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By Timothy Z. Zote

It is my pleasure, as Editor of the Manmasi Year Book Volume III to welcome you all in this releasing program of the Year Book. I extend my special thanks to my colleagues in the field of journalism. I have to say that your presence make the function a success. I also express my profound gratitude to all special invitees who attend this function.

By way of introducing the Manmasi Year Book Vulume III I want to state that the present volume is different in many respects from the previous volumes. This volume is reduced to a just 223 pages mainly due to financial constraint. However, it does not mean that the content is lower in terms of quality than the other ones.

As you will see the number of Who’s Who among the Manmasi is less in number, selectively choose, taking the size of the volume into consideration.

When you come to section on facts about India, particularly Who’s Who you will notice that it is not the latest. It may be called intentional mistakes. While the final type- setting was in progress we have new government at the center headed by NDA which also affected some changes in the state politics as well. I hope you understand my points.

To make the present volume more relevant some of the prevailing political crises of the Manmasi people are given prominence with a sole purpose of informing the esteem readers that Manmasis have a common struggle in the arena of political history of the area.

After gathering information for the present volume I have hosts of mentors who painstakingly edited my mutilated documents and tailored in this fashion. I owed them a Big thanks.

To my faithful Editorial Board members I express my profound gratitude. Frankly speaking, without their cooperation I will never accomplish my dream of publishing the Manmasi Year Book Volume III.

Lastly, I admit that Manmasi Year Book Volume is imperfect in many respects and I do welcome any valuable suggestions for the improvement of future volumes. Together with you I assure you we can achieve the more excellent work.

Thank you once again for your coming. May God bless you.

Dt. 23rd Dec, 2014
Timothy Z. Zote
Editor, Manmasi Year Book

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