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Press Release
The 25th February, 2017

Support Bik Nei Naw Thu

Saikot: Date 12 February, 2017, zan tieng dar 2:30 PM a, HYA Saikot Branch Office-ah SSDC, Executive Committee No. 36, Resolution 1. Dungzuiin tuita ei hmaa 11th  MLA Election hung um ding le inzawm hin 59 (ST) Saikot Assembly Constituency-a candidate support bik nei lo dingin a lo rel ta angin, biel mipui hriet dingin support bik SSDC-in a nei neinaw thu a puong a.
Amiruuokchu, Saikot A/C –a mipui le ram tadinga inpe– (1) Pu T.N. Haokip (INC) (2) Pu Holkholun Lhungdim (LJP) le (3) Pu Paokholal Haokip (BJP) Candidate pathum hai chu ngaisangum a tiin ditsakna insang tak an hlan seng a nih.

(Timothy Z. Zote)

(R. Lalkaisanga)
Saikot Sub Division Demand Committee

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