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Patpuihmun, Jan 2, 2016: Ngurrivung has called for a free and fair election in the upcoming election in Manipur.

In a New Year message to the people of Tipaimukh constituency, where he was a candidate in 2012, Ngurrivung said: "It is my sincere wish we shed our old mindset in 2017 and have new hope. In this connection, i am against the influence of money power in the upcoming 2017 Manipur Assembly election. It's time real love from God takes precedence in our politics."

Here's the entire press release in Hmar. You can also visit the official website of Ngurrivung at www.ngurrivung.com, which is the first political website in the constituency.


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  1. In a New Season concept to those of Tipaimukh constituency, where he was a applicant this season, Ngurrivung said: "It is my honest wish we reduce our old attitude in 2017 and have new wish. In this relationship, i am against the impact of cash energy in the future 2017 Manipur Set up selection. It's time soul mates from God requires priority in our state policies."

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