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Last update: Sept 17, 2013

Inpui.com was born on October 11, 2008, to fill in the void left by DelhiThurawn.Net and Hmar.Net which were shutdown for various reasons. Taking small steps at a time, Inpui.Com's success story is due to consistent cooperation among various contributors and the volunteers. We now have thousands of posts covering diverse topics about the Hmar tribe, both in English and Hmar. In fact, it has become a 'storehouse of information about the Hmar community' - the primary objective of the site.

Over the years, we received many complaints, suggestions and encouragement. Some of these helpful suggestions which are within our means and technical knowledge were incorporated. Besides, we do get a lot of questions over as to "why English is given so much importance on Inpui.com?". Our answer has always been the same: "Inpui.com's primary goal is to introduce or tell a Hmar story to citizens across the globe and we need English for this. At the same time we do not ignore materials that are in Hmar."

As we are on the threshold of completing 5 years of relentless efforts, to keep this site updated and running despite busy professional schedule, on October 11, 2013, we once again seek active participation from both contributors and readers alike.

Cheers to Hmar!

Lalmalsawm Sungte
Inpui.com Founder

Contact: lalmalsawm(at)gmail.com
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