Halloween party ideas 2015

Tuithaphai: HSA Platinum Jubilee Celebration Committee chun Dr. Chalton Lien Amo, Chairman, Hill Area Committee (Govt. of Manipur) chu Lamphelpat, Imphal-a a chêngna Quarter hmun ah July 2, 2014 hin inhmupuina a nei a. Dr. Amo hin a lo phur pui in, a lo dawngsawng tha hle. Darkar khat lai zet hohlimna nei a nih. HSA Platinum Jubilee a hlawtling ngei theina dinga kawng iengkima thlawp le thangpui a'n tiem el khêl ah, Hill Area Committee hmalâkna dam, hma tieng peia ei ram le hnam hmasawnna ding tamtak, thangtlang a tul zie dam hriltlangna nei a ni bawk. A lo inhawngna le hmasawnna ding kalbi hai a lo hrilpuina thu ah HSA thuoitu hai chu an lawm hle.

Inputs: LRS Puruolte
Photo : Emma Pulamte

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