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The 20th December, 2016

Pherzawl/Tuithaphai: Date 20th December, 2016  zing dar 7 :00 am khan, Pherzawl District Demand Committee meeting resolution dung zuiin Date 22nd December, 2016, zing dar 11.00 Am khin VET Rengkaiah Pherzawl District  thar le inzawmin  inrawntlangna nei tum a ni a, hi taka thang dingin : Hmar Inpui, Hqrs., HCLF,   HSA, CCPur JT. Hqrs. Le HSA , Hqrs., HYA, Tuithaphai Jt. Hqrs., HYA, Hqrs, HWA, Hqrs. Le HACS, HLS Manipur, HNU Gen. Hqrs. , HNU Block No. 5, HAA Hqrs. Tuithaphaia Hmar  khuo Val Upa, Village Authority, Hmar Biel  Lal le Authority, Hmar ADC  members hai popo le Hmar Organisation Unit le Branch  Office bearers popo  le lunglutna nei officers le intellectuals hai  ahranpaa lekha hmanga inhriettirna siem  a ni naw ding leiin Inpui.com le Hmasawnna Thar-a insuo  hi pawma hung thang seng dingin inhriettir le ngen ei nih.

Chun, hi  hunah hin committee hmalakna dinga sum le paia thangpuina pe nuom ta din thahnem ngai taka ienglai khawm pek thei ni bawk a tih. Detail Programma chu a hmunah hmu thei chau ning a tih.

Issued by
Timothy Z. Zote
Public Relations
Pherzawl District Demand Committee

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