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Oct 6, 2016: The Tuivai Bridge which connects Manipur and Mizoram near Ruonglevaisuo (Tipaimukh) will soon be rebuilt, according to Inpui sources.

The bridge which was washed away by strong water currents over two decades ago was the “lifeline of the Hmar community” living in the border areas. The Mizoram-Assam border region has been totally neglected by the concerned states and people are demanding various development projects since the early 1990s. 

The estimated cost of building the bridge is Rs. 6,11,35,000.

“Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued direction to the concerned authorities to immediately begin work on reconstruction of the Tuivai Bridge on National Highway-150 (Now renamed as NH-2),” said Hmar community leaders in a joint press statement.

The issue was brought before the Central government by the Hmarram Kohran Inzawmkhawmpawl (HKI) and the Barak Valley Hmar People Bharatya Janata Party.

“The community leaders submitted their request to Union Minister for Road Transport Nitin Jairam Gadkari on August 6, 2016 and he immediately instructed officials to pursue the matter on a priority basis,” they said.

As a result, despite some “opposition” from the Chief Engineer, PWD (Highway), Mizoram, and the Mizoram government, they finally issued a statement to commence work on the bridge. 

It is not yet clear as to when the ground work will actually begin.
Ruonglevaisuo: The confluence of Tuivai and Tuiruong rivers on the Mizoram-Manipur border.

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  1. I will not believe this news until the bridge is actually built.

  2. Good news. I hope the government of mizoram is serious in taking up this brigde.


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