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         12th April 2017, Churachandpur

The State Coordinating Committee, Hmar Students' Association, Manipur would like to state to all concerned that the creation of Pherzawl District is a boon for the people who are living in the far flung  remote hill-areas of South Manipur.

It is the hope, and the expectation of the HSA that the creation of the new district would be a prelude to development in line with administrative convenience; which would soon be manifested with the due development of the newly created Pherzawl District

The HSA, would go all out  to assist the Manipur State Government in all its endeavours to bring about changes for the betterment in the remote hill-areas covered by the new district.

At the same time, the HSA is equally disheartened to learn of  some vested interest from certain quarters who are determined to carve out a new district by altering the areas covered by Pherzawl District and Churachandpur district.

It is the sincere appeal of the HSA to the State Government and to all concerned not to alter the area and status of the newly created Pherzawl District in anyway or under any circumstances.

The HSA believes that the districts were not created on community basis but solely on the purpose of administrative convenience and that Pherzawl District would be a haven of development and progress for all of  all the communities living there.

Any intention to bring about changes in its area and status is uncalled for and not at all a necessity. The HSA believes that brothers should live  together amicably in peace and harmony.

The HSA would resist any intention of marring the status of Pherzawl District in the interest of peace, progress  development and progress.

The HSA is a firm  believer in peace, harmony,  development and progress of all the cognate communities living in Churachandpur district. It is the firm belief of the HSA that status-quo be maintained concerning the area of Churachandpur district as the District is a beautiful mosiac of sister communities living together since time immemorial .

The HSA wishes the new State government success in its endeavours to usher in peace, development and progress in the state of Manipur and the
hill-districts in particular,

It is the prayer of the HSA that all the needs of Pherzawl District would soon be addressed; and that progress and developmental  works would soon begin in the right earnest.

The construction of  required government administrative buildings, quarters and infrastructures befitting of a district headquarters  should  be at Pherzawl - the district headquarters of Pherzawl District.

The Pherzawl District is a district for all the kindred communities residing there and it is the collective responsibility of the denizens to pull in together for its welfare, peace, progress and development without any bias or prejudices.

Lal Robul Pudaite

Malsawmthang Ralsun

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