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Rengkai (Inpui): The ZO Re-Unification Organisation (ZORO) has written to the Government of India highlighting the urgent need for reconstruction work on national Highway 150 which connects Manipur and Mizoram via Tipaimukh. The organization said that the road is the "lifeline of the Hmar" community living on both sides of the border.

According to a copy of the letter accessed by Inpui.com, the group urged the Central government to immediately take up the issue so that the washed away Bailey Bridge over Tuivai river be rebuilt.

Given below is the transcript of the letter.  

The Secretary to the Govt. of India.
Ministry of Road Transport and Highway (MoRTH),
Transport Bhawan,
1, Parliament Street,
New Delhi- 110001

Subject: Road Connectivity of National HighWay-02 and the reconstruction of Bailey Bridge over Tuivai River.

Reference: ZoRO Executive Committee Resolution No. C Sub-2 July 29,2016 


As you are fully aware that the erstwhile Nation Highway-150 that connects the state of Manipur and Mizoram have a bridge over River Tuivai at Tipaimukh which was constructed more than twenty years ago which have been washed away. This was, perhaps, due to Clod burst causing landslide and mud-slide that washed away the said Bridge. The absence of strategic bridge caused immeasurable hardship to the Hmar community Living in the adjoining area of Mizoram and Manipur.

The delay in re-construction of the said bailey Bridge over river Tuivai at Tipaimukh retarded the place of development of the area heavily and causing hardship and impeding all round development of the area. With reason best known to the concerned authority the Highway is re-named as National Highway-02 with no worth with improvement and leaving the most Bailey bridge still not re-constructed.

Portion of the Highway that lies within the jurisdiction of the state of Mizoram have been maintained and the people of Mizoram are enjoying the benefits of this particular National Highway in spite of the road yet to cross Tuvai River to go to Manipur.

On the Manipur sate side the last portion, say about 100kms in length is in need of urgent major repair. Unfortunately, the Government of Manipur an Agency for the Highway, have been a silent spectator, doing to little to relief of the plight of the people living in Tipaimukh Sub-Division area.

This Highway is main life line for the neglected masses of the remote corner of Churachandpur District, Manipur State. In spite of a number of representations by the people Tipaimukh Sub-Division yielded no result so far. The People lost hope now.

May we therefore request your good office to consider the urgent need of re-construction of Bailey Bridge over Tuvai River at Tipaimukh so that essential commodities may be transported to Tipaimukh Sub-Division from Mizoram state and vice versa. It is worth to mention that this particular Highway will be the shortest route between Imphal (Manipur state) and Aizawl (Mizoram state). That is to say the Distance on the existing state Highway that runs via Sinzawl would be shortened by at least 60 kms.

May I request your good office to start preparation of 2-laning of this particular Highway the benefits of which needs no further emphasis and to earnestly request to instruct concern authorities to immediately take up re-construction of Bailey bridge over river Tuivai at Tipaimukh.

Sincerely Yours,


General Secretary.

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  1. Keep up the good work ZoRO. Let's also demand greater ZoRAM!!!!!


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