Halloween party ideas 2015

General Body Meeting -cum- Election for 2016-2018.
Date: 15th August 2016
Venue: VTI Auditorium, Muolhlum, Rengkai.
*Office Bearers for 2016-2018:-*
● Chairman: Rev. Rohminglien Pakhuongte
● Vice-Chairman: Rev. Ros Infimate
● Secretary: Rev. Dr. V. Lalnghakthang
● Assistant Secretary : Rev. Dr. Lalhmuoklien
● Finance Secretary: Rev. Lalhmingthang Khawbung
● Treasurer: Rev. B. Lalsandam
● Auditors:-
> Rev. Rokhum Joute
> Upa Dr. Phirthanglien Buhril
Thuoitu thlangtharhai Rev. Saithanglur Joute in tawngtai pekna a nei zovin Charge Inhlanna nei nghal a nih.

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