Addiction is a condition wherein a person becomes abnormally dependent usually on a chemical substance that is either artificially administered to the body. A good example would be caffeine and nicotine or through natural processes such as when the body releases adrenaline. Addiction to anything that incapacitates you from being a functional human being is not a good thing to get into especially if you know yourself to be lacking of self-control.

What are the tell-tale signs that reveal that you are addicted to e-cigs and vapes?

These days, one of the most common things that people get addicted to that are legal aside from alcohol is smoking cigarettes. Yes, there are states that allow smoking marijuana as legal, but the most accepted by society is taking in alcohol and nicotine. Before the advent of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, people who smoked got addicted to smoking tobacco products and did not slow down until they felt sick or got some disease caused by the tar from the smoke.

Although e-cigs and vapes don’t pose the same level of danger as traditional cigarettes, but getting addicted to it or any kind of substance for that matter can cause something negative one way or another.
Below are some obvious symptoms that might indicate you are addicted to ecigs.

1. Sudden cravings

Cravings can jump in on you at any time. You can’t control when your body craves for a quick puff. This is most difficult especially if you are in a place wherein you can’t just whip out your vape and puff a few like in the middle of an important meeting. If you catch yourself acting this way then you might be already addicted to the nicotine in those e-cigs/vapes you use.

2. Mood swings

This happens when you haven’t used the vaporizer for an extended period of time. Your mood is all over the place. This definitely is not a healthy character and you wouldn’t want to be moody, right?

3. Excessive vaping

Whatever happened to the saying, “everything in moderation?” This will become a hassle for you when you find yourself unable to stop vaping. You are not only wasting time, you are also wasting the most valuable resource you can’t ever earn back, which is time.

4. Feeling paranoia and uneasiness when you ran out or about to run out of e-liquids

Have you ever been low on your e-cig liquid refill supply and have felt very uncomfortable? Then you might just be addicted to that vaporizer and need to find a way to bring yourself back out from the shackles of addiction.

Nicotine, although in itself is not as damaging as the tar from conventional cigarettes, might pose a harmful effect that is unknown yet since there are still ongoing studies on the matter. So it would make perfect sense if you err on the side of caution and take it slow. However, vaping is always betting than smoking traditional cigarettes so it’s up to you on how to balance these hobbies.