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By - John Pulamte 

One of the most important and notable developments in the field of education among the Hmar people as well as the whole district of Churachandpur after Indian independence was the establishment of Pherzawl High School in the year 1951. It was incidentally, the first High School ever established in the entire hill district of Manipur. The formal government recognition with a grant-in-aid of  Rupees Ten Thousand however, came later in the year 1954, the same year the school produced its first matriculate. 

As for government recognized High School in the hill district of Manipur, Ukhrul High School may be counted as the first as it got converted into government High School with effect from 4th March 1952. Mao Maram High School also got a sort of government recognition by getting Grant-in-aid in the year 1951-52. The first full-fledged government High School in the district of Churachandpur is the Churachandpur High School in the year 1958, which was a grant-in-aid school till that conversion.

The Pherzawl High School, with the ever willing support of the then village chief Dolur and his subject and, under the efficient guidance of its Headmaster, Mr. H. Thanglora, made a rapid progress and gained popularity not only among the people of the district within a short period. Students came to this school from as far as Mizoram and Assam. As stated above, Pherzawl High School produced its first batch of matriculates in the year 1954 and created a history of its own by producing a record 100% pass percentage in the year 1956.

The Pherzawl High School continued to make a good impression for some more years. However, to the misfortune of the people of the whole district, Mr. Thanglora, the founding father of the school and the first Headmaster was appointed as Block Development Officer by the government of Manipur. New headmasters came and went after Thanglora, but it was difficult to fill the vacuum created by him. The school was finally absorbed by the government of Manipur on November 1, 1969 along with eight other High School of the district. 

However, this absorption in one way was also unexpectedly contributing to the downfall and deterioration of the school. Lalhmangpui Fimate, the incumbent Headmaster as well as the chief of Pherzawl village laments -
“After the school was absorbed by the Govt. of Manipur in 1969, recruitment of teaching staff and appointment of headmasters and transfers were all under the will of the govt. While it was expected to be for the betterment of the school and the people, because of its remoteness the state govt. tend to neglect it in many ways. It seems that it is backtracking from thereon. Before they served for 2/3 months Headmasters got changed and transferred. There are also times when the government sent very impotent and unqualified teachers to the school. There are then some teachers who instead of sincerely working for the betterment of the school and the society are interested only in drawing their salary”. (PHS, 2000)

While the Pherzawl High School had a very successful HSLC record for the first two decades from its inception and was proudly claiming to have produced a number of distinguished men and women who came to occupy very high profile jobs, and leading successful careers for themselves. 

Some of them are -
Politics: (who became Minister in the state government)
R. Thangliana, Zosiama Pachuau (Both Mizoram), Ngurdinglien Sanate, Selkai Hrangchal, Songchinkhup (All Manipur)

All India & Central Service:
Lalthanzau Pudaite & L. Keivom (Both IFS), Rothanglien, J.K. Sanglura, Lalthlamuana, Lalrosem Songate (All IAS), H.C. Hrangate, P.K. Singson, Suothang, Lalhmingthang Ruolngul (All Central Services)

Professor, Lecturers and Doctors:
Prof. Lal Dena, L. Kiemlo Pulamte, H.T. Keivom, Dr. C.L. Bieksang, Dr. H.L. Liensang,

Church Leaders:
Rev. Ruolneikhum Pakhuongte, Rev. H. L. Bana, Rev. C.C. Rema,
Rev. V.L. Bela, Dr. Lalkhawlien Pulamte, Lalrimawi Pudaite (Source: PHS Souvenir)

As a matter of fact, not only the Pherzawl High School, but the whole Hmar tribe in Manipur had their best period educationally, socially and politically during the period Pherzawl High School was at its peak. The people of Pherzawl village used to recall that for a period of about Five years not a single marriage took place in a village of 1000 people as the youth so much enjoyed their life and are reluctant to enter the stage of marriage life.  However, that good period soon was over and if the result of PHS in HSLC exam in the recent years was to be used as one of the measuring rods of development and progress of the villager in particular and the tribe in general, there is little to be proud of. In fact the result of PHS for 1992-2002 is not only discouraging but also very sad and pitiful.

Table Showing the result of Pherzawl High School from 1992 to 2002

Year of No. of Number of candidates passed 

Exam    Candidates  1st Div.    2nd Div. 3rd Div. S.Pass  Total    Pass %
1992 2 X X X X X NIL
1993 12 X X X X X NIL
1994 10 X X X X X NIL
1995 16 X X X X X NIL
1996 1 X X X X X NIL
1997 13 X X X X X NIL
1998 12 X X 1 X 1 8.33
1999 5 X X X X X NIL
2000 NA
2001 11 X X X 1 1 9
2002 7 X X X 1 1 14.29

(Source: BSE Manipur)

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