to Lalbiekvel’s house. Lots of visitors came to greet us, amongst them Darkamlo Faiheng, composer of two popular love songs (Lalnunnem ka ngai em che & O Di); Damkung, General-in-Chief of Hmar Volunteers’ Force during the 1960 Kuki-Hmar Conflict; Senior Lecturer Raltawnluoi (who had now changed his name as R.Tawna Khawbung) and many others. R.Tawna informed Darkamlo that he had handed over to me Rs. 50/- being a part of Lalnunnem’s marriage price but did not clarify whether it was ‘Panghak’ or something else. Lalnunnem is the eldest daughter of Darkamlo and I gave her name after the title of the popular song composed by her father which also became the title of my short story, a hit for many years in the community and Zoram khawvel.

U Buonsing who could now be about 80-81 also came to greet us. Gave her Rs. 500/- as I used to do from time to time whenever we came to visit Churachandpur. Earlier, I also gave Rs. 1000/- to Darhmangpui for his daughter Hnemi’s admission; Rs. 200/- to Damkung as a token of affection and our long association since 1964 when I was high school headmaster at his village Parbung. I bought his typewriter (Baby Hermes), the first typewriter I ever possessed and it’s this typewriter which produced many songs and short stories including (eventually) my first book Hmar Hla Suina (1980). One day, I visited him at his home in Satthriek Veng in spring time and listened to his Hindi record played in a hand-winded gramophone and one of the songs really transported me back to my childhood days at Pherzawl when we used to listen to Hindi songs from our chief Pu Dolur’s gramophone. I was so captivated by the melody of this nostalgic song that I returned to my place of stay at Rev. Ruma’s house and wrote one of my best compositions, Sakhming Khawvel (Hril a hai dawn kir changin) using the tune of the song. If I were to write the background history of this song I composed at Parbung in 1964, my days with Pu Damkung would figure very prominently.
HPC President Hmingchunghnung and his lieutenant Lalropui also came stealthily to greet us. They had to be careful because of the political movement they had spearheaded in Mizoram which badly spilled over to the neighbouring States especially Manipur, causing unwanted reverberations. They were being under constant watch by the intelligent agencies and were liable to arrest and incarceration without any further provocations. Therefore, I shoved them into the black ambassador car belonging to the Chief Secretary of Manipur which they assigned it for my use to accompany and assist Mizoram Peace Mission. My idea was to sequester the two at Imphal for a few days, talk to them and learn about the status of their struggle and deliberate with them possible peaceful solution without further armed confrontation and mayhem. We talked many things on the way to Imphal.

Having come all the way and spending a hefty sum, it was unfortunate that because of the ethnic conflict, we could stay only two nights at Churachandpur and that too under a siege condition. We stayed abroad continuously for 21-year long on a posting, the longest intermittent posting of an officer in the history of external affairs and we enjoyed the comforts that the world could offer, but we always missed home, our community, our place of birth which we all could legitimately claim and in our deepest soul call, our ‘own’- my home, my land, my country, my people….many mys. And this was our first visit to Manipur after returning to Delhi on posting after more than two decades. And we could stay only two nights in Churachandpur! It’s one of the saddest parts of my experience in life. It’s the inhabitants who turned paradise into hell and hell into paradise. The so-called the ‘The Holy Land’ had, for thousands of years, been turned into a war zone by the glorious children of Abraham and is still riddled with hatred and bullets. Manipur apparently fared no better.

We left Churachandpur at 1315 hours, visited U Khawtinkung at Khawmoi. He was now reduced to a skeleton, suffering from acute stomach pain suspected to be an ulcer turned into cancer. Very painful to see him suffered like this. I knew his end was near. He could still speak in a faint voice as if coming out of a grave. My original plan before coming was to spend at least a week with him to record the history of our family. Being the eldest brother and head of our family, he was the custodian of our family’s history and with his passing our biggest library would be lost forever. I gave him a thousand rupees as a parting gift knowing fully well that this was our last farewell. He thanked me profusely and enquired about the welfare of our four children and blessed all of them. He was running 83 and he knew where he was going after he shed off of his mortal form and entered into an eternal glory. My brother, though not educated by human standards, was a wiseman.

I also visited my brother Kamzabiek, a Pharmacist, at his house to bid him goodbye. He had been a diabetic patient for some time and his condition as well as the family’s was not very encouraging. He told me of a heavy debt incurred from medicines taken on loan from U Rokung, owner of Senvon Drug Store which remained unpaid. I told him not to worry but first to get ten thousand from C.Thant and pay it to U Rokung and I would settle the rest in due time.

Lallawmsang who looked after my eldest brother asked for a small tractor which could be bought by giving Rs. 70,000/- and the rest by installments. The family seemed to be in dire straits for reasons I didn’t know but something definitely went wrong. U Lura seemed to be okay though considered the poorest and the most hardworking amongst the brothers. None of his many sons were matriculates and most of them got married and led independent lives but they all looked happy and satisfied including their wives and children, something absent in the lives of other better-placed and well-fed children of their siblings. Only my bed-ridden eldest sister Dotling mired in poverty and my middle brother U Lura were the two who still retained their innocent smiles. Their faces exuded an aura like Zechariah who came out of the Holy of Holies in the Temple after meeting Gabriel, the messenger of God (Lk 1:22), the face of people who have seen God.
We had no problem on the way to Imphal and hardly came across vehicles on the road as if curfew had been imposed. We reached Imphal as 1530 hours and stayed at Checkon.

Hmingchunghnung shared with us his assessment of the political developments in Mizoram and his intention of returning there as an elected MLA from Suangpuilawn Constituency and even as a Minister. He seemed to be well-informed of the Constituency from where he planned to contest the coming elections in Mizoram but his information appeared one-sided and highly unrealistic as if he did not seem to know the divide of Mizo community on the basis of party affiliations not on ethnic lines. He believed the Opposition could form government in the next elections. I expressed serious doubt about it and told him it might not happen because of split within MNF and PC which would provide a leeway for the Congress to continue in power.
Had dinner with Dari and u Lalngatta at the residence of Dr. Chaltonlien Amo, Minister of State (Medical). He gave us a long briefing on the development works he initiated and implemented in his Tipaimukh constituency including construction of bridge on the Barak River at the Taithu-Patpuihmun crossing. It’s a long and boring monologue on self-pontification which we, in the diplomatic world, normally tried to avoid imposing on our guests.

After returning to Checkon at 2130 hrs, I had a long chat till midnight with Hmingchunghnung and his lieutenant Lalropui. They gave us completely another picture of the activities of Dr. Chaltonlien whom they alleged of trying to build up his position and electoral chance by (a) raising his own underground force even at the cost of national interest; (b) exploiting Lalhmingthang and his group to weaken HPC (D)’s unity and (c) sending some of their men for armed training somewhere in Jowai (Meghalaya) along the Indo-Bangladesh border. It’s a serious allegation worth pondering.

I advised Hmingchunghnung to return to Mizoram to work for the realization of his unfinished tasks as a long absence would work against him. I also told him that he would not succeed by opening two fronts- Mizoram and Manipur fronts. His main worry seemed to be security of his own life.

July 6, 1997 Sunday, Imphal
We continued our discussions on the national politics and the economic situation in Hmar occupied areas. We also talked about the logic of maintaining ‘Hnam Sipai’ which to me was an unnecessary burden than a solution to the national problem, a creation of a Frankenstein monster beyond control. Hnam Sipai killed more of their own than their adversaries.

Remained at home after brunch to receive streams of visitors. At 1230, I left for the airport with Lalngatta, L.R.Infimate, Samuel and others to try if we could get seats for Guwahati. We failed. The scene of the airport was pathetic, smelling of corruption, where only those who bribed the gang could go and the rest even with confirmed tickets did not get seats. They almost beat up the manager who ran away for his life.
We returned from the airport at 1530 hours and went straight to P.L.Thanga’s residence to call P.K.Singson at Gauhati to cancel our booking for Gauhati-Delhi by Rajdhani for which I left Rs. 4000/-. I told him that Khupzalun (L.B.Sinate’s son) would collect the baggage we left behind at his house.

Dinner at Lalngatta’s residence. Their neighbours belonging to Zo-Paite community came to visit us and sat upto 2300 hrs. Our discussions concentrated on Zoram khawvel and not the ongoing Paite-Kuki clash. The mind and spirit of Zoram khawvel do not divide but bind all us together as one.

July 7, 1997 Monday, Imphal
Went to Goodwill Travels with Lalngatta and Daniel and gave them our tickets for Imphal-Guwahati for changing into Imphal-Calcutta and paid Rs. 1620 more for two. After that we went to Presbyterian Bookroom and bought Pherzawl Titi for Rs. 75/-, Mihrang leh Sahrang by A.Thanglura for Rs. 45 and 8 cassettes for Rs. 400 for presents and then went to Doordarshan Office to meet Louis Lalsanghlun Keivom with whom I went to Lamphelpat to preview films he had pains to take on important historically and culturally important sites in Hmar Area. Very nostalgic indeed. He told me that he had spent not less than Rs. 30,000/- from his own pocket for the films, which he hoped to sell it to Doordarshan. It’s a selfless and patriotic venture and one the best ways to preserve and popularize cultural heritage to the outside world.
I came back to Checkon and took rest till 1900 hrs when we left for Lamphel to have dinner at Louis Keivom’s residence. Lalsanghlun is the middle son of my eldest brother Khawtinkung and like Abrahamic days married to the middle daughter of my middle sister Khawkim who all settled in Khawmawi. Returned to Checkon at 2100 hrs.

I rang up P.L.Thanga to enquire about the situation in Churachandpur. He told me that an accord to ceasefire was signed during the day. He further told me that there was armed clash between the Paites and the Kukis at Singat in the morning which left 17 dead, 11 wounded and as many as 80 houses gutted. Most victims belonged to the Paite community. This situation could vitiate the atmosphere charged already with intense hatred and distrust.

Hi po hi tuta truma ei hang tar lang thei chu ni phot sien. A’n khat tawka unau hmêlhai thaw a, hringna le in le lo tam tak chân pha khopa inchemhâr a, ei insik bur bur el hi ei mawl lei le dawn tawi lei am a ni? an naw leh Pathienin a luok suok hnam eini leia Setanin a nuom nuoma hmang dinga a pek suok le hnawmhnawl ei ni lei? ti hi chîk nawkzuola ei ngaituo non a poimaw khop el.

Chun, mimal khuolzinin an thil hmu an rikawthai hi a hnung peia chanchin suinaa poimaw a nizie thu a hmasa taka khan a thu hongnaah ei hril ta a, a tiemhai chun ei la hriet zing ka zing. June 27-July 7, 1997 sunga ka diary maksan po hin thi ieng zat am a fûn ti hriet ding chun kha hun sunga mihai thil ziek le chanchinbua rikawt an siehaia inthoka a ngirhmun tlangpui chu hriet thei a ni ka ring. Amiruokchu, ka tukvera inthoka ka thlir dan ruok chu ka diary-a inthok chauh naw chun hmu thei a ni nawh.

Hi truma kan inzin hin Mizoram le Meghalaya State-a hmun poimaw tam tak kan sir bakah an ram le sorkar chanchin ziekna lekhabu tam tak ka lak khawm a. Kum 1906 March thlaa Khasi ram Mairanga harna hmasa tak ei zu lakna hmun ka sirna chanchin dam chu a hran topa lekhabua ziek tham a nih. Hi truma kan inzinna hin lekhabu pathum bek hring suok dinga ka beisei laiin, sina buoina leiin pakhat khom a hring suok naw a, a poi takzet. Lalpan rem a ti chun, chuong laia poimaw zuola ngaihai chu hun remchangah ei la hung phor suok pei dingah beisei inla. (July 11, 2014 Friday, Delhi)

By L.Keivom, Inpui.Com Columnist

Kha hmaa ka hung phor langhai kha trum khatah ni hnih ni thum diary inkop dam a ni a. Tuta trum ruok chu khawvela ni poimaw pakhat, film hmingthang le hlawtling Born on the Fourth of July (1989) khom an siem hiel, USA-a an Independence Day a ni bok a. Chuleiin, hi ni chauha ka diary ei hung tar lang ding a nih.

July 4, 1997, Friday, Churachandpur

Got up at 5 which, in Churachandpur standard, is neither early nor late as it is atleast 3-4 hours ahead of Delhi though the same Indian standard time is used (IST is also derisively nicknamed by some as Indian stupid time perhaps for the lack of respect shown by VIPs when attending public functions). The distance between Churachandpur and Hanoi (Vietnam) by air is nearer than Churachandpur to Delhi. This being so, it is ridiculous to enforce one standard time zone for the whole of India. USA has four time zones

At 0800 hrs we proceeded to Saidan, visiting on the way, first my immediate brother’s daughter Mina L. Pari whom I named at Tuibuong (she’s the wife of Minlianthang who suffered from serious burnt injuries); my eldest brother U Khawtinkung and my immediate elder brother Kamzabiek at Khawmawi and many other relatives and friends. At Saidan, we visited first my eldest surviving sister U Dotling at her new residence (Thanghrim’s house) and gave her Rs. 1000/- and then U Hrangthatlur’s house where my eldest daughter Margaret Thangmawi was born. The house which had thatched roof in my last visit was now roofed with C.I. Sheets and most of the children, all boys, got married and lived independently. Saidan remained basically as backward as before and the canal dug right across the street remained unutilized, displaying how insensitive and myopic the concerned authorities had been by allowing such a diabolic thing to happen.

Brunch at Khawmawi at U Kamzabiek’s house at 1100 hrs. After meal, we were not allowed to proceed to Churachandpur town as curfew was imposed from 1200 hrs. Fortunately, Minister Chaltonlien’s security convey arrived and we went along with them. This was the first time I met Chaltonlien face to face.

We stopped over at the Police Station where the Peace Committee and Mizoram Peace Mission had a meeting. I greeted them but did not participate at the discussions. In stead I headed right to U Rokung’s house to attend a meeting in my honour organized by the Hmar Arts and Culture Association (a new name of Hmar Cultural Society) of which L. Rokung was the Chairman and R. Tawna Khawbung the Secretary. Inter alia, we discussed about the cultural plot at Rengkai Road/Nehru Marg and its future development.

I requested them to consider 3 things: I was not in favour of dissecting the plot further in order to accommodate HYA’s request to build a hall from Rs. 1 lakh grant it received from DC. I gave the background history of how I had been opposing suggestions from Pu Rokung and others to sell part of the land to build up funds for the construction of a hall. In view of the fact that the plot is a national property and it is physically impossible to acquire such property, they should reconsider their earlier decision to accommodate HYA’s request; (b) We should construct a building along facing Nehru Marg, part of which can be used for a Library-cum-Museum and the rest for renting for shops which would earn regular income to pay the cost of running the Library and the Museum; (c)In order for us to approach the Central government for loans, we should draw up a blueprint of the building by hiring a professional architect who has some knowledge of creating library and museum facilities.

Later, Minister Chaltonlien joined us for a meal and we broke up at 1530 hours. From there I proceeded to Inspection Bungalow with Chatonlien to meet Mizoram Peace Mission. Only Pu Lawmkima was there when we arrived- Pu Chawngkunga and Zathruama having gone to the Police Station to sort out distribution of 2 truck-load of rice they brought with them as a token gift to victims of the ethnic clash. We therefore went down to join them at the Police Station but met them on the way at the start of the Tiddim Road and stopped them. Argument ensued as to how to distribute the rice as some group was objecting to the formula worked out before- to give one truck each to the Kukis and the Paites.

As such, we headed back to the Police Station and discussed the issue. Pu Zathruama was arguing about the wisdom of the formula worked out earlier as the number of refugees greatly varied. I also spoke, first saying that we should not go against the formula as equal distribution to the satisfaction of all was impossible, something even God could not do. Besides, the rice brought by Mizoram Peace Mission was a token gift and not a relief measure which should have been done by the Manipur Government and therefore we should not insist on how they distribute the rice. Pu Selkai Hranghcal and Pu Lawmkima also spoke in favour of the formula. Ultimately, it was decided to distribute the rice as earlier decided.

After this, Pu Chawngkunga reguested me to accompany him to visit the refugee camps. We first visited CRP/BSF Camp where 2710 Kuki refugees were being housed in makeshift tents. The inmates were mostly from Phailian and Bungmual villages. One of the inmates we met was a Jew with kippa on his head. Pu Chawngkunga interviewed him along with some other refugees.

From there, we visited three Paite refugee camps- (a) at Tiddim Road’s Convention Church compound adjacent to Lamka College; (b) at near football ground at the compound of Evangelical Convention; and (c) at Lower Lamka opposite the cemetery. I met a few Saikul victims at the second camp, two of them migrated from Saidan who knew me well. Most inmates in this camp were from Saikul, Tuithrapi and the suburbs of Churachandpur. It was doubtful all the inmates were direct victims of the ethnic clash.

At dusk, we reached the house of C.Thant (Lala Khobung’s younger brother) who killed a pig in my honour. We invited Mizoram Peace Mission Team and a few friend and they all came, including Pu Selkai Hrangchal who arrived dead drunk but did not make any nuisance as he slept through the meal in his seat.

At 8 pm we headed for Sielmat. The road was empty and silence reigned supreme because of curfew. Slept at Dr. Jacob Pudaite’s house. Thang Dailo and his wife Lalthrazo also joined us. Jacob and Zingi looked after us marvelously well. Jacob told me of his plan to come down to Delhi to head their Delhi Office and stay at Rochunga Pudaite’s flat at Delhi Police Apartment in Mayur Vihar One, a two-room partment he bought it from Pu Lalduhawma, an IPC officer turned politician for about Rs. 7 lakh. We were happy to hear of the plan as they were going to be our neighbor- our flat at Purvasha being a few blocks from Rochunga’s flat.

It’s a hectic day, a day worth remembering.

Hi Serial hi trum thuma zo ka tuma chu a zompui a la’n tieng hnŭr el leiin zona ding chun trum hni dang a la ngai el thei. A nawka chuh HPC thruoitu lu pahnih Imphal tienga ka thruoi thlak thu le ni thum sung zet pawlitiks fe pei dan ding chungchanga ka titipuina threnkhat ei hung phor lang ding a nih. (July 4, 2014 Friday, Delhi)

By Pu Zarzolien Keivom, New Delhi

Ni khat chu ka nuhmei leh ramtin ramtang hrilin kan hohlim a. Ama chun, “Isu lem an inchanga hai ku hin Isu hi a lawn thuok thuok a, thil trul lo a thaw le hril awm lo a hril hmu ding le hriet ding a um naw ngei maw” a hung ti a. Chu ruol ruol chun “To hun a um a, trong hun a um” ti Thuhriltu 3:7 thu hi ka nakawr bula mi hriltu um ang elin fie hlokin a mi deng a. To hun a ti chu ieng hun le khawlai hmun am ning a ta, trong hun a ti khom chu ieng hun le khawlai hmun hmun him ni tang a ta ti chu ka lungril le ngaituonaah a bo thei der dal a.

Eini Isu ringtu le a hniekhnung zuitu intihai hlak hi ei hmatok tokin ei inpawt a, ringtu baua suok awm lo tak tak dam ei sak suok a, to hun le trong hun ding hrim ei ngaituo ngai naw niin ka hriet a. Hi thu hi tisa le thisen inhriettirna el nia ka hriet naw leiin ka hun awl nei changin ka ngaituo zui nawk pei a. Chu taka inthoka ka thil hmu, ka lungrila inphumhai chu “thu chu taksain a hung inchang a, eini lai a hung um ta a,” ti ang deu khan an lang dan danin, mi khoma an lo tiem ve thei dingin a thren a zar bek a ka hung tar lang tum a nih.

Johan 8:1-11 ei tiem chun Dan zirtirtuhai le Farisaihai chun nuhmei a uire lai ngeia an man chu Isu kuomah an hung thruoi a, “Zirtirtu, hi nu hi a uire lai tak man a ni a, Mosie dan mi pek ang chun hieng ang nuhmei hi chu lunga deng hlum ding a na, nangin iengtin am i ngai a”? an ta. Isu chun a don el naw a, a kûn a, to trokin a kutparin hnuoiah thil a ziek a. An thil indon chu ama hĕkna ding an hmu theina dinga khal awk an tumna a nih ti a hriet a. Chuonga an hnaw sek lei chun a hang dak a, an kuomah “Nangni laia suol nei naw naw chun deng hmasa raw se” a ta, kunin totrokin hnuoi a ziek nawk a. A thu hril an hriet chun suol nei naw um nghal lo hai chu a upa taka inthoka tranin pakhat khatin an inrel hmang rip el a nih.

Isu khan to hun le trong hun kha ngaituo loin, Thuthlungthar hun an tah leiin Mosie dan pek cheu kha hmang thei ni ta naw nih dam hang ti pal hlau el ta sien chu, kalvari muol khom sir hman naw nih, a hmunah khan chilhlum nghal an ta, Pathien thil tum khom a hlawsam der el thei a ni aw! “Thu a ni dan ding ang taka hril suok hi tangkaruoa rangkachak mûm phŭm ang a nih” (Thuvarhai 25:11) ti a ei hmu angin Isu trongkam suokhai hi chu a ni dan ding ang thlap hi a ni vong el, hang belsa ding le peihawn ding hi a um naw top el a nih. To hunah a to trok trok a, trong hun le thaw hunah a’n tǐm ngai nawh.

Khawvela ei Lalpa Isu a hung leng laia a chet danhai kha ei en chun, to hun le tong hun kha a va hang hriet de aw! A fena tieng tieng khan hril hunah chu insûm dêr loin a hril pei a, kut thlak huna chu intîm der loin kut a thlak el a nih, Jerusalema tempul huong sunga thil zortuhai le inchawtuhai khom kha hruihruol invuokna a siem a, a hnot suok vong a, tangka thlengtuhai dawkan le parva zortuhai thrungna a nam thlukpek a. An kuomah, “Ka in chu trongtraina in ting an tih tih ti ziek a na, nangni ruok chun suomhmanghai pukah in siem lem hi’’ a ta, trong chuongtlai reng a hmang ngai nawh. A fena taphotah suol ngaidam theitu le sukdam theitu a ni zie trongbau le thilthawin a suklang pei a. Hi truma a thu hril hi chu a uor taluo deu an naw leh a hril intǐm deu hang ti ding hi a um naw top el a nih. Pilatin “Judahai lal i ni maw” ti an don khom khan “Ni e, i ti an nawm” ti bak kha chu a don naw top el a nih. Pilat khom khan a suolna ieng khom a hmu bik nawh, Eini hai ang nisien la chu a thiem thu hang inzawt a ta, Pilat khom khan insuo el a tih ti a trong bauhai a inthokin hriet theiin a um. To hunah to loin a thiem thu hang hril sei met sien la chu, Pilatin insuong a ta, Pathien thiltum a hlawsam dĕr el ding a ni leiin a trong da’l a nih. Eini khom thilthra thaw dinga Pathien kutsuokhai ei ni leiin to hun le trong hun Krista Isuah inchuk hlak inla chu, ei ram ei hnam le kohran lai Pathien thiltumhai chu sukpuitlingin um a ta, hieng lawm lawm hin tlaksamnain mi tlakbuok kher naw nih ti ring a um.

Nupa kara insel inhal le inthrĕna chen a tlungna san tam tak chu to hun le trong hun ei thre hran thei ngai naw lei a ni deu tak hlak niin an lang. Ei Lalpa Isu angin to hunah toin trong huna chau trong hlak inla chu nupa kara chau ni loin nau le tehai le kara chen inhrietthiem nawna tlawm lem ngei a tih ring a um. Eini rawi hi chu thiem lem ni inchuin a trûl lo chen chen hril ei ching a, trong chuongtlai hmangin khel chen ei hril sa rop hlak niin an lang bok. Pa lung a sen ta chun nuin amanih, nauin amanih to inchu hlakin la, chuong ang bokin pahai khoma nu lungril nat ding le nauhai nuor taluo ding vengin to inchu hun dam hi nei hlak inla chu, ei insungah Kristan inlalna chang a ta, Debol chun hmun chang ngai naw ni a, ei sungkuo nunah Pathien thiltum chu sukpuitlingin um hlak a ta, malsawmna khom dong tam lem ngei ei tih ti ring a um. Sam 133:1-3 a ei hmu angin, lung inruol taka unau cheng khawm diel dielhai chu a mawiin dit a um a, “Chutaka chun malsawmna Lalpan a’n tlungtir hlak a, kumkhuoa hringna ding chu” tiin a lo hril kha.

To hun le trong hun ei hriet naw leiin ei hnam ei sosaiti le kohranin nasa takin siet ei tuok pha tah a, a por khom a nasa hle tah ti hi ei ngaisak nuom der naw niin an lang. A tho kang thei a muol khom ei um ta naw a, ei thil hmu dan khom ku hi mitdel parukhai sai hmu dan ang el niin a’n lang, Pakhatin a phing a them a, bang a hoi a ta, a ngho a them pa chun fei a hoi a ti nawk a, a ngawn them pa chun rul a hoi a ti a, a khup them pa chun thingkung a hoi a ti a, a nakawr them pa chun hmaizap a hoi a ti a, a mei them pa chun hrui a hoi a ti a. An sai tawk chin nina angpui chu an hril dik seng a, sai angpui ruok chu an hril dik naw seng. Chuong ang bokin eini rawi khom mani kohran ei inkhina hmol sengah an dik seng thei, Pathien kohran nina indik tak ruok chu eiin khi indik naw deu vong el thei a nih. Mani pawl chu an dik tak, a dawthei tak, a fel tak, a hrat tak, a thra tak, a thlarau mi taka ei lo ngaina hai hi mitdel parukhai sai hmu dan ang tho niin an lang. Lungril entu Pathien mi en dan chun ei inhmu dik ve naw vong el thei bok. Isu hun laia Farisaihai nek hman khan tu lai Pathien kohran intihai hi ei farisai lem dai el ta thei bok. Bau inngaitlawm, lungril chapo si hi tu lai kohran mizie laia a langsar pawl tak laia pakhat niin a’n lang bok.

KEIVOM RUN (Greater Noida)

3 July 2014.

By L.Keivom, Inpui.com Columnist

Random Diaries-1 a khan Imphala kan vuong lut ni zanah Kuki-Paite inkara buoina chu Thingchom khaw hnai Saikul-ah a puok dar a. Chu chun chappui kang vanglaia a vabuchawi vuong darin a se vel hmun dang dangah mei a trai dar ang elin Churachandpur Biel, abikin Kailamchung tieng le Tuithraphai hmun hrang hrangah buoina a suok thu le sipai chauh naw chu tu khom Churachandpur lut thei loa an khar khip thu le Imphala nuom le nuom naw thu hril loa kan intang thu le ningtel a umzie, ka Diary-a ka ziek threnkhat chu ei tar lang tah a.

Mizorama inthoka inremna siem dan dap dinga Peace Mission an hung tir khom Imphalah an hung lut ta a. Chuong lai chanchin, a thren chauh ka Diary-a ka ziek chu iemani zat hang phor lang nawk ei tih.

July 1, 1997 Tuesday, Imphal

Pu Haokholal Thangjom, former Cabinet Minister in the Manipur Government and a seasoned and respected tribal leader accompanied by Pu Laltawna came to visit me in the morning and had many interesting discussions on Zoram khawvel politics. I gave him a copy of my 370-page latest book Zoram Khawvel-4 which was released at Hotel Ritz in Aizawl on May 29, 1997, perhaps the only book so far in Mizo dealing exclusively on the theories and manifestations of national identity and nationalism in contemporary world with special reference to the people of Zoram khawvel.

After brunch, went to meet Pu Kaihao, Accountant General at his office accompanied by Pu Doruma. Phoned Lalzar B. Sinate. Also tried to reach M.C.Lalrinthanga and V.L.Zaikima, publisher and printer of Zoram Khawvel serials at Aizawl as also Lala Khobung, ADM (J) but were all out of reach and left message.

From Pu Kaihao’s office, I proceeded to the Presbyterian Centre at Deulahland, met Rev. Chawnghranga in charge of the Centre, bought one copy each of Zoram Khawvel 1 & 3 and Pherzawl Titi for Rs. 205/- and returned to Checkon.

Rev. Chawnghranga told me that they were going to receive a goodwill delegation from Mizoram who were expected to arrive at around 3.30-4 pm. The delegation was sent by Chief Minister Lalthanhawla with two truck load of rice. It was led by by Hon. Chawngkunga, Minister of Agriculture and Department of Arts and Culture accompanied by Francis Lawmkima (Kuki MLA) and Zathruama (Paite MLA). Their mission was to try to find out a peaceful solution to the Kuki-Paite conflict in Churachandpur.

Later I heard that they could not be able to reach Imphal as the CRP convoy was ambushed at Khopum allegedly by the armed Nagas and had to stop over for a night at Noney (Naw-ne), the biggest Rongmei Naga town on Jiribam Road, 64 kms or 40 miles from Imphal (Perhaps a diversionary tactics by the Nagas, indirectly reminding them of the danger of their mission? One never knows. Nothing can be ruled out in the game of political manoeuvres).

Dinner at our place of stay at Checkon organized by Mawizuol, Enga of Saidan and Joseph (U Kamzabiek’s son). We sang animatedly with guitar some choicest romantic and melodious songs composed in the 60s and 70s including some of my compositions and had a good time. The ‘uisa’ preparation was one of the tastiest I had ever eaten since my arrival in the north-east. The ‘west’ shudders and the ‘east’ cackles at the mention of ‘uisa’ and the twain shall never meet on this palatable site. Let the world remain forever divide on this account: the knows and the knows-not, uisa-eating paradise and uisa-less hell.

July 2, 1997 Wednesday, Imphal

Got up late. After brunch I went out with U Lalngatta to SBI to encash $ 300 worth of Traveler’s Cheque amounting to Rs.10605 at the current rate of exchange of Rs.35.35 per dollar and then went to a travel agent to book two tickets for Imphal-Gauhati flight for Sunday July 6 but on waiting list of 120 over. From there, we went to Shaiza’s house but he was not there. We then headed for the airport to meet him. He was not there either. Having come so far, the prospect of going back to Delhi without visiting friends and relatives at Churachandpur was really painful.

It was the first day of Manipur Budget Session and the security arrangements around the Assembly House beat all measures: lines of armed policemen and policewomen closely fenced the area as if a full-scale war was going on. Who had created this kind of situation and who was responsible for it? If politicians could not face their people without full security cover, then what was the point of their being in politics? It’s a sight worth seeing and meditating. Gone were our days in D.M.College in the early 1960s when life was simple and peaceful, no gun-toting creatures were seen and known, the Imphal air was fresh and sweet and communal tension was unheard of.

Came back to Checkon at 3 pm. Shortly after, I received a call to inform me that Mizoram Peace Mission led by Minister Chawngkunga had arrived in Imphal and were put up at Hotel Imphal (Ashok). Immediately I rang up Francis Lawmkima (with whom I studied history at Gauhati University in 1964-66) and then rushed to the hotel where I met all of them and briefed of the situation.

Pu Chawngkunga told me several things, right and wrong. Seemed he had good memories but suffering heavily from Tualte Vanglai Syndrome (TVS). He said he got more than Rs. 4 lakh in advance for the Mizo Geneology he compiled sometime ago which, most of it, were lifted strait from other publications without giving them the required acknowledgement or credit which courtesy demanded he should so that in the process his book would gain credibility and acceptance. He was an interesting character: nationalistic, lively, kicking and sharp but naïve. I wished he was a little more educated and informed. He could be an useful national asset to further Zoram khawvel movement.

The Peace Mission had a meeting with some local leaders of Churachandpur including Holkhomang and Selkai Hrangchal. They invited me to participate at the meeting but I declined. It was interesting to watch how the Paites were trying to sequester Zathruama as if he was their spokeman. I told the leader of the delegation the composition of his team was wrong. It should have been better if no Paite or Kuki was included. They said that it was a preliminary attempt and they would be more careful in the next visit. I told them there might not be a second visit if the first was a failure.

The delegation was to meet Chief Minister Rishang Keishing in the evening for a courtesy call. Nobody seemed to have coordinated their programme. I did not meet them again in the evening.

Mr. Kaihao Vaiphei, A.G rang up to tell that the intelligence report of the day indicated a possibility of a clash between Manipuris and Nagas for the former to have leanings on the Kuki side. Manipur ethnic cauldron is a powder-keg potentially dangerous as it could explode any moment at the drop of a hat.

Mizo AIR programme reported 13 dead and 17 injured because of Kuki-Paite clash on the day.

July 3, 1997 Thursday, Imphal

Got up early. Decided to proceed to Churachandpur in response to the special request of0 Pu Chawngkunga that my wife and I accompany the Peace Mission Team to Churachandpur. Car came to pick us up at 0930 hours and we proceeded to Hotel Imphal (Ashoka). We travelled in the Minister’s car with a big escort in front and behind. The Minister entertained us with all kinds of hilarious Mizo anecdotes and wisecracks. When we were passing through Bishenpur he said unexpectedly, “Let’s sing ‘Ri hok hokin’” (Ri hok hokin kha han sa ila). I was pleasantly surprised and asked him where and when did he learn and whether he knew the lyrics. He told me that he was once invited by the Hmar Students’ Association as Chief Guest and they sang this song and immediately fell in love with it. It’s the song I composed in Delhi in early 1970s known under the title ‘Kan tlangram mawi’ or ‘Dar ang lengna’ and the Minister could recite the whole song as eloquent as he did The Lord’s Prayer. So we sang with wild abandon clapping hands and forgetting for a moment the Kuki-Paite conflict.

Reached Churachandpur at 1230 hours and proceeded straight to Inspection Bungalow. Attended the first meeting chaired by Pu Zathruama MLA who could speak Hmar, Paite and Mizo-Lusei fluently. He gave a brief introduction and explanation of the purpose of their mission. Then the Minister took the floor followed by Francis Lawmkima. The Chairman called several speakers, mostly from the Paite community and only one each from Kuki and Gangte representatives and Peace Committee Chairman Rev. Darsanglien Ruolngul spoke. It’s a one-sided affair hijacked by one community.

I left the meeting at 2 pm, went to U Rokung’s house and from there to Lalbiekvel Fimate’s house at Rengkai Road where I had to stay for the night. After awhile, we went out on foot to visit our immediate relatives and friends in Rengkai and Nehru Marg, the latter place being our permanent address while in service. Bieka is married to Lalthienghlim, the daughter of my eldest brother Khawtinkung, now in Khawmawi.

Because of the curfew, we could not go out anywhere. My nephew Edward Thangchunghnung Hrangate whom I gave his name somehow managed to visit us and stayed till 10 pm which in Churachandpur standard is quite late as most people eat dinner during daylight and go to bed at dusk. There was an eerie silence and even street dogs did not bark perhaps sensing the lurking danger. The stillness was broken for sometime at 8.30 pm by the sound of gunfire from the southern side.

Hi chena hin la hang suktawp phot inla, hun remchang hmasa takah ei sunzom nawk ding a nih. Isu’n “Indo inlengtir dinga hung ka ni lem” (Lk 12:51) a ti kha a hril umzie hre chieng loin, eini rawi hin a’n khat tawka unau hmel hai thawa inchemhar hi ieng chen am ei la chǐng ding maw? (June 29, 2014, Sunday, Delhi)

Sumrisang back cover.
Tuithaphai: 11.07.14(Friday) Vawizan tieng dar 4:00Pm khan tulai rock music hmanga Pathien hring kuom tienga thalai hai thuoilut tuma hma nasataka la mek, SEMIKAH ti hming chawia indin, thu-le-hla tienga inhnik, anthiemna Pathien tadinga inhlan hai chun hun sawttak a’nthawka an i buoipui tah, an Music Album hmasatakna "SUMRISANG" ti chu Rev.Chawnga Memorial Chapel-ah Pu Vungzabiek Tusing, Addl.Commandent, CRPF, Manipur & Nagaland Sector, Imphal in alo tlangzar tah.

Pu Vungzabiek in Sumrisang music album a tlangzar lai.

Hun hawng tawngtaina Rev.H.P.Runremthang, Evangelist at-large, ICI in a nei a, welcome & introduction hnesaw takin Nk.Judy Vanzaimawi in a nei zawm a, chu zoa Endless Worship Team haiin inpakna hla ansak bawk. Pu James Songrolal Songate in Music Album Preview-na neiin, Tv.Joseph R. Joute in presentation a nei  zawm nawk nghal a, chu zoa chun SEMIKAH Band haia inthawk lawmthu hrilna hun le an hla hung suok dan hai hrilna an nei zoin an Album ami hla pathum sakin hun an hmang. Speech hi khuollien haia inthawk ngaithlak zawm nawk nghal ani a, Tv.Joseph Pakuongte in inpakna hla mawi takin a sak zo hnungin Pu Ramhlunsang, Sielmat-in hunkhar tawngtaina a nei zoin programme hi hmangzo anih.

Hi album a hla hai hi an ni kutsuok ngei, a thu nisien, a thluk nisien Tv.Daimond Malsawmthang Tusing le Pu Samuel Lallawmzuol-in Pathien  a inthawka an i dawng hai ani a, Recording hi Pu James Rochullo, Doh Doh Records in a sponsored anih. Hi album a hin hla 10 aum a. Hi band a member hai chu, Diamond Malsawmthang (Manager, Acoustic & Electrical Guitarist- Rhythim) PU Samuel Lallawmzuol (Bass Guitarist), Pu Robert Lalrodik(Lead Guitarist), Pu James Rochullo (Keybordist & Sound Engineer), Lalzarzo@Sangte (Drummer) le Nk.Gloria Khuolhring (Singer) hai an nih.
Tv.Joseph R.Joute in presentation a nei lai.

Semikah haiin an perform lai.

Photographed by: Alan Famhoite.

(1 Sam 30:6)
                                                          Ziektu: Tv. Alan Famhoite.

Damlai hringnun kal ei chawina a hin thlipui chi hran hranin ami nuoivel chang aum hlak. “Damlai Thlipui” ti lekhabu ziektu chun thlipui chi hran hran ei tuok thenkhat hai a lekhabuah a ziek a, chuonghai chu, Thlemna thlipui dam, lungngaina thlipui, muolphona tawpkhawk le hmingsietna thlipui, pasietna thlipui le nat beidawngna thlipui hai hi an nih. Hieng thlipui hai hi a tuoklo chu vangkhatte ning ei tih.

Khawvela mi inlar (Celebrities) eiti hai khawm TV ringawta en chun nun inhawi hmel em em le inhnar um em em hmel putin aninlang hlak kha tiraw? Amiruokchu a ruktein kilkhata an lu anlo dawm ve ngawi ngawi chang aum hlak. Hollywood ei hril kai phaknaw deu khawma Bollywood bek hang hril inla, ṭumkhat Amitabh Bachchan (Big B) interview an neina a chun hieng hin alo tih “Screen life larger than life.” Hi umzi chu Tv screen a ei hmu hlak ang ngawt khan takrama damlai hringnun alo hmang bik chai nawh tina anih. An hringnuna damlai thlipui chihran hranin a sawk ve hlak a. Bollywood star iemanizat mani hringna inlak(Suicide) khawm an um rawp hlak ani kha. Amiruokchu hienghai hi ringnawtu hai hringnun hmang dan le an damlai thlipui phur dan chu anih.

Anle eini ringtuhai hin Damlai Thlipui in ami nuoi vel chang iengtinam eilo dawnlet hlak ?  Iengtinam I um hlak? In ngaituo kunin I thlep thla der el hlak am ani? Buoina I tuok a, Pathien a’nthawk ṭhangpuina I hmu el sinaw a. Harsatna I tuok a, I sungha’n an ṭhangpui thei el bawk naw che a. Lungngaina I tawng a, I hmangai ha’n an hnem naw che a. Manganna  ah I ruolha’n an hnem bawk naw che a. Nun khawsawt ngawi ngawiin inhriet a, ringtlâk le ringding reng I hmu bawk nawh. Chuong huna chun Damlai Thlipui hi iengtinam I tuor hlak?

Lal David a chanchin hang en ei tih: Lal David le a rawihai chu raldo fea intieng kira anin lawi chun an nuhmeihai, an naupasalhai, an naunuhmeihai chu salah an lo man pek vawng a. “Chuongchun, David le a kuoma umhaiin an râwl an insuoh a, ṭap hlei thei lo lêkin an ṭap a” Sap Bible chun hien a tih “So David and his men wept aloud until they had no strength left to weep”  An tuor nat dan ding chu zuk ngairuot thei a nih. Hmelma inbeina a khawm an nuhmeihai salah hei in man pek dai chu in hnesawna rapthlak tak chu anih. Amiruokchu Lal David hi Damlai Thlipui in na taka a sawk laia a thilthaw hi ṭha kati bek bek el chu anih. Eini rawi ni inla chu iengtin takin am Pathien kuoma ei nuor thusim eiin zawt hman rek ding. Lal David ruok chu a “Pathien LALPAA chun ân sukhrat a” ti hi anih.

Pathien LALPAA insukhrattu hai chu an hlawsam ngai naw reng reng: 1 Sam 30: 8 na ei tiem chun “Chun, David chun, “Chuonghai chu hnawt lang, la hnawt phak ka ti?”tiin LALPA chu ân dawn a. Ama chun a hung dawn a, “Hnawt rawh, hnawt phak ngei ngei i ta, sansuok vawng ngei ngei i tih,”a ta. Harsatna tawpkhawk a tuok lai khawma Pathien ala hei râwn tawk tawk nuomna lungril hi ngaisang aum kati a, Kristien hringnun kal ei chawina khawnga hin hi hi thil pawimaw tak chu anih. (Damlai thilpui in ami nuoi chang aum hlak sia.) 

Saula chanchin hei en nawk zawk inla, ama khawm hi Damlai Thlipui in a nuoi ve leia buoisie, Ṭitna thlipui in a nuoia, David angin Pathien LALPAA ah insukhrat nek nekin khawhri aisânthiem zâwl nuhmei ava râwn a. A hun nuhnunga lem khan chu ama le ama an that ta hlawl el ani kha.

Nang tiemtu dittak, harsatna, beidawngna, manganna le bawrsawmna thlipui in a nuoi huna che iengtinam lo sang let ita?  Pathien LALPAA insukhrât am, khawvel thil-ah i lungngaina hnemtu ding i zawng vêl ruoi hlak?

A kharna dingin sap hla ‘Praise his name’ ti hla hi inlet hran chuong loin ei dit zuolna laia mi po Pathien LALPAA insukhratna hla ṭha tak ani leiin hei suklang ei tih. 

When everything falls apart
Praise his name
When you have a broken heart
Raise your hands and say
Lord, you're all I need
You're everything to me
And he'll take the pain away
When it seems you're all alone
Praise his name
And when you feel you can’t go on
Raise your hands and say
Greater is he that is within me
And you can praise the hurt away
If you'll just praise his name

Pathienin mal mi sawmpek raw seh.

Imphal, July 5, 2014: Tarik 2 July 2014 khan Imphal Hotel (Classic Hotel) Imphal hmunah Mega Fashion Handloom Traditional Promotion Show nei a ni a, hi hun a hin Manipuri models le Mr Man Hunt, Manipur haiin Hmar thuomhnaw a inbelin show an nei. Hi taka Hmar hnam inthuomna hai hi Puia Tusing Hmar le Immanuel Lalneisang hai i buoipui a nih.

Photograph by: Alan Famhoite. 

Tuithaphai: HSA Platinum Jubilee Celebration Committee chun Dr. Chalton Lien Amo, Chairman, Hill Area Committee (Govt. of Manipur) chu Lamphelpat, Imphal-a a chêngna Quarter hmun ah July 2, 2014 hin inhmupuina a nei a. Dr. Amo hin a lo phur pui in, a lo dawngsawng tha hle. Darkar khat lai zet hohlimna nei a nih. HSA Platinum Jubilee a hlawtling ngei theina dinga kawng iengkima thlawp le thangpui a'n tiem el khêl ah, Hill Area Committee hmalâkna dam, hma tieng peia ei ram le hnam hmasawnna ding tamtak, thangtlang a tul zie dam hriltlangna nei a ni bawk. A lo inhawngna le hmasawnna ding kalbi hai a lo hrilpuina thu ah HSA thuoitu hai chu an lawm hle.

Inputs: LRS Puruolte
Photo : Emma Pulamte
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