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4th September,  2018

Mipui Hmakhuo Ngaina Leiin

Saikot (Tuithaphai): Mipui hmakhuo ngaina leiin hieng a hnuoia ang hin inhriettirna le ngenna siem a nih.

1. Saikot SDO ah lekha pawimaw la ding chun, (1) Aadhaar Card/Voter Icard/Government Issue Icard le (2) Mani khuo Lal(Chief/Secretary, Village Authority)-in Domicile a pek suok  chawisa ngei ding a nih. Original a lo ni naw khawma Xerox copy self attested chu pawm ning a tih.

2. Chun,  Income Certificate lak ding chun, (1)  Lal/Secretary, Village Authority Or (2) Gazetted Officer in Income Certificate a pek suok chawi ngei bawk ding a nih,  chuong an naw chun,  SDO,  Saikot ah Income lak   theia ni nawh. 

3. Death le Unmarried Certificate lak ding chun,   mani Khaw Lal (Chief) /Secretary, Village Authority kuoma inthawk Certificate chawi ngei ding a ni bawk.

4.Chun, Lal(Chief) /Secretary, Village Authority  lekha hrim hrim kim taka fillup ngei ding a nih.

Hi inhriettirna hi, inzaum SDO,  Saikot Office thurawn ang dungzuia public interest-in SDO Saikot biel mipui po po hai kuomah  inhriettirna le ngenna hi ei siem a nih.

In thawpui, 

Priscilla Vanrammawi
Deed Writer/Petition Writer

Residential Address:
Japan Camp Approach Road,
Vengtang,  Saikot, Tuithphai
Contact: 9089400574 or 7085794894

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